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1  - 17 December 2018 09:05

Been paying a bit more attention to my HR recently having gone back to base rides. One thing I'm noticing which I wonder is 'normal' is my MTB ride HR is 10 beats lower per min than the roadie. I would have thought it'd be the other way around.
Appreciate theres more frequent non-pedally bits on the mtb but even so.

2  - 3 January 2019 14:03

Interesting.... your HR response though is going to be dependent on the intensity at which you are riding. The highest continuous intensity I ride at on the road would be a time trial; I tend to average in the region of 165-168bpm riding at more or less absolute threshold. Riding MTB, I would say the equivalent intensity/duration to a 25 mile TT would be a 3-4 lap XC race (at and above threshold). I'll typically average around 174bpm, so approx. 10bpm ABOVE riding road....(as you predicted your expected response).
Maybe you need to push yourself harder on the dirt wink

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