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Close with the tyres you guys just got the size wrong 26" :0

I think/hope the descent is more technical this time round as theres a few downhill lines that would make it interesting!


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Have we done this yet........what tyres wink


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Honestly nothing, save your pocket money for a while longer smile


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Hi for me it would be the canyon for sure !


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Wow still buzzing this morning from the race, that was a great course in fact I'd say it's the best xc course I've ever raced on. Top job by the Horton's and everyone else involved, can we have more technical course's like this from now on please smile


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Yeah me, I trained and raced on a 29er all last year but I made the decision to go back to 26" and for me personally I prefer my 26" I,m 5'10" both are hard tails. Anyhow its in the legs not the wheels !


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Yeah me, I trained and raced on a 29er all last year but I made the decision to go back to 26" and for me personally I prefer my 26" I,m 5'10" both are hard tails. Anyhow its in the legs not the wheels !


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Hi Scott

Yeah looks good, just the field at the 6 min point looks like it would become a swamp if it rains alot. The rest looks fine, see you there smile

I race a 26" bike also and i have two wheelsets one with a 11-32 and the other 11-36. I tend to use 11-32 the most but for courses like hopton i'll run 11-36. Chainset is 2x10 26-39


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Yeah chamois cream is what you want and apply it every time you go riding


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Nooooo Scott don't do it !


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simple31 wrote:

Just bought a 29er

Never mind wink


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Nice one cheers guys smile


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No not really ...... tough times smile


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This is more like it ! See you at round 2!


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I think a furious fred out back 2.0" @ 40psi and a racing ralph on the front 2.1 @39psi on a 26" obviously lol


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Drop a power meter on your bike then there will be lots and lots of numbers to look at


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GB wrote:

  What's the point in investing so much money and time in racing if you can't finish because your pedal fell off...

Haha i know that feeling ...


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I've been using egg beaters for a couple of years now but as GB says the bearings are crap. I have a few rebuild kits lying around , which i can put up with as i like them. However i have a set off egg beater 11 ti cost around £340 yikes whilst at the trophy yesterday and sprinting out of a corner the axle snapped FAIL ! big time. That really wouldnt have been good if i was on xc race on a triple arrow descent now would it. So now i'm unsure what to do pedal wise one thing i am sure is i wont be buying another pair of those ......

Your about 2+years to late


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2.35 yikes this is xc racer not Dirt wink


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Go tubless, proffered tires of choice racing ralph or rocket rons all IMO of course


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Remember round 1 2011 that was horrendous in terms of venue with the weather that day and access to it. Ive had enough of being towed in and out of muddy fields. Also i dont really want to race xc in Feb tbh.

Having said that though i would support the series by entering in advance etc, just need to learn from the problems of the last two seasons. Good luck smile


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Great course guys one of the best this season IMO


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I'll be entering soon looking forward to it smile


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Local road race league tonight which was a good tear up, so got my racing fix for this week. Roll on Ritchey bike fest smile


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Wow what a race that was a fantastic course absolutely loved it one of the best if not the best races i've ever done smile


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Mavic SLR's now sold


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My money is on Dan Fleeman


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Nice one J lovin that soundtrack too smile


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Welsh champs, sounds good, nothing else xc wise on that weekend see you there guys smile


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No not had a refund from round 1 here either


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One of the XX cassettes is now sold

Also i have a Cannondale flash ultimate 2012 size medium been used around 5 times so is in very good condition looking for £3500 ovvvvvno

Bike is as it is here … arbon-team

apart from the wheels are 2012 SLR so have white hubs, the ones shown are 2011 model


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Hi all

I have for sale the following items, all are BRAND NEW and have not been used.

2012 Mavic SLR lefty wheelset 26" (rocket ron 2.25 TL pacestar, set up tubless)  £500.00

Tufo carbon tubular wheelset 26" lefty (as linky)  £1150.00

Sram XX cassette 11-32 10sp i have two of these £ 185.00

The cassette's have been fitted to the wheels but again non of the above have been used or even put into the bike (they were my spare's for this season). Selling due to getting a ride with TORQ and going 29er

Any questions please contact me via email

I'll be a Sherwood this weekend

Neil Hayward

BMBRS 2011         6th Expert overall
Mids xc R1 2012    10th Elite
Mids xc R2 2012    13th Elite
Welsh xc R2 2012  3rd Elite


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Hi Dave … imetable-0
Here's the info


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epicmcd wrote:

I think 29ers should be banned too,theyre basically CX bikes with better grip & better brakes and I fear change



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Err not sure TBF, this is xc though not cx thats finished now, yesterdays course was very tame the next three are proper xc courses. I would'nt like to ride/race my cx around these


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blogmyride wrote:

Tyre Choice?

Dugast rhinos :-0


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JimH wrote:

Variety is the key - each round of the series will suit a different style of rider.

Thats exactly how a series should be too, if you race your bike fast enough I find even what seems a tame course  becomes technical with all the twists and turns loose gravel corners etc, all the mids xc courses are great can't wait !


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@ Gary people want answers for conformation of the series etc, I see you've put your email etc but we all have different questions, it would be good if you'd reply to various posts so we can all see answers to these questions thanks



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Really disappointed about all of this TBH i enjoyed the series last year. Now R2 is just around the corner do i enter, book accommodation etc but in the back of my mind wonder if it will get pulled 48 hours prior to the event. After looking at the pre entries for the next round i am not filled with confidence :l


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+1  for a room going at the premier inn, doh !


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Excellent see you there smile


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Ok let's start the "what tyre" choice, here's mine

1. Very wet 2.00 rocket Ron front & rear @ 27 psi

2. Intermediate 2.25 rocket rons front & rear @ 32psi rear 30 psi front

3. Bone dry 2.00 tufo tubulars @ 35 psi front & rear

Hi Ben CV sent


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Excellent just entered, hope the weather is better than rd1 last year !

Hi i'd go with rocket rons, I think there great in the mud just drop the pressure and go as low as you dare !


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baccodaddy wrote:

cannondale flash 29er carbon

I did toy with the idea of a 29er it was out of this & the scalpel, what swung it was the fact you cant get Dugast rhinos in 29er version big_smile


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Some very nice bikes there, looks like most going over to 29er shall be interesting to see how they go !


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Hi all just thought i'd start this thread about what you'll be racing on this season with all the talk of 29er's i'm just interested to see what your all racing on, i'm sticking to 26". So i'll start off.

2012 cannondale flash ultimate with a spare set of SLR's in the pits this season smile


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Jack Nash wrote:

have booked accommodation for the first round at Margam Park.


Yeah like wise yikes


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MarkyP wrote:

Heard some off forum comments of running a 1.8/ 2.1  ron combo but didnt get which way round to run them to make the most of them?

Hi i'd be running 1.8 on the back & 2.1 on the front, bigger tyre on the front more grip, take the hits etc but i wouldnt go as small as a 1.8 though TBH


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Rocket ron 2.25 front & rear in the dry

Rocket ron 2.00 front & rear in the wet

I've tried lots of different combos and this is the one for sure


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Boneyjoe wrote:

Guess we each need to find our own path at the end of the day wink.

Very true, we all have different ideas about how to train & recover just need to find out what works for you personally which takes time with alot of trial & error (as I know all to well)


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Really is there no mids xc series next year, gutted if not as the courses in my opinion are better than the national courses. I have been wondering why theres been no mention of the mids xc sad


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+1 for what EM is saying....


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west mids cyclo cross race


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I'm going 29er full sus for next year to. I'm waiting for my cannondale scalpel 1 to turn up and cant wait!!!


I was just wondering what you'll all be racing on next year. I've found myself riding road & cx bikes all year with the only time i've ridden 26" has been on race days so this got me thinking about what to ride for the 2012 season. Now i've been toying with the idea of fullsus all year but did i want 26" or 29", the only fullsus bike i like really is the scalpel so then i went to my LBS and they have a brochure for cannondale i came across the 2012 scalpel 1 29r so i've paid a deposit & it's due into the uk on the 22nd Dec cant wait big_smile


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Gary from has got me from expert to elite for next season i would highly recommend him. He tests me about every 3 months asks how many hours i've got over a seven day block and does me a program based on this with different options on traning days dependant on what time of year it is. He does this for every one he see's if they wish and it's part of the assesment so no charge or monthly fees dont get me wrong though he does do weekly plans that are more in depth analizing power/hrt rate files etc which he adjusts based on data from the previous week


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Personally i would prefer to race on sat, travel down on fri and have family time on sun but i do work for myself so time off aint really a problem. But as above for most people sun is best with people working on sat etc so either works for me as i just have mon off if it's been a BMBRS smile


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Excellent news, good to see a new sponsor smile


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Like wise very impressive, one to watch out for in the future good luck to the lad smile


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Hi over a 7 day block Mon to Sun i do 5-7 hours which fits in around my family and work life. 5-7 hours aint alot compared to some i know but mine is all structured to me i'm a slave to the power meter/HRT rate monitor......


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Hi Sportstest is where you want to go click on the link below !


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Mavic crossmax SLR all the way


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Fantastic course really good a huge improvement all round.

Then on lap 1 on the wet muddy descent over the far end of the course with lots of sharp rocks PIIIIISSSSSSSS! i look down and theres stans latex oozing out of my brand new rocket ron, about a 1cm gash so i put a tube in (wish full thinking)  do another 2 laps and... PIIIIISSSSSSS! thats it time to go home race over there seemed to be lots of people with punctures???. Again overall excellent see you at round 3


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+ one for the above


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Ecuas wrote:

Scott O'Neill - Expert cat, I was told on the day that I finished 7th, not sure if that was 7th expert or 7th in 'seniors'. I also did the full 6 laps.

Com'on guys give us a rd 2 to create a bit more faith.

Scott i'd think you were 7th overall


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Welsh Cycling MTB wrote:

Neil-I have had the same order from Sion O'Boyle (the Torq rider) as well. Do you know roughly where you finished overall?

Hi Welsh Cycling

No not sure good luck trying to sort it out


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biker bruce wrote:

i just wanted to get points this year to move up to elite in the future.....we thatsso  got off to a great start.

Likewise i'm racing expert and would like to gain enough points to race elite next year so not a good start. I know new things have problems but i'm sure they'll get better but no results is seriously not funny.

One of the Torq riders finished in front of me Neil Hayward no19 and the guy from Felt Colbornes finished behind me if this helps

See you at round 2


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Ace panic over looking forward to round 1


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I have to say i too are concerned about the points situation. I'm currently holding an expert licence but would like to gain enough points to race elite in 2012. I know i will need to go and chase points via welsh xc mids xc and bmbrs series may be even go down to the southern xc so as you can see i'm in for an expensive season where every point from races i will need


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Hi all
yesterday was 2 hours steady effort on the mtb
Today has been steady effort 2.30 hours on the mtb with 2 or 3 efforts ready for round 2 thetford next sunday

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