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Been paying a bit more attention to my HR recently having gone back to base rides. One thing I'm noticing which I wonder is 'normal' is my MTB ride HR is 10 beats lower per min than the roadie. I would have thought it'd be the other way around.
Appreciate theres more frequent non-pedally bits on the mtb but even so.

Struggling with cuts and splits in my rocket rons  (29er hardtail).  I've used these for everything, xc racing, local trails, trail centres, winter riding, they even roll well on the roads but i'm struggling with the sidewalls even on the evo snakeskins.  Looked for a replacement but they're either ridiculously expensive or have a stupid colour line running through the middle.

Anyone know of any alternatives that roll well but a bit of a do all? (tubeless)


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Really appreciate the reply, calc makes sense so I'll dig out the HRM!.  Its pretty much what i was looking for, didn't realise how low I'd need to go for base. The 'cross season finished at the end of Dec so I'm now ramping up hrs wise - doing about 10hrs a week now which includes 1 big ride at the weekend.

I know its an age old question that i posed but is there a preference between road/offroad or is it more a case of 'do whatever ride you want, as long as you stay in 'base' for the majority'? 

There are some lads in the club that do up to 5/6 hrs at a time, is there any value in that?

Ok so I'm trying to do a 'proper' base period this year, scarily I've never done a proper period of base prior to racing and looking at my results I think it shows!

Need some help determining what types of rides I could do for example tomorrow I could either:
1.  Long(3-4hr) local flattish (approx 1,000ft climbing ) mountain bike ride.
2.  3hr Mtb ride with lots of hills (in Northumberland so it will be about 2.5k-3.5k feet climbing but probs only about 30 mile)
3. 3hr road ride at about 1,000ft of climbing.  I go out with a pal who's fitter than me so it will be a bit more pacey than I'd like averaging about 18/19mph.

I sort of get base, long slow rides with a relatively low HR so in theory ride number 1 should be the way to go but climbing is my weakness so should i not be doing that?

Obligatory race finish positions:
3rd in the inter league at NECCL Cyclocross
Previous to that I finished about 13th in the Masters in the Nutcracker MTB series

Not so much after, more during.  Why would you solely use a hydration specifc drink and not an energy drink when most energy drinks seem to contain electrolytes anyway?
I guess I'm wondering if I'm doing it wrong, should I be using less Energy drink and more hydration drink for reduce calories perhaps ?

I'm a little confused, I've been racing and riding for years now and pretty much stuck to a diet of PSP22 or High 5 energy source for either shorter very hard rides or rides over 1.5 hrs.   (for rides 3hrs+, I use 4:1)

I've started to notice a shed load of hydration specific drinks out there and wondered if there was  a rule of thumb for using these or should I just ignore them and carry on?

Cheers for the advice (in advance)
Nutcracker mtb races
Masters anywhere between middle and back of the pack!

They're 1.95s

position is an interesting point, after switching from virtually the entire winter (it feels like it anyway) on the road to the mtb, I did a ride that left the fronts of my thighs and knees feeling way more fatigued than any ride I'd done on the road, including a Hilly 21 mile TT.

Some cracking suggestions here cheers!

I've got Maxxis Ignitors fr and rr exception series and SID Team forks. No probs buying second hand.

Wheels are sounding like a good option though.

I currently ride an orbea Alma Carbon.  It's got XT kit throughout, Thompson seatpost SLR saddle, Easton Stem, Easton Alu bars, DT Swiss 420D wheels.  Love the bike but wondering, is there any advice out there for reducing weight without
a) spending stupid dosh
b) making the bike so fragile that I could barely ride it!
c) Reducing my own weight!!



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Done a search can't seem to find anything - probs me bein thick. 

What do people think of 29ers?  I've ridden 26 ht for many many years racing at a pretty low level but I'm not bothered about that - I love racing and have a fairly balanced life but the 29er revolution is starting to perk my interest..thoughts?

5h10 finish at the 3 peaks cyclocross
9th overall in the masters Nutcracker 2011(from memory!)


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Am I really officially retro?

I did a ride good training ride (base) at Hamsterley forest at the weekend, put me usual togs on Bib shorts and altura jersey/gillet and bimbled out. 

Did black route which goes up the hill past the downhill course and the amount of japes and grief I got was unreal, never happened to me before and didn't bother me but made me I retro/out of fashion? 

Is absolutely everyone wearing baggies these days for that sort of ride?

I've seen a few but wondered if there was one that you'd swear by?

I've a 30" inside leg and am 5ft 11 is there a saddle height everyone of this height should have?

Same height as the cross bike? ive recently had that fitted from the shop i bought it from.


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What do people generally do for xc races?  I've been using PSP22 for a while now but was wondering if there was anything better on the market. 
Boobed once before and used my recovery drink (allsports amino load) during the race when I picked the wrong bottle up....didnt feel much should we be using protein during xc races?

SXC kirroughtree - 25th masters(mint eh!)

Just want to first of all say ta for the boys at Kielder Trail Reivers for putting a great event on at the weekend, honestly the mud was "fun"!

Wanted to ask the forum about an ache coming out of the race though.  It seems to affect my hamstrings and a bit of lower back.  The race was on saturday and Im still a bit achey/stiff today. 

I've had a year out (ish) after us having a son so this was my first event, could it be a bike position thing or just my body getting used to the effort?

16th (that was a miracle!) - Kielder Winter Warmer Marathon


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In terms of base training does anyone know if its recommended to do base training in cycles?
Like perhaps 3 weeks of rides building in time and 1 week of easier/shorter rides?

Great thanks for the articles...I'll be sure to give them a good read also v interesting what you say about being in Sport cat.

I've been hearing quite a lot recently about mental approach for MTB XC etc, has anyone out there tried any techniques and does it really work?


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Anyone tried racing on the Maxxis Ignitors?

I've done a bit of training on them and seem light enough and agile enough in most conditions (other than pure gloop!)  They're also a shed load cheaper than the Schwalbes'


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Yes you're right I remember the NAMBS - superb series Hamsterley and Im sure there was one in Boltby too crikey that was many moons ago...and before that remember the Sportage ones? Keilder I think was one of the rounds. 

There are so many perfect venues in the north east!

Woah thats very very spooky - I've literally just taken receipt of that very same book today from Amazon!
Hopefully I should be able to get myself a yearly plan sorted and start working towards next year - thanks again!

Great help thanks Sallie and Corby. 

I've not really got any races planned this year unless I drop in a few cross races towards the end of the year / beginning of next yr. 

I guess in terms of high end stuff theres no real point now until closer to the cross or early next year ?

Hello, Im after a bit of advice.  Ive recently been blessed with a son, who is amazing and has changed my life completely.  One thing Im now struggling with is time. 

I'm realistic enough to know I wont be able to do any races this year so am setting myself the goal of racing next year in the xc mtb.

I ride to work every day...20 mile round trip and it usually takes me about 35 mins, what Im wondering is should I be taking it steady on the way in or perhaps dropping in a few intervals and pulling the time down on my commutes so I can do some specific training perhaps with an aim to doing the cross in winter?

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