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I'm sure I entered the 24hr singlespeeds when I signed up ages ago, but now I'm just listed as solo 24hr and I notice a few other singlespeeders are entered as their age group.
What's happened to the ss category? Is this sorted out on the day or is there now not one?
I don't fancy handicapping myself quite that badly in a field of geared riders so could bring a geared bike if I have to?
Anyone who's done it before know what the score is?

As soon as you mention racing most insurers don't want to know. I've only found two which would cover me for that sort of trip (WEMBO worlds by any chance?)
Dogtag - cheapest
Snowcard - more expensive but cover bikes as well as you.
IIRC it was £200ish for three weeks in Oz with Snowcard, full package with £3k of bike cover. just in case the airline lost/broke it. Used them a year later for the Mega and the 24hr at Finale, about £230 for a year's multitrip cover in Europe. Anything outside the EU will be pricey.


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Peter, there is a facebook group for that. Send me a friend request and I can you add you in. One for the Wordls at Weaverville too if you are interested?
Search Andrew Howett, the picture is me in the XCRAcer kit so should be recognisable.


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Ant's done it a couple of times, must be good if he keeps going back.
Gareth Hayes has mooted the idea too, but for 2015 I think.


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Two I've done before,
24hrs of Finale … -2012.html Best course I have ever ridden.
Transvesubienne … -race.html Under 11hrs but probably the hardest thing I have ever done. I loved it. Matt Page did it and hated it, too much carrying for him, but I'm a fell-runner too so that's where I was making up time! Be prepared for a lot of carrying.
One for me next year … -race-500k looks great, but need to sort support.


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It's doable, but you can really do well at one (probably the first, as even if you say you'll hold back to save yourself for the second you will come over all competitive and go too fast)
I've done it a couple of time, here's one example, Brighton big Dog 6hr followed by the National 12hr time trial: … urday.html … unday.html


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Best ones I have found for long single-lap or point to point stuff (Keilder, Manx 100, Transvesubienne, etc) are the Troy Lee ones, seem to last a lot longer than most other gloves too. However, they are very personal so I'm not sure how helpful that will be, but for me they are perfect. I use ODI lock-ons on most bikes, Ritchey foam grips on the rigid bike.
For long multi-lap stuff (Gorrick 12hr, most 24hrs etc) I find a variety of gloves helps, a new pair every 3 or 4 hours, or just swapping between two pairs, the slightly different position gives better circulation and less numbness regardless of kind the gloves actually are.


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Pictures please!
(I don't want to buy it, I just like looking at old Kleins!)


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I find the Alligator pads to be excellent.
The best stopping power I've found are EBC Redstuff but I was wrecking a set every 40mins or so at Keilder and the 24hr at Newcastleton (not good in a 1hr lap...)
The Alligators are nearly as grippy but last ages and ages, even in similarly horrible conditions, and come in all shapes and sizes (Formula R1s, RXs and The Ones here)
Mt Zoom sell them.


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Agree with Leeroy, you should be fine.
Sometime you get problems if you change for a bigger outer, more likely with bigger steps obviously, say from 48 to 54 on a cross bike, it's still pretty unlikely going from for example 42 to 44 on an MTB. I don't think you have anything to worry about in your case.


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It's the MTB one. I'm about 35m from you, between Grantham and Sleaford, and work in Grantham.
andy_howett at yahoodotcodotuk


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Not sure.
Whinlatter will be happening again as far as I know (But it is a SIP event so I'm not certain)
Big Dog, Gorrick 100 and Gorrick 12hr are all definitely on (and were a lot of fun so I'll do them again regardless of whether there is a series or not)
Exposure will not be happening.
Keilder may or may not be resurrected (but won't be SIP if it is)
So there will definitely be three races, maybe four or even five.
If it doesn't happen I'm happy to take all the results from Timelaps and work out people's points and post them up here, no prizes, just a bit of fun.


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I used to use a helmet light but since I've upgraded my main bar light I've found it unnecessary, the bar one gives plenty of light and has a wide enough spread that I don't miss the helmet light at all, and am pleased to be rid of the weight. However, it is a bit of a gamble going out for a lap with no back-up, I know there is plenty of battery but if I crash and break it's a long way back.


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Personally I like Formula. Had a set of R1s on the race bike since 2009 and they have been fine, light, plenty of power and very reliable. I use the Aligator pads from Mt Zoom (available from the shop here).
I've now got R1s on both XC bikes, The Ones on the big bike and RXs on the singlespeed, keeps everything interchangeable..
It may sound odd but have a look for them on French ebay, available much cheaper than over here.
Hopes are also good. Not tried the new XTR, but the previous one was great as far as function went but was very heavy.
I would avoid Avid as they require more regular bleeding than any other I've come across and are a real pain in the backside to do.

I like that idea Em, it's only a little thing but going back to the home page all the time is a little irritating.


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What does the stopwatch say?

Looks much better.
Only one more suggestion. It appears that we can't now click on the name of the person who posted to see their profile and send them an IM, or if we can I can't see how to do this. Otherwise, all good.

PS: Matt you can probably see this kind of info much better than we can. What effect have the changes had on the number of visitors? Is the effect similar on those who just read and on those who comment or is there a difference and if so which has grown most?

Getting better.
What about putting the "Reply by epicmcd  - Yesterday 15:14" bit inside the bubble?
Don't think mine are good enough for bragging rights Epic! Only things I've won all year are a couple of road races and I don't think that counts for much on here, there's a lot of properly quick people on this forum who are all loads quicker than me. I notice they've all disappeared now though, looks a bit tidier. Sorry if I've ruined anyone's bragging with my suggestion

I find the forum a bit tricky too, difficult to put my finger on but others (like the old version or Singletrack) are much easier to follow.
I think it's just too much info, like repeated titles and the bubbles don't really work for me.
Otherwise, the new site is great.
PS. Why do people put their races results on every post? I thought it was just adverts you had to do that? Makes the topic twice as long as it has to be. Blog link below, yes hypocrite I know ;-)


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You'll be fine, but start with a fun category race before an age-group on, the age group guys can be pretty quick. If you get on well with that then move up to the Grand Veterans (I think that's what the 50+ category is called) It will be fun regardless so give it a go.
TBH being able to average 12mph means very little. I have done races which have been very flat and very fast and averaged nearly 20mph, and others which have been really technical and steep and not even averaged 5mph!


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For 24hr races I would highly recomend 24hrs of Finale, held at Finale Ligura in Italy every year, one of the best courses I have ever ridden. They held the World Champs there last year … -2012.html
Also, the Transvesubienne (sp?) should be on your to do list. It's a very tough race, starts way up in the Alps Maritime and finishes on the beach in Nice, a great way to see a lot of the Alps you would never normally go to. Not one for the faint hearted, 60% DNFs the year I did it, the most technical riding I have ever done anywhere. … logue.html … -race.html


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There used to be long races the day after the NPS races, the Trek 6-4-2 and then the marathon series. Shame these died out, they were really good, but I think entries suffered from being the day after another race.
The Endurance Series you were thinking of has never had anything to do with BC. But anyway, I have no idea what will become of it now the 24hr and Keilder are no more. Will it run with just 4 races? Could others join in? Tour of Ben Nevis, Margam Madness, Dusk till Dawn etc, plenty of decent races around. The rumour mill seems to have stopped working so I have no idea what's planned.


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It held up surprisingly well last year, Was chucking it down as I drove there on the Sat and I was dreading Sunday as a result but it turned out to be excellent. Does this year's look similarly weather-proof? I assume the bits run in reverse will be, but is the new stuff?


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Sort of.
If I remember correctly last year solos got themselves trackside, which is where they really need to be and teams/pairs parked in the field, probably a good system as they don't have to be trackside for refuelling etc and it frees up space for the solos. Loads of room in the field for gazebos but could be tight trackside. Some team/pairs got lucky and ended up trackside too, it is a decent size arena area.

I don't think the fact that it's a 24 makes any difference, just use whatever tyres suit the conditions, irrespective of the race length. For me that's Ralphs in the dry, Nobby Nics in the wet and Maxxis Advantage on sharp pointy rocks.
Ralphs should be fine at Newnham if the weather stays like this.


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1.5" Conti XC

Personally I'm really fussy about bits for my bikes so people tend not to get me anything for them.
Shorts and things are always welcome though, seem to get through loads of those.


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I find fast group road rides help with this. A hilly route, race up every one and recover in between.
Being a little competitive I find I can push myself much harder than I would if I was just doing it alone.


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Is that the ring which goes around the axle next to the non-drive crank?
Broke the one on my Middleburns years ago and it's been fine without it.


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Mr Wanabe (may I call you XC?) I'm heading out to Stromlo in Oct too, doing the solo 24 champs, which I think is the weekend before your race. I did it in 2010 too so have a rough idea what to expect, drop me a message if you have any questions (I know how to get 2 bikes out there for example)
Do you know if much has changed since then Harrod?


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Strathpuffer. Being from the land of endless summers and dustry trails you will love it!


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That's because they used to have proper summers back in the 90s.
Don't get me wrong, I like summer, in fact it is my favourite day of the year, but they aren't like they used to be.


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On that budget definately second hand, there are some bargains around if you look hard enough.
Rule 1: don't buy anything without a test ride, especially if you are at all unsure of yor ideal geometry.
A good frame with rubbish components will be a better bet than a rubbish frame with good components. I'd say buy the best frame you can afford, easier to upgrade the other bits as and when they wear out.
I'm not sure that anything which is good at downhil is going to be any good at riding from place to place though.
Try ebay for things like Orange Patriots and Santa Cruz
Bullits, they can sometimes be had for £cheap. Old Marins too.


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Em Today 07:59
Re: Alternative to Infinit NutritionAndy H wrote:
Shot blocks don't work for me as a veggie due to gelatine.

They're vegan friendly!

Learnt something new today. Didn't actually read the ingredients, just assumed jelly-like things wouldn't be good! Nice to know though.


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Try a few, very much personal preference.
I have found Bikefood works well for me. I also get on with Maxim and Torq. High 5 doesn't seem to be as good for me but also doesn't have any unwanted side effects like SIS, (which is the biggest seller so obvioulsy some people like it) which just makes me need to pee all the time, although not as badly as Endura does!
Accelerade has the best name but I don't like the taste, nor Zipvit. I do like the taste of Mule bars and Cliffe bars.  Shot blocks don't work for me as a veggie due to gelatine. Bikefood do vegan protein.
Not tried Winter Training Fuel but know people who swear by it, and some who swear at it. Probably others out there I can't think of right now.
Lots to choose from, no easy answer, it's very personal.
My recomendation is Bikefood drinks and bars, Gymfood protein and supplement with mars bars and bananas in longer races, works for me.


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does anyone know if i can make a claim

Assuming you mean that you have some sort of personal accident insurance, yes go for it, looks fairly clear cut. You had an accident and got hurt, that's what insurance is for.
Suing the landowner or someone similar? Unlikely to succeed. If you hit something big enough and at enough speed to do that kind of damage you clearly weren't riding within your limits or to the trail conditions/visibility.


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We changed one team rider in 2011 with no issues, but it wouldn't hurt to let Pat know.
As much as I want to do it I don't think I will, the one this weekend has really taken it out of me, another 24hr in October and I think two per year is plenty!


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Are we retro now then? 26'' wheels, narrow bars, 3x9, inner tubes. It's so 2011...
i'll be in the red & blue kit with orange helmet and the Yeti FS/Pronghorn HT/Pronhorn SS.
you doing 12 or 24 boney?


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That' s a bit of luck, I have a hardtail 26er :-)
and a rigid SS 26er for if it gets really muddy
and some fell shoes for if it ends up like Mayhem last year...


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The drop is fairly straightforward if you line it up correctly at the top, although with not a lot of margin for error, anyone who has raced north of the border can't really see what the fuss is about. However, I expect it to be an entirely different recepticle of aquatic vertibrates when it's dark and one is eighteen hours worth of tired!
I would like to see it in but with the chicken run option to the left open too for when we are too tired to concentrate properly, stuff which is easy in an XC race suddenly isn't that simple in the middle of the night. Must be a tricky job designing a 24hr course, trying to balance 'techy and fun' with 'ridable when half alseep'
Getting myself all psyched up for it now, and actually looking forward to it in a wierd sort of way, should be a lot of fun.


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But no. Must resist...


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I've got Ralphs and 1.5'' Conti XCs, and a few things in between. Hoping not to need the Contis!


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I wouldn't worry too much about lap length for the eating plans if I were you, it's lap times which will be the main factor. Could be very weather and fatigue dependant...


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Am I missing something? It may not be as luxurious as those above but I like it...


(10 replies, posted in Southern XC Series) … 43,,0,3.74

I have always just parked up in this layby, on the left. Lovely views when the sun comes up in the morning, fairly quiet, certainly quieter than being at the race track and never had any issues.


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As above, Sport is very mixed. The top end will be racing in Expert next year, the bottom end just think a fun race is too short. If you fancy a longer race go for Sport, there will always  be someone you can race against even if you find yourself near the back.
With fun, or go-race or whatever it's called nowadays, the competition will be less good, but you will also get a shorter race.
Piece of advice: Never win a fun category race, you will be mocked for trophy hunting, if you can win that you are quite capable of racing in Sport!


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It was two laps, and always had been in previous years. However, they used a shorter lap this year, hence having to do more of them.
I think (but wait to be corrected) they reconfigured the course when there was a lot of snow on it but then they stuck with that new layout after the snow had gone.
No idea where you stand re points etc though. I find that generally marshalls know nothing. I have been a marshall and I knew nothing then, people asked me all kinds of weird questions.


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23" for me on the 3 XC bikes.
I don't care what the trend is, trees grow about 24" apart round here!
The big bike is only 26"


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Phil: Yes, mainly the trail centre with a few other bits and pieces. As someone said above if you go up on the Saturday and ride the red route it will give you a good feel for the place, if not the exact course layout.
Lee: Last year there was no designated feed zone but there was a point where lap one turned into lap 2 very near the start (the course is like a lollipop shape if that makes sense, ride up the stick, two laps of the round bit and then back down the stick) I left my extra bottle and bits at the top if the first climb (where the stick joins the lollipop) and that was fine.


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I don't recall there being a 'designated' feedzone last year. I left a bottle and tube a little way up from the start, where you go at the end of lap 1 to start lap 2 but the race was short enough thta I didn't need it. Do't think I'll bother this year, two small bottles on the bike will be fine.

If it's a race of many laps I take:
A tube
A Co2 cannister with the attachment
Plastic tyre lever
Multitool (allen keys & chain tool)
Split link for the chain
A gel
A bottle
For races where I won't be passing the pits, like Keilder, I will add:
Another tube
Another CO2
Spare brake pads (especially at Keilder!)
Another bottle
More gels
and as many mars bars as remaining pocket space will allow.
Depending on the race and the weather I can add waterproof, dry base-layer and gloves, map, compass, whistle, space-blanket.
I have been using those Mt Zoom velcrow straps for carrying tubes and tyre lever, excellent. They hold it much tighter than the pictures would suggest, never even looked like coming loose. If I only have one it goes on the stem to keep it out of the mud, if I carry two the other goes on the seatpost. Everything else fits in my pockets.


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a long ride 4-6 hours or so, its good to aim for at least 1000 feet an hour of vert gain

Living in Lincolnshire I'm lucky to get that in total, never mind per hour!
As above, you will need some long MTB rides but the next best thing is some long road rides. And remember, there is a big difference between riding for 10hrs and racing for 10hrs. If you are training on the road try to join a group ride, 100miles at flat-out group pace is properly tough, you just won't push yourself as hard on your own.
I know you said you are just trying to finish and not race, but even if you aren't racing other people you will have to beat the cut-offs, you can't just bimble about looking at the scenery I'm afraid.

Pair Continental Twister Supersonic tyres in 26x1.9" flavour.
The team I was racing for in 2011 was sponsored by Continental and I was given these tyres that summer. They are brand new in the sense that they have never been used. They have however been fitted to my bike (with tubes, so no sealent in them) and used for taking photographs (and showing off on the scales, the Twiter Supersonic is the lightet mountain bike tyre Conti make, in fact at 370g it is probably the lightest mountain bike tyre full stop)
The year and a half they have spent lurking my garage seems to have caused some marks to appear on the sidewalls, see photos, although they haven't come out well. If you are in any doubt about them come and have a look, just send me a message.
The RRP is £49.99 each so there is a chance here to grab a bargain.
Looking for £40 posted for the pair.
Very, very rare 1.5" Continental XC tyre. Took me ages to get hold of it, even Conti couldn't get any for me when I was racing for them. They stopped making them years ago, I don't know why, there is a huge demand for them, they have a mighty and fully deserved reputation as the best mud tyre ever made.
Anyway, as I said it took me ages to find one, eventually came across this in a classified ad somewhere. However, I wanted two so kept searching and eventually found another, only available as pair though, so I bought those. This means I now have three so I need to sell this one.
The previous owner had used it tubeless so it has some sealent residue in it, and it is a little grubby (it is a mud tyre after all) Otherwise very good condition.The tread is very good, even still has the bobbly bits at the side remaining.
£25 posted.
Pair of Continental Race King Supersonic tyres, 26" x 2.0". I have used them twice, they did the opening two laps of the European 24hr Championship in 2011, they are an excellent dry weather tyre, but then the heavens opened, and remained open for the next 23 hours, and I swapped to more suitable rubber. I used them again at the Whinlatter race in 2012, so a total of about 3 1/2 hrs use.They are therefore in very good condition, they even still have the bobbly bits from the mould that you get on brand new tyres left on them. The 18 months they have spent lurking in my garage has caused some discolouration of the sidewalls, it doesn't appear to be much but best to mention it. If you are in a ny doubt come and have a look at them, just send me a message.
The RRP is about £48 each, see here for a random google hit for them … -5633.html they are seling them for about £70 for a pair, a chance to grab a bargain here.
£40 posted
Finally I have two Hope Vision 1 lights, long story which I won't go into here. However, I only need one and will sell the other, it's your choice which.
The blue one. This is the newer of the lights, around 2 years old, and is in better condition cosmetically.
The black one. This is the older of the lights, around 4 years old. However, this went back to Hope last month when it had an issue with the switch. True to their reputation for excellent customer service it arrived back less than a week later with a brand new switch and a whole new circuit board. It has not been used since. I have the paperwork to prove this and will include it if you choose the black one.
Whichever light you choose it will have the quick-release handlebar mount.
The lights are surprisingly bright for something so..., um, light, (rubbish pun) they really don't weigh very much at all. They have five settings. Setting number one is fine for road riding, number two I use for fire-road and Landrover tracks and three and four for when it gets technical. There is also a flashing mode just for being seen.
They run on 4AA batteries. In a 24hr race I will use the posh Energiser Lithium batteries, really, really light and last forever, but quite expensive so I use normal rechargables in day to day use. The fact that it takes normal batteries is a huge advantage, if they do run out just stick another set in, you can't do that with those rechargable lights like the rival Exposure Joystick, when that's dead it takes an 8hr charge to bring it back to life, these merely take a 30 second battery swap.
£45 posted.
Pictures of everything here: … 9381987824
andy_howett at yahoodotcodotuk
Andrew Howett
2012 Brighton Big Dog 8th
2012 Gorrick 12hr 6th
2012 World 24hr Championship 17th
2012 Transvesubienne 293rd.
2012 Keilder somewhere near the back

Hopton. Bringewood, Margam. Pontypool (anyone remember that one?) All cracking courses.
Depends what you mean by 'south' of course, they say you aren't a proper northerner until you call a Sheffield accent southern...
The Southern XC races are good fun but hardly well endowed with hills, you will have to stay a little further north. The Big Dog is great course, but again no big climbs there.

Old road inner-tube and some electrical tape. Use that on all my bikes, carbon and non-carbon (execpt the TT bike which doesn't really suffer from chain slap)
Picture of it here … frame.html when I went for yellow stripes with the tape, matches the Bikefood bottles (scroll down to the bottom). Black tape works just as well.

I've always had a vertical dropout and a tensioner, no problems at all. I've had that set-up ever since I've had an SS, about 6 years. As for yor comment that I feel I might as well have a derailleur the good thing is that you can do if you want to. Mine will serve as a spare if I break one of the geared bikes, I just swap everything straight over.


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I was just about to post that Jim!
What chance do BC and the other NGBs have of getting it revoked, rather than merely postponed? Are any of them actually in favour of it?


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Never thought I would hear myself sticking up for BC but Ben is right, this is a UCI thing, not a BC thing.
Doesn't affect me as I have no licence this year (for other reasons) However, I am planning to do 10 MTB races this year and can do all of those without the licence.
The UCI do not sanction any 12 or 24hr races, nor many of the big endurance races, Keilder, IOM E2E, Tour of Ben Nevis, etc, etc. Just as a hypothetical, if I held a licence and then did these races how would they even know? They won't know who is doing them if licences aren't required and I can't see them checking the results of every single race looking for the miscreants. Leave aside how silly the rule is it is totally unenforceable.


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You know more than I do! First I've heard of it. Sounds good though, I like Hanchurch, surprisingly good course in an unlikely location. Quite tempted to have a go at that, whatever it is...


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It's short for Strathpuffer.
It's a 24hr race at Contin near, odly enough, Strathpeffer.
A 24hr race in northern Scotland in early January, probably as daft as it sounds. I have promised that I will never do it but keep having the occasional waver but then sanity returns and I wimp out again!


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Looks like you'll have to do the 'Puffer next year Lee, it would be a shame to waste them ;-)
I was heading up the M6 when I found out, spent about the same on diesel!
No doubt the organisers have their reasons but it does seem a little bit of an over-reaction to me. I was really looking forward to racing in the snow.


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I live about 30m east of Sherwood and it's fine here,some snow but even minor roads are OK.
However,I will shortly be setting off for Whinlater,wish me luck!


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Oh go on. Please don't make me ebay them!


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Well, I've not had the deluge of offers I was expecting!
Anyone want them for £275?


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The bronze/silver/gold thing is the membership level, not the licence. When you join BC you choose the level of membership and different ones have different benefits, and prices.
The licence is a separate entity, but can be applied for at the same time, on the same form.
Bronze members can only get a provisional licence (I'm not really sure what that does?) Only silver and gold members get a full licence. BC will decide on the category for you, Junior/Sport/Masters/Vets etc if age based or Expert/Elite if appropriate. You can choose to some extent, for example if you are eligable for Expert but old enough to be a Master you can pick.
The cheapest full licence option comes with silver membership but that is still around £70!

Raining in Wales Matt? Well, well, how odd.


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I hadn't heard that but would be great if it was, Selkirk is an excellent course.


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I did say I wouldn't do any short XC races this year, but this series is rather good, quite tempted to have a go at Birchall, excellent course. Sport, or Masters with the other old men?

Seatpost, bottom bracket, brake rotor and mech hanger bolt now sold.
Also available rear Hope C2 Pro 3 calliper (International standard mounts) for 160/165mm rear rotor.
Lever hose and calliper included.
NEW, UNOPENED Fibrax brake pads
Standard hose.
Very good condition, usual cosmetic blemishes one would expect of a brake this ages, see pics, but functionally it is very good.
And some other retro bits 1993 Shimano Exage ES Sti shifter/brake lever, front triple. £8
1993 Shimano Exage ES front hub, silver 32h £6
Silver 1 1/8" quill stem, not many of those around, £8


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Oh, in that case yes definately. Margam would be an excellent venue. And indeed was as I recall, c2005
Was I having a blonde moment there Chris? Missing the bleedin obvious.


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They say they will consider other dates in certain circumstances Taffy, hopefully you will be spared a clash.
However, they also say they want completed application forms in by 8 Feb, two weeks may be a little optimistic to get venues, sponsors etc sorted so looks like it's limited to people who are already planning to run a race.


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My choices for thoseseries would probably be Racing Ralphs for when it's dry and Nobby Nics for when it isn't.
I've heard good things about the Rons, never tried them myself, but have also heard they wear very quickly.


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Good point MGP, I had forgotten about that race, shame that never took off, but top marks to the southern guys for trying.


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I take your point Chris, but for the majority of riders the Worlds isn't a major consideration.
I agree with you that having three competing championships is not a good idea (which is why having a single BC-sanctioned marathon champs would be best) but three is better than none! In the case of the 24hr Worlds, the WEMBO one was excellent, 140 riders from 12 nations, including some very big names, the 24HOA race never happened and the other race wasn't well attended, so one race emerged by consensus as 'the' world champs. A lot of the riders who were planning to race the 24HOA event will be at the WEMBO one this year, it will be even bigger and better, once an event becomes established as the major championship it becomes self-perpetuating, it is the one everyone wants to win and where the best riders will be.
Anyway, back to the point. Yes, I agree it would be much better to have a BC-sanctioned marathon champs and I hope they do sort it out, but in the absense of such a thing can't we all say that whoever wins, for the sake of arguement, Kielder is the National Champ?
I have ten races planned for this season, all of them Enduros of one sort or another, and the only one which requires a licence would be the Marathon Champs. The other races seem to be getting on just fine without BC...


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I agree with the above, we can't let BC ruin this for us, why do we need them to sanction it anyway? 24hrs of Exposure is the European Champs because we all agree it is, no involvement from BC/UCI/etc.
If we all agree that another event can be the National marathon Champs, and all the riders recognise it as such,  then it will be, it's about the quality of the riders and the course, not some box ticking by BC.
Plenty around to choose from, and with no BC/UCI involvement we can choose anything we want to, no rules about distance or anything, Keilder, Selkirk, Big Dog, plenty of others to choose from, I quite fancy the Tour of Ben Nevis for it myself.
Only slight problem may be qualification for World marathon Champs but we are stuffed on that front anyway if there is no British Champs so we wouldn't loose anything by doing our own thing.
I have not renewed my BC licence this year, not just because of this, but I cannot afford to keep subsiding track racing when BC don't give a monkey's about MTB.

Frame and hubs sold.
Also found an Alivio front hub, silver 32h. £6 posted if anyone wants that.

Van door, speakers, the two matching bottles and the rims now sold.
I'm open to offers for the rest of it.
Frame and two front hubs provisionaly sold, awaiting payment.

Having a bit of a clear out and am selling the following items:
All prices include postage. I’ll get some pictures up on photobucket when I’m at work on Monday, the internet connection is a bit rubbish here.

Hope XC headset 1 1/8” silver. Bearings, races etc all in great condition, all seals present and correct. The bits you can see are pretty good cosmetically too but the bits of the cups which are hidden inside the frame are a bit scruffy. If you are local bring your frame and forks round and I can fit it for you. £25

NEW MET water bottle 500ml, white £4

Rear road wheel, Specialized hub and Mavic CXP-22 rim, all black. Shimano/SRAM hub. Can just about feel the bearing so they may need a service soon. £49

NEW Outland top cap for 1 1/8” headset/stem, black. £4

Selle Italia Expedia saddle, red. Slight wear at the back but generally good. £12

NEW Springs for Formula brake pads, R1 RX The One. £2/pair, 3 pairs available. Free if you buy anything else.

Ritchey stem 1 1/8” 90m silver for standard bars £8

Stem. Might be Specialized, might be Claude Butler (bought a CB bike which the previous owner had put a load of Spec bits on from his other bike) Black 1 1/8” 110mm for oversize bars £10

NEW Unbranded seatclamp. 34.9mm (bought for a bike with a 31.6mm seat post if that helps) £5

NEW Token TK161 seatclamp, black with red, very light. 34.9mm (bought for a bike with  a 31.6mm seat post if that helps) £10

Two no name steel flat bars. One black, one silver. £5 each .

MSC seat clamp black 34.9mm (this one was used on a bike with a 27.2mm seatpost) £6

NEW Jet Black grips (white originally but now a little grubby as they have been in the tool box for ages) £4

BBB quick release seat clamp black about 33mm, used on a bike with a 27.2mm seatpost £5

NEW Pair of pedals with toe-straps. Bog standard plastic ones with reflectors. Fitted but never used. £10

Ritchey front quick release skewer black £6

GT front quick release skewer silver £5

Xero Lite-1 front quick release skewer black £6

Joytech rear quick release skewer black but quite scratched £4

Open to offers, especially if you want more than one item.
I’m in South Lincolnshire if anyone wants to collect rather than have it posted. If you want it posted paypal gift please.

andy_howett  at

Andrew Howett
2012 results:
European 24hr 22nd
World 24hr 16th
Brighton Big Dog 8th
Gorrick 12hr 6th
National 12hr (road) 22nd
Transvesubienne 293rd


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Definately the best courses around. The BMBS and Midland series have some good ones too, like Dalby and Hanchurch, but if you have mainly been doing your duathlons down south you are in for a very nice surprise. The courses are generally more technical than those down south, most are certainly rockier, but no where near as fast as the cyclo-cross type tracks the Southern XC use.
They tend to have more climbing than most of the tracks south of the border, with the possible exception of Margam, so HTs are quite popular and of course little wheels generally climb better. However, there will also be quite a lot of 'natural' singletrack, places like Drumlanrig, where a short-travel full bounce is nice, but not essential, and maybe big wheels would go better.
If you can keep the HT when you buy a full suss that would be the best option, you can choose the bike to suit the course.
It's been a while since I have raced up there unfortunately, but if it's any use my prefernece for the courses I've ridden would be:
Aberfoyle HT
Alvie FS
Badaguish FS
Cathkin Breas HT
Contin FS
Dalbeattie FS
Drumlanrig FS
Fort Bill (old) FS
Fort Bill (new) HT
Glenifer Breas HT
Glentress HT
Innerleithen FS
Kirroughtree HT
Laggan HT
Pitmedden HT
Sidlaws HT

That's actually come out fairly balanced (and showing my ages with some of those!) but if I could only have one bike it would be a short-travel FS, there are some course like Badaguish I really wouldn't fancy on an HT.

I have a rigid SS as a training bike, it does get taken along to races as a spare but I've not yet needed it. Last time I raced rigid was at Thetford in (I think) 2007, it was fine there. If you are just doing tame courses like the Southern XC it should be fine, I wouldn't fancy somewhere like Badaguish on it!
Carrbon forks, carbon bars and foam grips are noticably better than steel forks, ali bars and skinny grips.
Just remembered it was 2008 when I raced at CYB fully rigid  after breaking my bouncy forks. Everything below the elbow went numb. Had to keep stopping to get some feeling back into my fingers as I couldn't work the brakes.
So in summary, it is definately possible but whether it's a good idea depends on the course.

They are the guys I used for my Yeti.  Rather slow (8wks)but they did make a good job of it. £186 to repair of a cracked seatstay.

They are obviously slightly heavier too

Not necessarily, a good alloy frame will be much better than a bad carbon one. I would pay more attention to the geometry and feel of it than to the material.
Having said that I have now had it up to here with carbon frames and my latest experience with Silverfish's warranty dept has put me right off buying anything from them again, carbon or otherwise. Evolution, Yeti's previous importers were far more helpful, if they were still in charge I would be more inclinded to stick with crbon as there was at least some back up there if it failed. I did manage to get it repaired elsewhere for less than £200 (cracked seatstay) so at least didn't have to write the frame off.  Might be worth asking around to see if anything can be done with yours.
FWIW my next MTB frame will be titanium, I will probably still risk carbon for road bikes.
Also, I don't know the situation with Scott but I know some manufacturers do honour warranties on second hand frames, Nicolai for example, if your next one will be used too take this into account.


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To follow up on some points above, I for one would not want to pay extra on my entry fee for security.
Entry fees cost me enough as it is and I sleep in my van with my bikes inside too. I know not everyone can do this but I'd rather not pay to subsidise those that can't.
The idea was mooted some time ago, I think after Margam, of a 'sting' with some posh bikes, some sort of motion senstive alarms and some people pretending to be asleep. Obviously an open forum isn't the best place to arrange the details but count me in if the idea ever comes to anything.


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I'd stick with the Ritchey if I were you, I've got a couple of WCS stems and they are excellent, weight and stiffness.
I've have bad experiences with KCNC reliability so would avoid those (not stems, but it's put me off the brand)
The other one I have is a Syntace F99, even lighter than the Ritchey, feels just as stiff but is a bit mre of a faff to set up and about twice the price. Nice if the budget will stretch to it.


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Can of worms with minimum standards, even the guys who build permenant trail centres can't agree on how hard/easy a red route should be, never mind a temporary race track!
I didn't do this particular race but I agree with your sentiments in general, courses like Wasing, Crow Hill and Sherwood are great for introducing newbies to the sport in local races but really aren't up to scratch for Nationals.
Dalby is excellent all round, Margam has proper hills and I love Hopton and Bringewood. Trouble is though, when we go further afield in search of good courses, think Inners or Fort Bill, Contin even, everyone (southerns really!) whinges that it's too far to travel. You'll never win.
Also, there are other concerns for Nationals, access rights, car parking etc. Hanchurch is a lovely place, great course and nice and central. Is it big enough for a Nationals? I doubt it unfortunately.
This toning down of the tracks leads to other problems, when people go to race abraod they won't have ridden anything like that before and just get thrown in at the deep end, I've raced once in the French Alps and that course scared the **** out of me, I'm just not used to riding things like that. I know that won't matter to the grass roots but as you say this is supposed to be a National level event and some people there will go on to bigger things.
The only solution I can think of is for people to stop moaning about traveling so that we can go to some great places. I do a bit of fell running and they have Nationals in the Highlands, Yorkshire Dales, Dartmoor, Brecon Beacons, Mountain of Morne, etc, etc. Can you imagine the fuss here if people had to go to Ireland for a race? The runners just say "But that's mile's away! Great, I get to go to a new place."
Rant over.


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oh bugger i might have just jinxed it

You mentioned it once but I think you got away with it :-)

I'm taking 2 pairs of mud tyres, including a set of 1.5" Conti XCs, every piece of waterproof clothing I own, a Dirtworker with lots of extra water and no sunglasses.
The better prepared I am for rain the less likely it is to happen.


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Might sound obvious Boney, but how fast you can go at night depends as much on how good your lights are as how fit you are. Always have a spare light/battery with you.
And of course eat loads. Before you start getting hungry. Take a selection of food, to ensure that whatever you have a craving for you have.
And don't worry, if you are fit enough to ride 6-8hrs you can do 12 or 24 no problem, it's all in the mind for ones that long.


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One more bump. Getting quite close to the race now, so a phone number would be better than an email address.

Amdy H


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I'm trying to get in touch with the Big Dog organisers. I have sent a couple of emails to the info@ address and even came accross Oli Pepper on the facebook and sent him a message on that but neither has worked.
No doubt they are up to their necks in other things with only a week to go but does anyone know how I can get in touch with them?


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If this good weather keeps up

Maybe I should move down south...


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Me please!


andy_howett at


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I don't know which event you are doing but if they are testing there read the ingredients fact sheet very carefully and get a TUE if required, do this BEFORE you get tested!
Unlikely to be anything prohibibited in antibiotics but then I'm not a doctor so don't take my word for it.


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I've just pulled all the potatoes out of my veg patch and put some rice seed in.


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Was it quite damp then?
Number 498, you have your photo in the Sunday Times :-)


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Can you post some pictures up here please?

I can't afford to buy it, I just have a soft spot for old Marins.


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Pretty much what Keith said:
In a 'long 24' all laps started within 24hrs count.
In a 'short 24' all laps completed within 24hrs count.
A small but important difference.

My shortest 24hr race was 23hr11m and my longest was 25hr16m.

On the road a 24hr time-trail is 24hrs, you pretty much stop when you've been riding for 24hrs and they measure how far you've been. (it's done with timekeepers every couple of hundred yards, it was less than a minute after 24hrs when I stopped in my last one)


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Just a quick message to say Good Luck to everyone at the annual Eastnor Castle Bog-Snorkeling Championship.
Pleased I'm not going this year!


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Not steel but I've just done the Transvesubienne on a 1999 Marin AT, approx 35LBs.
It got more attention than the newer, shinier stuff!

Just make sure your brakes and gears are all working as they should and it should be fine. If it's properly old canti's could be a liability in the wet...

I need half a cage of an XTR M970 Shadow rear mech, the side which is nearest the wheel.
Anyone got a knackered mech I can have for cheap? RR or standard rise, doesn't matter.
Ideally a long cage one but due to the size of my cassette short would do if the other side of the cage is intact too.


andy_howett at yahoodotcodotuk


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Mike, pm'd you RE photos.

Really good race, enjoyed that very much. Even found a bit of Swinley I didn't recognise!


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Very much down to personal preference, try a few, see what you like. Is the Cannondale you are borrowing a HT or FS?
For what it's worth, I'm lucky enough to have the option of what to use and for XC races seem to use them roughly the same amount, depending on the course.
For the 'shorter' Enduros such as Keiler and the Gorrick 100 I usually take the HT but prefer the FS for 24hr races, with the HT as spare. On less techy course such as Kielder the HT is faster but for the longer 24hr stuff I find the 'skill compensator' comes in handy when I'm nodding off at the bars!
Not really a weight penalty to consider, the HT is just over 20Lbs and the FS just over 21Lbs. However, built with very simliar specs at RRP the FS would be about £1,200 more than the HT. This may be a factor in your choice but there are decent enough HT and FS bikes at the £1,500 mark, although an HT will almost certainly have a better spec for the money.


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Just thought I'd point out that the link in your post appears to point to the 2011 site, it says the race is Sat 20th August, I beleive this years is 4th August?


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Very flat but not that fast, the ground does seem to take your energy somehow.
There is nothing technical or scary on the course. There is one drop down towards a lake which a few Southern XC regulars make a fuss about but if you've done any Scottish XC races, or even Midlands you won't have any trouble with it.
Not sure about tyres, if I was going I would probably use Mountain Kings and take a set of Nobby Nics in case it rains again. Not a lot of help given your options above

BETD have a wide variety in stock, unless Pronghorn have made their own they should have something to fit. Even if they haven't they can make you one (for a price!)
Do yoiu have HT or FS? I know the HTs are not really Pronghorns, ie. just something else with a Pronghorn sticker on it. It's an identical frame to the top-end Raleigh M-Trax 5.0 Carbon for example. If it's an HT try asking a Raleigh dealer.


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It's that which has put me off tubeless, I just couldn't face it every time i want to change tyres. When they become as easy as normal I'll consider them, they may be the future, but not the present.


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just start a what tyre debate

I've just bought a set of Conti XC 1.5s :-)
Not specially for this, but useful to have around. Hopefully now I'm prepared for the rain it won't happen.

Try the Alligator pads in the XCRacer shop. I had a set in at Dalby, did 5 laps and they are still fine. Plenty of bite and if you buy the big multi-packs pretty cheap too.

The EBC Red ones seem to have a little more bite, but I got through a set on my practice lap.... And they aren't cheap!

Thomson Masterpiece
We all know about the legendary reputation of the Thomson Elite seatpost, stronger than pretty much anything else out there. Have you ever heard anyone say anything bad about one? The only downside of the Elite is the weight.
Thomson have solved that, very minor, issue, with the Masterpiece. Retaining the strength of the Elite but saving a huge amount of weight, it comes in lighter than most carbon posts! As the saying goes "Light. Strong. Cheap. Pick any two..." The Masterpiece is faultless on the firs two counts but it does come at a price, the RRP is £130!
Anyway, my new bike has an integrated seatmast so this one is now surplus. It was only used three times last season, although one of them was in a 24hr race. It has a couple of minor scuffs but nothing major. This one is 31.6mm diameter and 350mm long.
Hope C2
Front Hope C2 disc brake with the lighter Pro lever. As far as I know this is one of the last C2s ever made (I’ve just sold the rear one) I purchased this in March 2004, after they had stopped making them but Hope built me a pair specially using the spares they had in the factory.It has the fancy braided hose, Hope's own, and also has pads which have only had one week's use. It was bled in December so won't need doing again for some considerable time. It is the number 3 caliper, which means it fits forks with the international standard mounts and will take a 180-185mm rotor


Talon Engineering big ring

Talon Engineering TCR107 big ring 5 bolt, 42 teeth. Had a little use but I've tried it with a brand new chain and it works perfectly. Smoothest shifting I've ever tried. Unfortunately my new cranks take a four-bolt. Very rare (if anyone knows where I can get four-bolt ones please, please let me know! Would have to be new old stock as they don't make them any more, I have even phoned them up to ask)

Talon Engineering granny ring

For sale is a Talon Engineering TCR105 granny ring 5 bolt, 24 teeth. Had a little use but is in excellent condition, I've tried it with a brand new chain and it works perfectly. Smoothest shifting I've ever tried. Unfortunately my new cranks take a four-bolt. Very rare BCD is 58mm.

MSC seat clamp 34.9mm, only 9 grams!
No that's not a mis-print. It really is 9 grams! As far as I know this is the lightest seat clamp on the market (which is why I bought it) However, my new frame has an integrated seatmast so it is now surplus to requirements

BRAND NEW Shimano Dura-Ace lockring, CS-7700, fits 12t smallest sprocket

Pair of mounts for V or Canti brakes. They have been used and are cosmetically a little poor, but this doesn't matter as a) they still work fine, nothing to go wrong with them and b) when they have brakes on them you won't see them anyway.


Raceface top cap from a Deus headset, nice and light. It is brand new and has never been fitted but has been in the tool box for a couple of weeks.

More pictures here … 3QQtppZZ16
If you want to have a look at anything, please email me.
Cash on collection is the preferred option (I'm in South Lincolnshire, about 8 miles from the A1) but I can post if required. I'll be at the Nationals at Dalby if anyone wants me to bring something with me

andy_howett at yahoodotcodotuk

Andy Howett
22nd 2012 Euro 24hr
14th 2011 Euro 24hr
31st 2010 World 24hr
9th 2010 UK 24hr


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Even though I was rubbish I agree with all above, the event was excellent, despite the fact that I didn't get to show off my snow tyres. I'll be back again next year.

You should have a go next year too Rockhopper, if you can do 12 you can do 24, beyond about 8 hours it's all in the head, not the legs.

quicksilver has a point but if you have the cash to spare why not treat yourself to something you would enjoy riding? Whether you would use it to it's full potential or not I don't know, but if it's fun then it's money well spent in my opinion.
Back to the original question, does this dealer offer test-rides? I would never buy a bike, other than maybe a cheap comuter, without having riden it first. All kinds of things which look great on paper are terrible in real life, and a few things visa versa. If you are in no hurry maybe wait until one of these demo-days and try a few other bikes back to back with it.
I have ridden an older version of the 9.8 and can confirm that it was very nice, and Trek are lovely helpful people too.

They should just ask Corby to organise it for them again. Knowing him he could probably do something for this year too!

Watch this space. Not a Welsh XC series but he may have something else up his sleeve...

With regards to licences etc, I can't understand why they are so expensive. Membership of, for exmple, Scottish Athletics, carries very similar benefits and is far, far cheaper. I suspect that the real reason is that BC need the money to fund track cycling. All I get for it is the ability to earn points (very few in my case) and some insurance which can be had much cheaper elsewhere.

I wasn't at Sherwood, so won't comment on that, due to an unfortunate clash with Whinlatter (which was excellent by the way, and does not require any sort of licence to enter)


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OK, getting complicated now.
Two of our party have wimped out so we now have three beds left

Tyres will make a huge difference. What's on it now?
Then wheels like Schmiken says, rotating weight has more effect than other weight.
Sounds like decent enough bits on it, what forks do you have? With regards to point a are you happy to buy used stuff?


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If you think 120 miles is a long way just be glad you don't live in Oz/Canada/US/etc!
Even north of the border here that's not regarded as very far, Wick to Fort Bill (the second closest race after Contin) is a round trip of 337miles...


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One gone.
Who loves their pit crew enough to get them what is probably the last bed in the whole of Newcastleton?
Or does anyone doing the 12hr race fancy having somewhere warm and comfy to look forward too?


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I have booked a 9 berth chalet for the Friday and Saturday of the European 24hr at Newcastleton but there are only 7 of us in it, therefore I have two spare beds and some cost to recoup.

If the weather is anything like last year it will be rather miserable for your pit crew so go on, treat them to somewhere warm and comfy. It's got showers and everything.

£50 per person for the two nights.

I haven't booked it for the Sunday night but I'm sure if you spoke to the Whithaugh guys you could have it (ask them, don't hold me to that!)

No snorers!

andy_howett at

2010 UK 24hr Nationals 9th
2010 World 24hr 31st
2011 European 24hr 14th


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I'll be at the 24hr World Champs (Finale Ligure, Italy, 19-20 May) and the Transubvienne (Alps to Nice, 27 May) links and a little info on my website

Not sure about travel and such like yet, just going to get a ferry ticket and hope for the best, sleeping in the van, but you would be welcome to share pits etc.




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If the question even has to be asked then the course isn't hard enough.

given this is an xc website people will disagree with me but road racing is much more dangerous than any mtb event - period

I would say differently dangerous, we tend to go for little and often as far as crashes go, and the roadies for the occassional big one.
I have only ever once been at a road race where an ambulance was called, but I was at two XC races last season alone where a helicopter was needed!
Anyway, does the number of crashes attract spectators? i suspect it might, given where those that do come tend to stand...


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I used Formula R1s, only comleted about 60 miles due to other problems but I'd already used three sets of front pads and had worn the backing plate out at the rear and was braking on the piston, didn't have enough pads to last the whole race if I changed the rears too!

I do actually have two pairs of Hope C2s, seriously considering them for next year. If it's wet it's a no-brainer.

Slight thread hijack, if I have a lapsed membership from last year (Elite licence) and have bought a licence for this year (Elite again) but the wee card has not yet arrived will I still be allowed to race? Thinking of the first Midlands race.


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Invite a friend a do it together. You will always go harder when there is someone to race, even if not actually moving.
And it does make turboing very slightly less dull.


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Think you have broken it Oli, wouldn't let me in at all!
If you are reading this George can you add in 6cm in NG33. Varies a lot but that was in the middle of the garden with no shelter nor anything to drift against.


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There are gadgets to measure chain wear, such as Never tried one so don;t know how good it is. TBH 11 months old at 2 rides per week doesn;t mean a great deal. You need to account for duration of ride, the amount of mud/grit/etc in it, how well and how often you clean/degrease/regrease it etc etc.
The only way you wil know for sure is to fit the new chainrings and try it.
I find that old chainrings are more tolerant of a new chain thsn an old cassette is, I tend to get through 2 chains and cassettes per middle-ring if that helps.

I vaugely remember Hopton, National champs in 2002. Can't remember much about it but I do remember I liked it.

FSA aero-bars sold.

Now also available:
Front Ultegra QR skewer £10
Pair Miche QR skewers £10
Shimano Tiagra R400 brake levers £15
NEW Top half of a 1" threaded headset £5


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Could do a swap for a carbon HT frame, assuming you are 6'2" or more...?


(3 replies, posted in For sale)

I would love a set of those.
Anyone know how much a kidney fetches nowadays?

Dura-Ace lockring sold.
Very much open to offers for the rest of it.

[EDIT] Not been paid for it so still available.

Rigid forks and TT frame sold.

Pump sold.

Tried on once, a Rohlhoff on a hire bike at Glentress, just to see what it was like.
It's not really heavier in total than a conventional set-up of, say SLX or X7 level, but the weight is noticable as it is all in one place,  It was very cold the day I tried one and the oil in it congealed below about -5 and made shifting difficult, newer ones may be better.
The spread of gears was fine, felt 'normal' in that respect.

Personally, I wouldn't race with one but I would consider an Alfine for comuting.


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Yeti ASR-C, Magura Durins, Formula R1s, Middleburn/XTR 3x9, Tune Prince/Princess on Alex XCR-pros. Lots of lightweight goodies from Mt Zoom.

Is it now considered really old-fashioned to have 9 speed, a triple chainset and 26" wheels? Maybe I should head over to Retrobike...

Dura-Ace shifter sold.

Also for sale is a pair of FSA Vision time-trial/earo brake levers, RRP for a pair of new ones is about £40, these are £18 posted.

Quick pre-fleabay bump. Make me some offers guys, don;t let me resort to fleabay.

Also available now a pair of unbranded road brake calipers, in good working order but without pads. Taken off a Coppi K14 if that helps. £12 posted.


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Don't know, he would get good odds...

No chance my nice bike is going on a rack!
Too much risk of accidental damage (parking prangs, road debris) risk of getting nicked etc.
I have a car only as a means of carrying a bike to races so I'm not fussed about mud etc in it.
New car is ideal, have built a storage system inside for tools, dirtworker etc with bed on top and can fit three bikes in whole too, more if wheels etc out. Also, floor is now plastic-lined so easily swept out.
Cons? None that I can think of, other than that a car of sufficient size for this only does 28mpg!
Money no object? Similar but in an LWB Sprinter/VW LT with built-in shower/cooker/etc and room to stand up. Could have bought one for the price of the car but couldn't afford to run it.


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half your race competitors are either on holiday, in B+Q or building sandcastles on the beach.
So an organiser will instantly lose over 10% of their entries

Guess you missed the lesson on fractions and percentages at school ;-)
Kind of works for me though. I do have two 24hrs six weeks apart which may not be a good thing but then a good long break before Kielder, get some speed work in for the shorter event....


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In Canada 200 years is a long time.
In Britain 200 miles is a long way.


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Great example here, low body fat and for your height and weight id assume quite muscular hence quite a large chest. Do you find it affects your riding in any positive or negative way?

He's too strong for his own good! Lots of power and a 'hit everything fast' attitude does tend to break a lot of stuff...  On the odd occasion his bike survives the experience he is pretty quick though.

Gender - male
Age - 30, so now offically old
Height  - 5'11"
weight - 10st2
Body fat - 7% but last measured donkeys years ago
Chest - 33"
Waist - 28"


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I think we are all 'Moderators' I know I come up as that too.
Oddly enough we were discussing this the other day, XC racers tend to be tall and skinny, DHers tend to bigger and stronger, marathon riders look practicaly anorexic (sweeping generalisations there but you get my drift)
24hr racers come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Is this because 24hr racing is much more of a mental game than a physical one?
Would be interesting to see if our stereotypes are bourne out by reality. Why do you ask, just a general interest or some sort of study?

24HOA have been running the World Champs for years, at venues accross North America. In 2010 they teamed up wth CORC and took the race to Australia. It was a great success (I'm sure down to CORC as much as 24HOA) but they raised the benchmark a little too high, it was very tough act to follow!
For 2011 they were looking to come to Scotland, but for various reasons kept putting it off and putting it off until it was too late and the event was cancelled and there was no worlds at all in 2011.
A consortium of 24hr race organisers took it upon themselves to oragnise a World Champs, to make certain there would be an event in 2012 Finale Ligure in Italy in 2012, CORC have it back in Oz in 2013 and our very own SIP have it for 2014 in Scotland.
24HOA now seem to have got their act together again and they will be staging a Worlds at Canmore in October (Corby once siad it's like boxing, you have WBA, WBO etc World Champions, who is the 'real' World Champ? Or IRL/CART for any motorsport fans) Personally, I hope 24HOA come on board as a member of the consortium and we go back to having a definitve Worlds.
The UCI aren't interested in making one 'official', which does help a lot from the orgaiser's point of view and obvioulsy it's not an olympic discipline so there really is no need to have it UCI sanctioned anyway.
This gets back to what I was alluding to above, if 'we' , whoever 'we' are, agree to make something a World/National/etc championship, then it is. The DH World Champs is only that because 'we' have decided that being a UCI event makes it offical. Is the proposed DH1 series more or less of a World Champs? What if it becomes bigger and more succesful than the UCI event?

Also 19-20 May clashes with the world 24hr race over in Italy, so that means some of the top Endurance racers (who also like to ride Marathons) are going to miss the Marathon champs.

Tool sold.

Seatpost and one clamp sold.
Tool provisionaly sold, awaiting payment confirmation.

Elite riders can qualify for the UCI Mountain Bike Marathon World Championships by placing in the top 20 of a UCI Mountain Bike Marathon Series event (or in the top 50 of the general classification of the Series) in addition to selection by their National Federation

It's that last bit which causes trouble. BC just aren't interested. All we need them to do is fill in a form. No funding, no support of any kind, but they still don't want to know.

XTR shifter sold

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