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1  - 12 August 2016 07:24

Hello Guys
I am looking for an XC race bike. i would like some clarification on whether hard tail is the go. if so my price range is 2000-3000 dollars and i would like to see some of the suggestions you blokes come up with. I am currently riding a giant 29er trance. I want to got lighter (carbon)

2  - 15 August 2016 01:12

I am selling an as like new condition hard tail. it posted in the for sale section on here. It is an Open 0-1.1 hardtail 29er xc race ready mint condition machine. here is the link to the ebay page but would much rather do a cash deal if you care to contact me.

this bike would retail in the region of £4000, I am looking for £2100 for a quick sale due the purchase of a new house and needing funds for renovations.

let me know what you think. thanks

3  - 15 August 2016 01:24

here is the link to it on here

4  - 4 March 2018 12:22

I am selling a Santa Cruz Tallboy 2 with the upgraded Carbon C frame, so its light and stiff. VPP suspension means its firm when pedalling and plush when bombing down hill. Fantastic bike for XC racing or general trail riding. Kitted out with full Shimano XT and Fox Kashima front and rear.

Best regards,

5  - 15 March 2018 17:24

My friend Daran is selling 2x Specialized Hardtails see the sales ad

Posts [ 5 ]

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