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1  - 20 November 2011 12:56

For sale 2010 Whyte 19 Carbon, size medium, 18 months old but has not been used since June. The spec is a little different from the original as I have swapped bits an pieces over from my current race bike.

Spec as follows:
Frame Whyte 19 Carbon, medium, White
Forks 08 Fox Terralogic
Wheels 08 Bontrager Race Lite Tubless
08 SRAM XO 9sp shifters, rear mech
2010 XT Front mech
08 Avid Juicy Carbon brakes
2010 FSA BB30 After Burner C'set
Ritchey WCS stem, Bontrager RXL Carbon bars, FSA K Force Carbon seatpost

The bike has been used for racing and some training, so as you'd expect has some small scuffs but is in other good condition. New this bike is £2700, I'm looking for £1000.
I live in Eastbourne, but I'll be in Dartford during the week for the next 2 weeks if anyone would like to come and have a look.

If you have any questions my email address is ega10 @

Euan Adams
1st Brighton Big Dog Mixed team
2nd Sleepless in the Saddle Pairs
11th Southern XC Pernham Down

2  - 20 November 2011 15:35

You can see some photos of the bike here!/2011/1 … -sale.html

Posts [ 2 ]

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