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Yes it is a strange thing. Odd that some parts of XC seem to be thriving. Thousands take part in the Hero long distance XC race in the Dolomites each June & it seems to be growing every year. Still decent numbers for the 24 & 12 hour cross-country races like the one in Newnham Park in Devon. And a lot of the people I used to race XC with in the 90s seem to have switched to Cyclocross (me included). I think the trend towards making XC courses technically harder hasn't helped. People want to race not be worried about ending up in A&E & not getting to work on Monday.
However in the last couple of years I'm seeing a bit of a change. Quite a few hard-core roadies in my local cycling club seem to have acquired mountain bikes recently. Maybe a revival of some kind is on the way or could just be a few people I happen to know...

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