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1  - 4 October 2006 10:48

We need your full name and some XC/enduro UK race results for 2012/13 (
an abridged version if it's long). Not series standings, not road races, not team results. Your result in an actual race please..not a challenge event... a race! This is done to aid security for the site users. It's not foolproof but we'd like to think someone who is identifiable and has actually raced the equipment this year is going to be more relevant to the site users and increases the chances of them seeing you at another race in the future.

So no name and no recent race results means deleted posts. The service is for people who use this site and race, not ebay trawlers. We will not respond to emails asking why posts have been deleted...above is the reason. Don't take it personally.


2  - 4 October 2006 13:14

oi Salty

how about putting up an example so people can just cut n paste and then change for the format they like?

3  - 4 October 2006 14:14

don't need a format, just put their name on it and some race history so people can put a bike to a name and feel they are dealing with a racer rather than a bike that may have dubious history.

4  - 5 June 2007 10:56

Oive gowt da bomb bike innit got it from da station 2day innit only cost me a fiver does it.  Wicked fully retended boik, bi it so I can feed me kids.


5  - 6 June 2008 14:42

i put my name on my ad, which has been deleted AGAIN! what am i doing wrong, rather than just delete it please contact me, or even bother to search that i have posted on here quite a few time.............

6  - 6 June 2008 15:07

you need to put race history and your name

7  - 6 June 2008 15:14

GB is this what you are teaching our kids eh??


8  - 6 June 2008 17:58

rock star put your first name and no results...the format is pretty clear...If we were to start charging people for ads we'll go to the trouble of contacting the ones who don't place them properly until then...we won't

9  - 7 June 2008 09:39

ok, sorry for that.

Last edited by RockStarRacing (7 June 2008 09:39)

10  - 4 August 2008 12:25


Any reason why my Retro bits post was taken down? It emailed me to say you replied to the post but there was nothing there.
I appreciate that the post was a bit naff.. ie just selling bits and bobs but stuff like that is hard to get at race standard these days and i know there are retro racers out there who would have been desperate like me a few months back for some good old fashioned kit.
I added my limited modern race history and my name ala your sticky instructions...

I'm not bitter.. just disappointed as i thought this would eb a good place for decent people to have a nose rather than sticking it on ebay and have some numpty not know what thumbshifters are!

Duncan B
Been Riding since 1989, racing since 2008
Original Truro Rock Zombie Member--- 25 years and still not dead.
11  - 4 August 2008 12:37

i put on the post that you needed to add a surname quickly before it got deleted (i normally just delete but i was being gentle with you as it was your first time!)

otherwise nothing wrong with the post but it's the same for everyone otherwise the idea doesn't work...don't take it personally

12  - 4 August 2008 18:43

yes i was telling him what he did wrong...first name only and no results...

look it's not that's free...people use it partly because there is an element of trust and they know they are buying from someone who races and is traceable by showing their name and some result history.

by adding your format i will make more ways for people to get their posts deleted that's all. i took the time to post on yours...normally we just delete it...i wish i had now!

13  - 4 August 2008 19:25

ah come on!.. :-p
ok i misread your post about the first name bit.
i was only trying to help.
ok.. i'll put my full name.. and any race results that i have.. plus the relevant items for sale.

but anyway at least i am clearer now.. and hopefully some more people out there are too.. so our little rant at each other should at least help!!!

Duncan B
Been Riding since 1989, racing since 2008
Original Truro Rock Zombie Member--- 25 years and still not dead.
14  - 8 May 2009 13:12

LOL, had my full name and listed some of my 07 race results which are all on timelaps/singletrackworld results and it still got removed.

15  - 25 October 2009 21:53

I've just had mine deleted despite my full name and race history

16  - 9 November 2009 16:07

i have just had a thread removed despite obeying the rules? Any ideas?


17  - 9 November 2009 17:26

yes full name and didnt do that...

simple really

18  - 9 November 2009 18:53

Ok, forgot the bad

19  - 10 December 2009 11:14

why was my stuff deleted AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i adhered to the rules, WHY!

20  - 10 December 2009 13:06

if your full name is trev then yes you did...if it isn't...then

we need it says...saying NPS...dunno where or can't be bothered kind of misses the point...

21  - 10 December 2009 15:43

What about if you have bits for sale but dont race? just ride for the fun of it.

22  - 10 December 2009 17:02

Hey remember guys this is a free service Martin does here.
Now if he charged like Ebay well then you have a go.


23  - 10 December 2009 19:14

Martyn, you know me, i gave you the idea for the Probike feature on the site, i post on here regularly, i have sold on here before.......

and i dont know, i forgot, this year hasnt been the best for me race wise.

24  - 10 December 2009 21:18

you are missing the point it's not for me and it's the same for everyone...

25  - 25 January 2010 09:30

well  i have tried 3 times now,
Have my full name,
Some results from last year which can be checked via google from the events,
What else do you Want???

Mark Price
Hope XC 2010 4th O/A Wk-end warrior
Dyfi Enduro 2010 53rd O/A
Mids XC Rd3 2010 12th open
26  - 25 January 2010 09:53

sorry we dont supply a results search service ...we need you to supply the results...from races.

your name wasnt on first attempt...there have only been two posts.

27  - 25 January 2010 10:20

is my signature eligible now?

Mark Price
Hope XC 2010 4th O/A Wk-end warrior
Dyfi Enduro 2010 53rd O/A
Mids XC Rd3 2010 12th open
28  - 12 February 2010 17:19


Why has my post for the MSC carbon bike been removed??

Steve Parr

29  - 24 February 2010 22:31

Trek 6700 in pink size small. Frame in good nick all new parts on bike apart from handle bars. Ideal bike to up grade . I would like £450 for this rare model.
1st 1 hour rd 1 Brass monkeys Female
2nd 1 hour rd 2 Brass Monkeys Female
1st Juvenile RD1 Gorrick
Gretel Warner WXC Mountainbike Team uk

30  - 25 March 2010 19:03

Posted a ad to sell wheels, as they belong to team put team name and results of the riders for this year. Been deleted.

Surley a team advert with riders names and results is safer????

31  - 25 March 2010 20:45

Why would it be safer?

If I were buying them I'd quite like to know whose been riding them, we all know that some team riders are heavier on their kit than others ;-)

Matt Lewis

32  - 26 March 2010 00:00

Matt Safer as in there is more than one person in team, so its a genunie sale

and they are new, never been used......

33  - 26 March 2010 16:38

Whatever for sale sounds like a bargain then. Stick the team boss's name down and his/her results.

See you Sunday!


34  - 26 March 2010 21:29

Thems the rules I guess.

35  - 12 April 2010 20:57

Appreciate you have to have rules but I haven't been able to ride competitively for 3.5 years now due to injury, so my ability to post race results is massively hampered.

I have been a regular reader whilst I dreamt of being able to get back on my bike but until now being forced to retire I have never signed up for a login or had anything to contrubute.

I am not and ebay hawker, I am just trying to find a buyer who is going to love my bike as much as i have done and who will be able to ride it much more then I have.

Please would you make an exception to your rules for a genuine bike nut who has sadly had to give up on the idea of riding his Pace??

Happy to discuss if you want to email me at

36  - 23 October 2010 20:08

put my frame and a few bits for sale on here earlier and it seems to have vanished! did i break the rules? sorry if i did..
mike powell

37  - 21 March 2011 16:44

Hi there,

Just realised that my ad has vanished - tried again and it happened again... I assume it's because I don't have any 2010/11 race results?  I have results from the main 24 hour races for the past 10 years (riding solo), but didn't race last year due to a lingering virus...  seems a bit harsh??


38  - 1 May 2011 07:06

Bye bye forum.

39  - 6 May 2011 10:07

Hi Martyn, I've been trying to post a few times now and I know I've used cyclo X results but that's because they're the only ones up... I raced the BMBS Round 2, 3 and 5 last year but none of those results are on the internet. Let me know what I can do,



Sam Barley
2015 BMBS #1: 43rd Expert
2015 BMBS #2: 43rd Expert
2015 BMBS #3: 33rd Expert winner
40  - 8 June 2011 10:38

Surely its upto the members if they want to respond to an advert. Cock head moderators having power trips deleting adverts. Get a.fucking life.
I am a genuine seller who is selling an XC race bike and i thought it would be of interest to an XC racing forum. Just because i dont race it shouldt mean that somebody else isnt allowed to race it.

41  - 22 January 2012 21:27

I need to fund my gap year as a trail leader at Whistler (yeah living the dream) so the old wagon has to go:
VW Caravelle
2.5ltr diesel
53 Reg
approx 86,000 miles
MPG 35-40
7 seats

Runs well
Looks rough (its had a hard life taking me and friends riding and racing for the last 5 years)
Great for outdoor sports
Asking £3,500

Joe Home
NPS 2011 Dalby, 13th Junior
Nutcracker 2011 Aske, 2nd Junior

42  - 23 January 2012 07:17

Hi martyn

My for sale add has been taken down, what did I get wrong?

Derailed racing

43  - 24 February 2012 13:14

My add has been removed too?

I have not done any races to speak of within the last two years but have entered the Southern Series round 1 and put that as my signature.

Cant see add?

44  - 25 February 2012 19:49

I have tried to list a trek 9.9 for sale a number of times
However it keeps being removed please could you confirm why the last add has been removed - would it not be better to contact the seller and advise what changes are required and if these changes are not made in a given time then remove the listing

45  - 25 February 2012 20:37

From above chap:

"So no name and no recent race results means deleted posts. The service is for people who use this site and race not ebay trawlers. We will not respond to emails asking why posts have been deleted...above is the reason."

You need your full name and some race results in your signature.

Mike Moore - LFCC

29th Expert - National XC1
46  - 28 March 2012 10:45

Want to post a for sale ad for my bike but only have race results in UK for 2010 (did full soggy bottom series). Last year i only raced in Europe (Gran Canaria Marathon, Dolomiti Superbike and Mount Etna Marathon). All these results can be checked and there are even photo's of me riding the actual bike for sale! Can i post with this info?


Greg Parker
47  - 28 March 2012 20:18

Sure they can Greg..but the above still applies. Not many people likely to be able to catch up with you on your European adventures and the rule applies to all.

48  - 28 March 2012 23:51

No problem Martyn, thanks for coming back to me.
49  - 8 August 2012 20:20

I have no idea why my ad was removed. I added my name and the races I've done. What was wrong?

50  - 17 August 2012 07:52

What's the problem, have I not done enough races here?

51  - 15 April 2013 21:41

oh well should of read this first as i dont race lol

52  - 1 August 2013 17:16

bye bye forum.... silly rules have stopped potential xc racer from grabbing a bargin for up coming race season.

How else can people reach out to race fans..

53  - 7 August 2013 20:06

Nice so i'm good enough to buy a bike from on here but when i wanted to sell it on again it gets deleted.

Just wanted someone to use a real race bike for what it was made for, but i guess i'm not good enough as i "don't race"

What stupid rules.

Seeing as you like deleting things DELETE this account!!!!

54  - 19 November 2013 22:13

Not sure why my ad was taken down? Have race results from 2012 and 2013

Si Hawken
Ironbike 2013 21st OA
National XC series 2012 13th OA Sport
Tranwales 2011 7th Solo
55  - 26 November 2013 15:47

having a nightmare trying to post some wheels for sale.
i ride and i race from time to time..
what more do i need to do??

56  - 26 November 2013 20:30

As I see it, and I have been on the receiving end....
You need FULL NAME, and 2013 UK XC or Enduro Results, NOT series standings/Overalls.. Individual race results from Twenty THIRTEEN that are from races in the UK.
So for example coopersport1 's signature says:
" Si Hawken"   (Si or Simon)  (maybe a bit pedantic smile  )
Ironbike 2013 21st OA   (Thats not a UK Race Result)
National XC series 2012 13th OA Sport (Series Result, not an individual race, but its also 2012 not 13.)
Tranwales 2011 7th Solo (Thats a race result, great, but from 2011, not 13)

Dont shoot the messenger, thats just how i see Martyn/Saltman's rules.

Duncan B
Been Riding since 1989, racing since 2008
Original Truro Rock Zombie Member--- 25 years and still not dead.
57  - 26 November 2013 21:07

Yes...what Duncan said.

In seven years we haven't had a dodgy transaction ( we're aware of) and I'd like to think the security helps. No idea why people take it so's not like there aren't lots of other places to sell stuff.

58  - 26 November 2013 22:50

its pretty disapointing when all i want to do is try to sell some wheels,ive wasted a load of time here today.i wont bother trying to post anything for racing ill see you out there....

59  - 26 November 2013 22:53

and perhaps someone should check my account..that way they would see some of the events i have entered..

60  - 2 December 2013 20:41

hi martin , I tried to post a bike sale , I posted it but in 30 minutes someone delete it and  i realy don`t care , but i think u must change the forum rules/policies?!  I am a racer but not in uk . i bought that bike cause i wanna go to races but are to far of me and i have no money to spend on/at races and equipment yet  .

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