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Previous Margam Madness Events:

Margam Madness 2014

19th April 2014
Margam Neath

Margam Madness has is back, only a bit earlier in the year over the easter weekend.

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Reports and News:

Margam Madness - the best UK lap ever?
28th April, 2014
A bit of a last minute change of plans last weekend... I'd arranged to ride my usual Surrey Hills 100 miles off road loop with Al Fairbairn, but as it...

Tan-Lines (Good). Line Choices (Bad)
24th April, 2014
Margam Madness has moved to a new home. Not a new venue, changing from Margam Park would make the name look a little silly, but a new date; this y...

↑Shameless Plug for Margam Madness ↑
17th April, 2014
Just to a quick post to let you all know that there are still some places left for the Margam Madness event at, oddly enough Margam Park. Luckily ...

Welsh Sunshine - Margam Madness
4th April, 2014
I do actually mean sunshine in Wales, not the stuff we usually mean by the phrase ‘Welsh Sunshine’. A couple of weeks ago I went to Wales an...

Margam Madness 2013

21st September 2013
Margam Park

For the second year running Margam Madness is back at the classic venue Margam Park. This years race incorporates the black graded course built to host the 2014 xc world cup.

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Reports and News:

Margam Madness 2013 Preview Video
11th September, 2013
Margam madness preview video. Get entered for great riding, superb venue and awesome steelworks views. ...

Margam Madness 2012

22nd September 2012
Margam Park

On the 22nd September 2012 a 6 hour lapped endurance mountain bike race comes to the classic venue of Margam Country Park, South Wales. The event will have a choice of either the full 6 hour or a shorter 3 hour course, categories for trios, pairs and solo competitors.

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Gorrick G25
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