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1  - 3 October 2017 19:15

Hello all,

For sale is my Scott Spark 900 RC from this year.
It's been a tremendous bike for me this season, I'm only selling because I've got the opportunity to get next years model.

It's as stock except for a saddle change to a Fizik Gobi as I find it a lot more comfortable, although I can provide the original one if desired
I upped the front chain ring to a 34t as well.

It's had new bearings throughout and a suspension service at the end of August.
since then it's only had 2 outings, and all of the cables have been changed in prep for sale.

Looking for £2700 ono

Pics can be seen here: … dL-dovuO-j

Rich Long

3rd 12hr mixed pairs Pivot 24/12
1st 12hr Mixed Pairs Torq 12:12

Rich Long
Team Certini - McCaulay's
2010 Bontrager 24/12 24hr Solo 5th
2012 Bontrager 24/12 12hr Solo 2nd

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