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1  - 8 August 2017 12:02

Any Trek Top Fuel riders out there? Would be great to know what size bike you ride and your height?

Looking at buying one. But I fall right in the middle of two sizes recommended by Trek. The 17.5” and 18.5”.

I am 172cm tall. 77cm inseam (bare foot to crotch) with a 72cm saddle height.

My current bike has a 58.5cm TT. With a 2cm layback post and the saddle right back on the rails. So think its a touch small for me. The Trek 17.5” TT is 593. The 18.5” 609. I initially thought the 17.5” would be better, but now thinking 18.5” with a straight seat post and more forward saddle might be better.

Any advice appreciated. Cheers

2  - 9 August 2017 09:20

Hi I am 172cm  with 81cm inseam and had a 17.5 Top Fuel and I had to fit a set back seat post as it was too small, remember the TT measurement Trek quote is a virtual and not the shorter actual measurement. I wish I had bought the 18.5 try and ride one even if it is round the car park to see about reach.

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3  - 9 August 2017 14:24

Hi, I ride a Trek Top Fuel and I am 172.5cm tall I ride the 18.5. Also found the 17.5 to be a bit short in the reach.
Awesome bikes.
I ride for Cotswold Cycles that is solely a Trek dealer. There are some team bikes coming up for sale in nearly new condition if you are interested

4  - 9 August 2017 18:20

Thanks guys for the replys. Thats helpful.

I re-measured myself this morning. Got my first measurements slightly wrong. Doh. Am actually 170.5cm tall and 80cm inseam. But still fall inbetween the two sizes.

What stem lengths and saddle heights do you guys ride? Would be interested to know. Also do you have spacers below the stem?

Thanks Marc for the shout regards the ex team bikes. That would have been good, but I already bought one a couple of weeks ago. A 17.5, but as they aren't in the country yet I've still got time to change my mind on the size. Reason for a bit of last minute checking and head scratching when I had a slight rethink on the size.


Posts [ 4 ]

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