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1  - 8 December 2010 20:12

Hi, Looking to buy a HT frame for next season and saw the BeOne raw carbon frame on CRC half price.
Looks like a nice frame but no reviews anywhere!
Has anyone got one or know if there anygood?

2  - 8 December 2010 20:30

Corby had one for a few weeks before he broke it, made a hole in the chainstay by rubbing it with his foot while peddaling!
Doesn't mean much, Corby breaks most things...

I would be doubly dubious as my experience of CRC's warrenty returns is woeful.

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3  - 9 December 2010 08:50

Cheers Andy lol.

But yeah i did wear a hole in the frame which i have never had before on any bike and CRC weren't interested at all in the warranty, saying i should i see a physio to stop it happening again in the future ?????

The ride it self is good a very confident descender and loves to climb as long as you stay seated, soon as you stand to climb it looses all traction and momentum but maybe that is me lol.

Wouldn't probably have one again tho.


4  - 9 December 2010 12:42

My wife's had one for around a year now. Very very light (meant to be sub 1kg but not had it on scales). I've not ridden it much as it's a bit small. Paint has small chips in a few places, so it's certainly not bulletproof but what is ?

Overall, we'd probably get another. They have very light CX frames too which were not on half price when I looked !

At that price you can't really go wrong for a carbon hardtail. If they're halfprice - get two !

Alan B
37th Kielder 100 2010

5  - 9 December 2010 12:59

alternatively you can buy the frame on ebay stright from the frame builder for £160 or with a ISP for £200


6  - 9 December 2010 14:33

Will have a think, just not sure what quality carbon it is but its prob made in the same place as most others!

You say there on e bay for £160! which seller is that? and what is a ISP? 


7  - 9 December 2010 14:47

I know someone who got a Onone then cut it in half! … ed-in-half

He got a carbon frame, he can be harsh on his kit and he hasn't broken it but I think he only just got it.

8  - 7 April 2016 11:13

Overall, we'd probably get another. They have very light CX frames too which were not on half price when I looked !???

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Posts [ 8 ]

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