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1  - 23 September 2008 10:40

I just wondered if anyone knew the fastest time  for the SDW in one direction.  I am not thinking I can beat it but it helps to give me something to aim for while training smile


2  - 1 October 2008 08:39

Anyone have a rough idea?
Many Thanks

3  - 1 October 2008 09:43

About 9hrs I think.  I've done it in 9 1/2 not going totally mental.  I think someone did it in 8 1/2 hrs really going for it.


4  - 1 October 2008 09:58

Thanks GB..  I heard it was around the 8 and 1/2 hour mark.. but its good to confirm it though!! yikes)

Thanks again

5  - 1 October 2008 12:21

Hi Danny
Some crazy dude smoked the BHF SDW Randonnee this year in 7:50:07 on an Ellsworth Truth! ;-)   xx

6  - 1 October 2008 12:23

You crazy dude.


7  - 1 October 2008 13:02

Ahh!!  Hi Crazy..  That's amazingly quick.. It had been written in the BHF report as under 7 hours.. which I thought would be impossible... but 07:50 seems much more real and very very quick time yikes) ..I gather that was you!! I spoke with Neil Newell on and he said to post on here to find out the fastest time as it had your name on the bhf email (charles Eustace) and he said you post on here under the forum name crazy yikes)
Congratulations on the time..  I could see that staying there for quite a while!!! yikes)


8  - 1 October 2008 13:08

Hi Crazy,

one other thing I was going to ask is would you be able to give me some tips on improving my speed..  On my Training rides on the SDW I am averaging around 10mph and I can ride at this pace no problem all day..  Please could you give me some tips on what might help to make me faster??

Many Thanks

9  - 1 October 2008 15:38

Hi Dan

Racers don't normally give away race secrets.
But here goes;
There are just 3 secrets for going faster;
1st - Enjoy riding your bike.
2nd - Make sure you have an awesome bike which you love more than your girl friends,
3rd - Enjoy riding your bike

For speed work they is nothing like dribbling uncontrollably for 2 hours with your eyes balls popping out and bursting blood vessels when trying to stay with the leading Gorrick super masters!

I would also recommend doing the Maxx Exposure '75 miles of the SDW night challenge', as it just magic (and before I get given hell from the big bozs I am happy with 2nd place for the last 3 years!). It's great to ride with friends.

Hope this helps  xx

10  - 1 October 2008 15:52

Thanks crazy.. I am definatelygood for the 1st and the 3rd and definately love the bike more than my wife!!! ;o) but I am looking to replace/upgrade my bike yikes)

I will give the 2hour thing a go also..  I am looking to do the night ride but I am quite new to xc and have not ridden on the downs in the dark at all..  I am lookiing to do plenty of riding in the dark over the winter to get and have a crack at it next year yikes)

Thanks for your help..


11  - 1 October 2008 19:50

poor crazy - always the bridesmaid  - never the bride.... ;-)

12  - 2 October 2008 11:57
Crazy wrote:

Hi Danny
Some crazy dude smoked the BHF SDW Randonnee this year in 7:50:07 on an Ellsworth Truth! ;-)   xx

7:50! I demand a urine test;-)

Good ride mate.

Beyond Mountain Bikes/Specialized/West Drayton MBC
13  - 4 August 2011 11:20

I did the SDW on Sat 30/7 as part of the BHF Randonee in PB time of 8hrs 45mins but was absolutely blown away by a guy in AW Cycles kit on a Storck Hardtail who was showing 7hrs 15mins on his Garmin. This included getting lost around Lewes. He lives in Winchester. Does anyone know him?

14  - 4 August 2011 12:02

im pretty sure it was tim dunford who did it in 7hrs 15

15  - 4 August 2011 14:40

Confirmed.  It was Turbo Tim.  He was forced to complete a fast ride in order to gaurentee two slices of cake at the end. 

Simon Ernest

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I have a blog full of ramblings:  And also a twitter page full of more ramblings
16  - 5 August 2011 06:37

I only had one of the cakes! Geez, such vicious rumours! Maybe I'll have two cakes when I do the double....

Now that I know the way I'm hoping to have another bash to see if I can go sub 7... not getting lost should help!

17  - 5 August 2011 06:51

Super fast! Maybe the £1k prize for getting under 7hrs at the Kielder 100 will be under threat :-)

18  - 5 August 2011 16:18

Tim any chance you can upload your Garmin track onto Garmin Connect or another site? I am aiming to get sub 8 next year and it would be a great motivator to see what fast looks like.

Let me know?


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