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1  - 15 July 2016 21:13

For those thinking of entering this event check out last years event on the following link. …

2  - 21 July 2016 06:14

Superb video clip? What will the course be like? Is it going to be very technical?

3  - 26 July 2016 08:44

The course will be similar to this year round of the Southern XC, a couple of different sections as the start is in a different place, right next to the car park and due to safety reasons we have decided that the new deep bomb hole is to technical for a night race.Planning on some day light training, familiarization rides around the circuit in a few weeks time

4  - 28 July 2016 15:25

This is a great event and I've raced it a few times in the past. It's fast fun racing on tight pretty flat single track which is a good buzz at night. There's a good party atmosphere there and the WDMBC crew do a good job of hosting it.  One of the best things are the prizes. I've even won a set of Exposure lights in the past thanks to the sponsors and you don't seem to get as half as decent prizes at the bigger bike events.There have been decent podium presentations with bespoke cups and trophies being awarded 1st, 2nd and 3rd place results in all categories in the past. All in a top fun event with a good atmoshphere that other larger races don't seem to match.

5  - 2 August 2016 16:07

Sounds great! What categories will there be?

6  - 4 August 2016 21:23

Entered this event for the first time last year, really enjoyed it and made it onto the podium. Was my first ever night race and recommend you give it a try. Great course, atmosphere and prizes from exposure. My entry is in, looking forward to a good turnout again.

7  - 5 August 2016 08:31

Great to hear the race is on.  Looking forward to it.

I have a blog full of ramblings:  And also a twitter page full of more ramblings
8  - 7 August 2016 16:07

Thanks for the positive feedback usual categories, open for all cats other than fun,vets and grd vets who have their own races, do see some ringers riding n the fun due to the quality of the prizes so come on guys unless you are fun riders go for the open event.
Going to be doing some training at the venue this Tuesday evening if anyone wants a preview of some of the course.

9  - 8 August 2016 16:38

What time is the training and where is the meeting point?

10  - 9 August 2016 16:43

Great event. Did the race twice and won some good prices. Entering again this year. Can't wait

11  - 20 August 2016 19:41

For those that want a sneaky preview of the course,we will be down at the venue this Thursday for a club session if any guests want to come along we will be meeting at Go Ape at 6.30 p.m.

12  - 25 August 2016 06:54

Excellent, I'll come down tonight for a ride around - Thanks, Paul

13  - 29 August 2016 21:44

Good to catch up last week Paul, the plan is to be there this Thursday same time and meeting place, 6.30 at Go Ape if anyone else wants to tag along to the training. It looks like hard seesion  worked with three wins for WDMBC/Specialized Concept store riders in the Torq 12 as well as a 3rd place finish.

14  - 31 August 2016 18:51

Brilliant event riding the course you certainly wouldn't think you were 20 miles from the centre of London a great way to Finnish off the racing season really looking forward to it!!!!

15  - 2 September 2016 13:08

Always a good course put on by West Drayton, and fantastic trophies and prizes for a one off event.  Earlier start date this year, means it'll probably be very dry and fast this year.

16  - 6 September 2016 09:47

Anyone wanting a pre view of the course we will be riding around this Tuesday and next Tuesday bedding the new trails in further , if you want to join the fun meet at Go Ape 6:30 p.m. ,

17  - 16 September 2016 08:51

A few people asking if this can be entered on the day, its a big yes so see you there on Saturday night!

18  - 17 September 2016 07:23 … ce-action/

19  - 19 September 2016 18:01

Results online

20  - 28 September 2016 19:38

Good write ups coming in for this event. There's always good racing at Black Park.

21  - 30 September 2016 13:46

Cheers Darren-Not sue the plans for Black Park for 2017, after two very successful rounds of the Southern XC series in 2015 and 2016 where we were the only round to give out prizes to complement the organizers trophies we have not been asked to run a round this year so will probably be looking at a stand alone event in the Spring.

Posts [ 21 ]

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