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1  - 21 August 2011 09:26

What's everyone planning on using for kielder?

2  - 21 August 2011 17:17

2.25 Nobby Nic Double Defence Snakeskin
Def not the lightest but working on no punctures so maximum time pedalling!!

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3  - 21 August 2011 18:36

Hoping that it will dry enough for 2.3" Speedkings.

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4  - 21 August 2011 19:09

Ive used maxxis larsens on it the past two years, even the first year when it was pretty wet. They feel perfect for that course.

5  - 21 August 2011 19:33

I've run Rocket Ron Evo's on the front both years, with a heavily worn Maxxis Monorail rear in 2009, and a Racing Ralph DD last year.

2.1 was all good in 2009, although I had a slow leak on the front that I was too arrogant to do anything about in the last 15miles.

2.1 last year felt horrible. I'll be running some more volume, 2.2ish, and something tough this year.

6  - 21 August 2011 20:45

Maxxis Crossmark 2.1's front & rear for me. Ran them in a couple of MTB marathons and have held up well, so fingers crossed they do the job for the K100!

7  - 22 August 2011 08:48

New set of Racing Ralph 2.1s for me.  Ran one on the rear at Selkirk last year with no probs.  Personally, I prefer their lower rolling resistance over this sort of distance.  Might switch to a Ron on the front if its a total washout.

8  - 22 August 2011 15:05

Racing Ralphs for me.

9  - 23 August 2011 10:07

I'm on some partly worn Nobby Nic Snakeskins, but numerous punctures last Sunday (4 over 72 miles mainly bridleways & some road) have left me wondering about a tubeless conversion - still running on the original Alex rims my Cube came with though - any thoughts on whether it would be feasable / advisable at this late stage?

10  - 23 August 2011 10:51

What are you guys doing to get all these punctures!?  If you're going to lock up over sharp rocks on flimsy xc tyres then I don't think much can be done. wink

Uncle Monk, I'd tend to avoid major changes close to a big event, but on the other hand, if you can do a conversion it should be worth it.  I switched at the start of the season and won't go back now!  Lower pressures = much more grip and comfort, without the risk of pinch-flats.  Only hastle IMO is changing tyres, which can be a bit fidly and  sometimes takes a day or two to seal / settle properly.

According to K100 rules, you have to carry tubes anyway, so you will have backup if there's any problem.

11  - 23 August 2011 13:12

Thanks BoneyJoe. I'd managed about 1600 miles with only two punctures, but have blown through 3 tubes and more patches than I could shake a stick at in the last 200!

I'll probably leave it for now - I'm not sure my existing tyres would seal up anyway. Just have to hope there aren't as many blackthorns up at Kielder!

EDIT - just watched the Stan's YouTube video with the guy stabbing all sorts of implements through a tubeless set up.. don't think I'd have any problems sealing my existing tyres after seeing that!
Pity they don't give any indication of how much air pressure is left - and I guess they could have put heaps of sealant in there to begin with, but still feeling drawn toward a tubeless set up.

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12  - 24 August 2011 08:36

Schwalbe Pacestars - WTF!  Fitted my 1st set last night.  That bead is sooo tight, my thumbs are still bleeding! Wrestled with one tyre in particular for about 2hrs!  Ended up using some sealant to lube the rim and bead, and brute forcing the last bit over with a tyre lever.  LOL.  If there's a better method, pls let me know!

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13  - 24 August 2011 09:14

2.25 Nobby Nic Double Defence Snakeskin going on today!!
Wish me luck!!
Any ideas yet on weather forecast?

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Dusk til Dawn 2010 / 2011 (pair)
Merida Brass Monkeys 2010
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14  - 24 August 2011 13:59

Looks like there's pretty much a 50:50 chance of rain every day that week, so its likely to be quite wet (they didn't build a reservoir there for nothing!).  Otherwise, the forecast I'm looking at looks pretty good - temp of 10-18C, bit of sunshine, light Westerly breeze.  Almost ideal really.

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