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1  - 8 August 2013 07:14

Having been lucky enough to get a course preview ride in last night with the course designer PH, he certainly has changed it about and mixed it up this year.

Minley Maze- in reverse!

Bridge to Nowhere- over it in both directions!

The course is in great shape and the weather is set to be great, can't wait!

2  - 8 August 2013 16:06

It held up surprisingly well last year, Was chucking it down as I drove there on the Sat and I was dreading Sunday as a result but it turned out to be excellent. Does this year's look similarly weather-proof? I assume the bits run in reverse will be, but is the new stuff?

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3  - 8 August 2013 18:14

Yeah it's the usual soft fresh trails Andy - will be very loamy and dusty if totally dry and a little soft if wet, but not horrendous.  Just bring spare pads if it rains.

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