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1  - 16 July 2016 13:39


Just wanted to ask a general question and get some opinions.

Personally the lack of Masters racing have kept myself away from competing full time in XC as I'm not overly interested in getting an elite and racing against the expert youngsters pack.

Would there be any other riders who would like to see Masters return as a category?

Would contacting British Cycling and race organiser about bringing back the category make any difference or would we just be ignored?

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2  - 19 July 2016 05:31

I would like to see the return of masters I don't know why it should be crossed off

3  - 10 October 2016 19:44

I say it should the masters should come back to raceing  the masters should not be ingnored at all I have done the masters for 8 years on the nps and 2 years on the down hll raceing too in masters . I say get in contacting with british cycling .

4  - 15 October 2016 16:01

I would like to see the masters category  in racing again. I could never understand why they dropped it .

5  - 12 November 2016 08:58

Hey Corby.

You are a handy rider. Why don't you race Sport or Expert?

Here are my thoughts on the current category situation: … st-8046037

6  - 21 November 2016 23:25

Like you at the age of 38 my motivation for XC racing died when they dropped the Masters category. Sport holds no interest, as I too old to progress up the ability categories, so I'm waiting until I'm a Vet!

Gorrick kept the Masters Cat but there were only 3 entries at the first Autumn Classic.

Posts [ 6 ]

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