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1  - 13 November 2017 17:49

I was wondering if anyone on here had raced the andalucia bike race and what they thought of the event? I'm interested to know what the stages are liking, along with accommodation and just general travelling around, are things easy to get too? Any info would be much appreciated.



2  - 19 November 2017 20:25

It's very good, but hard.  Standard is high & it's a big event. Can be touch and go on the weather that early on in the year.  Relatively easy to get to.  Probably best to hire a car and sort your own accommodation etc.

3  - 1 December 2017 13:43

Hi Dave
I did the ABR for the first time last year and thought it was pretty good. There were quite a few brits there and it is a very big event, well organised and hugely popular in Spain. Riders are seeded after the first stage time trial and after the unbelievably fast and manic mass starts (700+ riders) through the streets of the locality (Cordoba/Linares) things settle down and you generally find yourself riding in groups. Stages are tough but not necessarily epic, other than the Queen Stage at around 100k. Lots of climbing on all days but the course is not technical by UK standards, so appropriate for a marathon type of event. I went on the inclusive package with mechanic and 'race' hotels which was expensive but made things easier. I'm hoping to have time to do it again in 2018. There were a few stars riding such as Olympic Bronze Medalist Carlos Coloma, David Valero and of course Jose Hermida.
Re the standard I generally finish between 15th and 20th in UK NPS XC races as Vet and I think i placed 41st in the Vet Category at ABR out of about 140 or so and i think about 180th overall. Mark Chamberlain placed 5th Vet I think and was about 20-25mins ahead of me on a 3hr stage!!
Personally i'd recommend it.

4  - 3 December 2017 16:51

Thanks for the info, I'm just weighing up the options at the mo

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