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151  - 18 January 2010 11:16

2 hrs EL3 Sat mtb road
5hrs EL2 Sunday road bike road

knackered this morning!

152  - 18 January 2010 13:32

I think Im going to order the Davina DVD, sounds like an awesome workout :-)

2hrs turbo + 30 mins core Saturday
3.5 hilly hours Road Sunday
Rest today

Had loads of snow in the NE over last 4 weeks, haven't been on the MTB for ages :-(

153  - 19 January 2010 19:20

done 32 miles on the road stayed seated and big ring on all climbs

pm.done deadlifts and abs at gym and 30mins swimming

154  - 30 January 2010 14:30

Today I have mostly been tidying my garage.

155  - 20 February 2010 16:07

Sat - 4hrs at Afan - W2 plus Penhydd
Sun - 2 1/2 hrs at Brechfa - twice round the black
Mon - A nice walk smile
Tues - 3hrs road
Wed - 3hrs road
Thurs - 3hrs road
Fri - Install cat flap
Sat - 4 1/2hrs road
Sun - 4hrs MTB

Big week!

156  - 20 February 2010 16:54

How long GB, did it take to install the cat flap?

157  - 20 February 2010 17:37


Fri -

Check Cat Flap works with our cats' chips 2hrs.
Go and buy tools to fit catflap 1hr.
Install Cat Flap 6 bloody hrs.
Train cats to use Cat Flap - ongoing
Let cats in a 5.50am when they got shut out and couldn't work out how to get in - 0.5hrs.

GB smile

158  - 20 February 2010 17:50

So  its now Sunday, they got the hang of it yet?

159  - 20 February 2010 20:49

Nope.  They're ok coming in, but won't go out by themselves yet.  If you hold them up to it it's ok - they go out - but not on their own...

160  - 20 February 2010 21:58

Attempted a long ride around Llandegla and the surrounding area today but it was covered in snow! Too slippery to try and push hard so couldn't get heart rate up so gave up in the end. Supposed to have more snow again tonight so will probably have to go to the gym instead tomorrow - yuk!!!

161  - 21 February 2010 12:41
Sally G wrote:

...... so will probably have to go to the gym instead tomorrow - yuk!!!

You could try riding on that smooth black stuff that cars use?

162  - 21 February 2010 17:43

I was gonna wait and check how well that black stuff that cars use had cleared - what with the lack of grit we seem to be having! Indeed, there was a couple of inches of snow on the ground this morning but the main roads looked pretty clear - and I did get out on the bike on the black stuff!!!

163  - 21 February 2010 19:30

Just back from a ride on the black stuff myself.
Hill sprints.

164  - 21 February 2010 20:55

Build new trails on Tunnel Hill!!

165  - 21 February 2010 21:15

Oooh... Whereabouts?

166  - 22 June 2010 12:38

Planning on 3 laps of the follow the dog trail at Cannock Chase!

167  - 22 June 2010 12:55


Better than my date with the turbo later. Turbo in June could certify me for the aslyum.

168  - 22 June 2010 17:29

45 mins easy spin at lunch...Gave it the beans on the climbs....
Weights last night

169  - 23 June 2010 10:27

Commute to work and back today..13 miles each way fairly steady

170  - 12 September 2010 11:09

4 hours mountain biking in the rain at Wainoiumata trails inland of Wellington, New Zealand, my new home for the year.

Best riding in a while, rode hard and fast, sliding down the hills on the crossmarks on wet clay.  Couldn't have been much better for smiles.  Can't wait to race there next year.

If anyone plans on moving out to NZ then you won't be without riding and riding friends for long when you get here.  Everyone is very welcoming!

171  - 12 September 2010 19:21

You certainly won't be bored.  I'm jealous, I spent 6mths over there in 2008/09, check out makara peak, mt victoria, red rocks trails over by ohiro bay and there are some good trails in belmont.

You have to do the karapoti classic also, it's the biggest race over there.  The local PNP club run a good summer xc race series.

Capital cycles are good (i used to work there) and they have an evening road run on tuesday and thursday and On Yer Bike is very good too.

Then wait till you get to whaka forest in rotorua - awesome fun.

172  - 12 September 2010 19:26

Nothing my are has just recovered from kielder

173  - 23 September 2010 13:13

have been riding to work everyday at about 80% and plan a nice easy 8 mile ride over the ridgeway 2moz afternoon lots of cool climbs and fast dirt track section, my tip is to embrace the wet,cold and muddy water, get dirty wats everyone moaning about you have showers don't you? lol tongue

174  - 26 October 2010 12:16

I've joined here today, I've been riding to and from work for about 3 week now and I'm loving it. I use some green lanes and I'm looking to take part in my first race in the new year. Just need to find some where to race, I live in Shropshire.

175  - 27 October 2010 10:45

had my flu jab at boots - apparently this one takes 3 weeks to kick in, so don't leave it too late...

176  - 3 November 2010 13:02

Went for a 12 mile loop of b-roads and green lanes which turned into a 28 mile loop, I had to stop and phone home to check in with the wife, laugh out loud.

177  - 28 November 2010 13:58

Hi all
yesterday was 2 hours steady effort on the mtb
Today has been steady effort 2.30 hours on the mtb with 2 or 3 efforts ready for round 2 thetford next sunday

178  - 2 January 2011 21:40

48miles  yesterday @ 75% on road Av 21.8, 3 hrs thetford @ 75 % today, long road ride tomorrow on the fixed then back to work and the turbo! Is it just me or is it easyer to get the hours in on the road ?? The time seems to go so much quicker

179  - 4 December 2011 21:03


Legs routine consisting of...

Part 1 (Repeat x4)
70kg Deadlifts 10 Reps
Jump Squats w/20kg weight 20 Reps
Wighted Ab Crunch 10kg in hands, 5kg on legs 30 Reps

Part 2 (Repeat x4)
Weighted Lunges (22kg per hand) x10 on one side
Single Leg Burpee Box Jumps x10 on same side
Repeat for other leg

Part 3 (Repeat x4)
Hamstring Curl Cable Machine 50kg 10 Reps
Hamstring Curl Swiss Ball Single Leg 10 Reps
Leg Extension Machine 50kg 10 Reps
Box Jumps 20 Reps

Part 4
HIIT Stationary Bike 20s on 10s off for 4 minutes

I'll regret it tomorrow.

Please visit and follow my training blog for 2012
Comments, discussion and advice encouraged!
180  - 4 December 2011 22:24

Christmas shopping

181  - 4 December 2011 22:33

west mids cyclo cross race

182  - 5 December 2011 13:22

Ripped out a fireplace...

183  - 5 December 2011 14:36

Well, No DIY or xmas shopping for me but

3 x 15 mins on the turbo with heartrate between 145 and 161ish bpm zone 4 with 5 minutes rest between each block.

session almost hit disaster when the battery on my i pod shuffle ran out of juice. Mo music would make it intolerable.

Matt Lewis

184  - 5 December 2011 21:38

Lactate profile testing with Elite Velo.

185  - 17 March 2012 15:22

Trying to stay focused with training as family emergency has seen me  cut my cycling hours down over last month and half, .had a cracking return to racing last year at Beastway placing in the teens .usaully this time of year i'd be looking at a 5-6hr+ road ride on Sunday, now lucky to get a 3-4hr ride i;still i've added 1hr intense turbo session and maintained hill climb work. Missing 1hr commute to work tho! Because im missing the big Sunday rides and commute my weight has not dropped as i'd hoped and being at home has made eating so easy, but maybe lifting weights for first time has contributed a bit as well!
So, for this week I've done :
mon - 45-50 min  turbo -1min hard 2 min rest  X 10  weights half hr
Tues - hill climb -Swaine lane 9 reps -
Wed -  half hour weights
Thur -  4 hr ride 65 mile
Fri - Alexander Palace hill climbs x 6
Today -turbo reps again x 10

Last edited by ConcreteJ (17 March 2012 15:48)

186  - 18 March 2012 16:08

A solo 68 mile road ride, longest ride since..................last summer probably. Sun was shining and the good road bike is great to ride :-) A good day!

187  - 20 March 2012 22:48

Done half  hour aerobic workout this morning-sit-ups, push-ups, star jumps, skipping ... etc.
Then this evening done 10 rep slowish Hill climbs after initially feeling like I could only manage 3-4 reps. I think i really worked my legs too much this morning, but  decided to grit my teeth and go for 10 reps!

188  - 21 March 2012 12:35

My mtb is still in the shop so I went out for a 12km run at night through the local wood desperately clutching my Exposure light. Great big hill in the middle of it.

Turbo tonight 3 sets of 3min intervals at full pelt and tomorrow 3x20 mins at FTP.

Hopefully I'll be riding a bike again on the weekend.

Matt Lewis

189  - 30 March 2012 18:28

First 100 miler of the year!Hoorah,  7hrs in the saddle 'n' sun.
Hope a few more rides like this will brings all my other training together , as i've not felt particularly strong on the bike.
Looking to do a Southern XC in April too.

190  - 8 April 2012 20:00

Second century ride of the year! Had three mechanicals to start ride off with and almost decided to stop at 25 miles ;  decided to get on with it as you never know what tomorrow may bring..."probably more rain".

191  - 8 April 2012 20:08

Watched NC 1 and cleaned bikes!

192  - 9 April 2012 07:31

I did intervals of eating my way through a mountain of chocolate eggs...... 5mins on 3 mins off...... I did intervals pretty much all day.!

193  - 12 April 2012 07:45

2 x (3 x 3mins) in Zone 5 on the turbo last night.

194  - 24 April 2012 19:06

After a good week last week;

Mon: Rest
Tues: VO2 Max work
Weds: Core
Thurs: LT Work
Fri: Rest
Sat: Road Ride

I watched the NPS at Dalby felt really motivated for another week of training.

So, same of the above this week but stepping up a notch.  Today though struggled, I was burning up for some reason whilst on the turbo.  Finished my sets but the wattage I was putting out was down on what I normally would be expecting.

Oh well, we shall fight another day.

195  - 25 April 2012 11:30

For a bit of variation, did the core and stretching routines from my wife's latest Davina work out DVD (unopened since Xmas...).  Not too bad actually!

Otherwise, am struggling a bit through the 2nd half of one of the Time Crunched Cyclist programmes.  In part due to my dodgy calf acting up post flat-out sprint intervals(still not fully recoved post a bad tear last October).  So having a bit of a rest this week, and will then pick things up again for Southern Rnd 2.  Bring it on!

196  - 25 April 2012 18:56

Advice for BoneyJoe,

if you tore your calf muscle you can't just leave it to heal as generally muscles heal with scar tissue thus shortening them. You need to break down scar tissue by doing a deep 'painful'  massage on the area for at least 15 minutes a time for 3 or more times a week. Also do stretching after each massage to lengthen the muscle. After a month you should feel the difference.

197  - 25 April 2012 19:14

Sun- 105 miler road bike ave 15mph as usual,

Mon -commute to work 26mile all in.

Tues -  25 min morning circuit workout then commute to work , after work done hill climb 8 repeats for 1hour or so.

Wed- circuit workout-commute- about to do turbo 1 min hard 1 min rest 10 times now trying to cut rest to 30 sec last three.

tommorrow, light morning circuits , then commute , then evening hill climb.

Friday- commute only

Sat Rest

Sun- 100 miler or more if weather is fine.

Target race- on May 16th Beastway begins

198  - 26 April 2012 13:37

Thanks for that ConcreteJ.  I've been doing lots of stretching, with a few mins on an ITB roller each week, but will definitely give the massage a go as well.

Its been healing pretty well, but this last bit up to full strength is sure taking its time.  The slight imbalance has also strained the hip flexor, so am having to treat that too!

199  - 23 May 2012 20:48

just completed 2nd round of 'Beastway'mid- week race series. Felt so much better than last week. I  realised last week that I was missing intense race simulation in my training, due to riding a lot on my own and not laying down the 'hammer ' at all for several miles'. I promptly set about doing this on 8 miles of my Sunday endurance run,grimacing and squinting at the effort I  put in and also did the same on Mondays 13 mile commute into town. It seemed to have paid off tonight as I didn't want to quit after two laps but felt more like 'lets do one more lap, cos this is fun'.
Results in tomorrow can't wait to see!!
**placed13th up from 21st**...get in!!

Last edited by ConcreteJ (26 May 2012 17:05)

200  - 30 May 2012 21:35

Beastway round 3

201  - 31 May 2012 06:48

Penultimate day of my post British xc trip to north Wales.marin, penmachno and yesterday coed y brenin. Did the dragon back on top fuel and then whatever fox translates to in welsh on the fuel ex to see if I want to keep it. Had a real fright on one descent and much though I never want to do it again, I'm going back today to force myself. Hopefully I won't walk down it...

202  - 31 May 2012 19:54

Been at work all day.
Got home, watered my potoates whilst thinking philosophically about the rantings on another post, such harsh words...and then saved my beans from huge slugs and snails.

203  - 31 May 2012 21:05

Local road race league tonight which was a good tear up, so got my racing fix for this week. Roll on Ritchey bike fest smile

Last edited by Neil123 (31 May 2012 21:06)

204  - 31 May 2012 21:17

Eaten just vegetables and fruit and ridden some hard hill efforts on the way home from work.

2nd Mixed Pairs - Wiggle Enduro 6 - 2012
4th Sport - SW Series Round 4 - 2012
8th 6 hour solo Midday race - Erlestoke 12 - 2012
3rd Torchbearer - Bontrager Twentyfour12 - 2013
205  - 24 July 2012 18:14

Realised one of my pedals is shot, so just bought my first set of Eggbeaters and added some Furys for good measure!  Should be all set for Brighton BD. smile

Also been picking up some tips from my daughters first MTB class at Hearne Hill Velo.  Makes a pleasant change from the usual ballet and drama classes!  If your kids might be interested, its a very well run session on Saturday mornings, which is great value, and you don't need to be a member (its 6yrs plus and there is bike hire avail).

Quite tempted to give the track cycling a go as well at some point.  Looks like fun and a good workout!

Last edited by Boneyjoe (24 July 2012 18:32)

206  - 24 July 2012 21:52

Went for a run alon a very overgrown seaside path in borth then drove to coed y brenin and rode my own version of MBA where you miss false teeth but ride up the hill and come down morticia, pugsley ad lurch. Didn't rise all of lurch in may, ht scared so pleased to ride it all today. Wish i lived up here sad

207  - 4 August 2012 06:33

downhill training at hindhead today. Uphill training tomorrow in surrey hill.

208  - 5 August 2012 13:29

Trail building at margam park for Margam Madness 6hr, it makes for awesome core strengthening, my arms are hanging off!!!;(

209  - 28 September 2013 20:51

2.5 hours today.  Just a shade over thirty miles at l3.

Majority of it was on canal path to keep it consistent pacing.  It's pretty rough on the leeds Liverpool from just past riddlesden to Skipton.

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