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1  - 22 June 2017 09:28

Hi folks,

I'm currently in the market for a new mtb to replace my out of date and poorly specced Giant XTC. Unfortunately the choice is so vast I'm really struggling to make a decision or narrow down the field.

The bike will be used for cross-duathlon, adventure races (mix of single\double track + some trail centre stuff), the odd mountain bike marathon and cross country race. I have a budget of £1500 and it seems I can either get a low end carbon frame or a better specced alu frame. I think (but am not sure) that I want a 29er for rolling ability along long sections of fireroad and moorland double track.

Some of the options...
Scott Scale 720
Cube Reaction GTC pro
Grand Canyon AL 7.9
Radon ZR Race 8.0
One One Maccatuskill

Genuinely the mind boggles at the options....HELP!

Posts [ 1 ]

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