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1  - 11 May 2018 22:14

2015 Whyte M109cs, size medium. Bearings replaced last august, little use since. A couple of chips, but overall great condition

Reba dual air - fully serviced with new seals, oil, and internal o-rings. Stanchions perfect.

Full XT 785 2 * 10 group. i-spec brake/shifters (separate gear shifter mounts also supplied). Front calliper replaced with brand new SLX caliper last week as seals went on the original. New rear cable outer and inner fitted this evening!

Sunline bars, foam grips, superstar stem, planet-x post with specialized riva saddle (I’ve kept my saddle!).

Superstar tactic rims/switch hubs. Rear has new bearings and free hub body. One ding in rear, but still seals. Fitted with bontrager team issue XR3 2.2 tyres.

The bad: the bottom bracket shell on the non-drive side debonded. I was in touch with whyte about this and they told me to simply rebond it, and it would be fine! I’ve got the email trail if any potential buyer would like to see it. So I rebounded it, and, indeed, it has been fine. I realise that this is going to hit the value of the bike, however!

So, I’m asking £700 collected from Bristol - a carbon race ready rocket that also makes a fun trail bike for Halfords money! I’ve just got too many bikes, and so it is time to clear out a couple.

I’d really like the buyer to see and inspect and test ride. Bike is silent, no creaks or squeaks.  I’ll consider posting, if necessary, however.

Lots of pics here: … 0866142160

I'm meant to put some race results here - I don't race much!
I won the vets on of the MAD events in late 2017
I was part of a winning vets team at bikefest in 2012.
I was mid pack on the highland trail 550 last year (not on this bike!)
2nd on the 2016 Braunton 150.



Posts [ 1 ]

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