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1  - 8 February 2019 19:19


For Sale

Cube GTC SLT 29er Carbon Hardtail

Under 17lbs

I built this as a project. I wanted to build a super light hardtail.

Building bikes is a hobby of mine, I love building them as much as riding them.

Ridden once just to try it.

Its super fast and responsive.

Its fitted with a maintenance free Lauf fork giving 60mm of travel.

The frame is a Cube GTC SLT brand new.

Parts as follows:

Lauf 60mm travel Carbon.

Cube GTC SLT frame Carbon.

Formula R1 Racing Brakes, super light, New hoses fitted.

Ryde Trace Wheels on American Classic Hubs, 1300g.

Tubeless brand new Thunder Burts

Carbon Bar


KCNC Bottom Bracket

KCNC seatpost clamp

KCNC Grips

Carbon railed saddle

Carbon aero post

Quazer rotors

Aerozine X one cranks with brand new oval 32t ring

Sram XO rear mech 10 speed

Sram X9 Shifter

New cables fitted

I have other stems and carbon post and saddle to suit your needs. So we can change things about.

Doesnt come with spd's and cage.

Grab yourself a 1 off build.

You cant buy a bike this light off the shelf!



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