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1  - 6 September 2011 09:05

Chuffed to bits with my 70th (26th in Vets). smile Though can't say the same about my time (11:38), or the state of my bike!

Managed to get round on one set of pads, but totally blew out the rear one with about 3 miles to go, and the front is also looking pretty sad - may need some new pistons...  Also had horrid chain-suck in the granny ring, leaving a very nasty scar on the chainstay. sad  Hope I can get the drivetrain working again with some tlc this week.

Still can't believe Ben Thomas got round in 8:01.  Saw him on his bike the next day as well!  Though for dad points, I did 2hrs with my 5yr old on a tag along along the (surprisingly undulating) lakeside path!

Huge thanks to all the organisers and volunteers for all your efforts on such a very challenging day.  Hope to be back for another, dryer go next year!

2  - 6 September 2011 09:59

Well done BJ- how did you manage to make your pads last?! I'd blown through a bike set at 40 miles (made that short black section quite entertaining..!) but was cramping from 30-odd and consequently missed the 51 mile cut off by a short margin. Gutted. Still, plenty of incentive to train harder and put some more miles on my 'novice' legs for next year.

And shall be trying gear cables with continuous outers - I couldn't get the lowest three gears from about 35 miles in.

Great event, though the queueing in the woods where the loops crossed shortly after the lead out seemed to take a long time - need to be nearer the front at the start I guess.

3  - 6 September 2011 10:25

Awesome effort mate!
Forgot to find your number to say hello.
My race was dire!
Being towards the back of the field the course cut up to the point of having to pedal downhill!!
The long fireroad section before Food Stop 1 allowed me to get my av speed back up to target but at about 28 miles where you turned right off the Tarmac and started climbing my chain went.
The powerlink wouldn't link until I'd washed it and my hands in Accelerade such was the grit and mud.
20 minutes had just disappeared and the Tail End Charlies arrived and helped me out.
My options now became bleak. Effectively double my speed for the next 25 miles to make Cutoff 1 or freewheel 5 mins back to the castle....
I was now properly cold and also frustrated that my race wad at an end. I called it a day.
My highlights were: just even starting the race and being part of such a huge challenge. The other was swing the leaders come hammering past when I was at 10 miles and they were at about 20 on the fireroad which was split in two. Inspiring and very impressive.
Lowlights: Chainsuck which reduced me to middle ring climbing, the chain going and the state of the course on the rugged climbs which the field had destroyed! Lol. Just need to be much much faster next rime around!!

(And 2 stone lighter ideally!!!)

Guess I'll have to start a "Kielder 2012 (GULP!!)" thread at some stage!!

Well done again on your success!!

Mountain Mayhem 2010 / 2011 (4's)
Dusk til Dawn 2010 / 2011 (pair)
Merida Brass Monkeys 2010
Kielder 100 2011 (Its official GULP!!)
4  - 6 September 2011 12:44

Thanks very much guys.

On brake pads, went for the Alligator semi-metallics (from the shop!). Fitted a couple of weeks before to bed them in. Due to the wet, they were squealing right from the start, so I guess I just didn't notice when they were shot.  Like everyone, I had other probs to deal with(!), like seeing, the near constant chain-suck and cramp (at about 65 miles).  Totally lost the rear brake at 97 miles, and saw afterwards I'd worn right through the metal back-plate of one of the pads, with the piston pushing against the rotor. Front brake was not looking much better!

Tactic for next time, will be to brake less!

5  - 6 September 2011 12:56

Yes, vision was certainly an issue - I daren't wipe my glasses too often when I realised just how much grit was embeded in my gloves. Good job the persistent rain washed some of the mud off them (sic). My frame's also looking a little the worse for chain suck,, I'd tried a quick wipe & re-lube at the first food stop, but it didn't really make any odds - belt drive with an Alfine hub gear setup for next year perhaps?!!

6  - 6 September 2011 21:18

first post and first time in any kind of xc race and what a day !! think any one who got to first cut off did an amazing job and to get to any of the next two cut off points was definitely  spectacular!
I've spent two days at work explaining how wet it was but i don't think you can actually get across how abrasive it was on pads I saw one guy with his bike in the air changing pads twice within 40 miles !!
i managed to get to Newcastleton but missed cut off by 10 mins
I had lost brakes about 45 miles in but knew cut off was close so kept going made cut off with 45mins spare and saw Newcastleton was  ONLY 11 miles so decided to just crack on got up stairway to heaven but at the end it drops down a hill and had no way of stopping so started to change pads wish I hadn't as it cost me as couldn't get piston back in after extensive washing scraping and pushing it just seemed to pop in !composed myself and pushed on
ill definitly try again next year
highlights have to be face planting in front of a fairly tidy lady rider (she was singing in the roll out )!!
mud surfing
the stream/river at Newcastleton
and the piper playing we are sailing as I crossed the border

7  - 7 September 2011 12:18

I was late for the 78 mile cutoff by 15 mins.  Using front and rear mud guards was definetly my best idea of the day.

The mud either side of the Newcastleton really slowed me down, well that and the tired legs.

Big thank you to all the marshalls.

I better start training for 2012 now.

8  - 7 September 2011 12:22

Makes me laugh to think that my biggest worry beforehand was a slow leak in my new front tyre that was refusing to seal properly.  Little did I know...

Best bits for me were the fast fireroad descents, especially for getting the average speed up(!), and the caffeine gels (think I'm addicted now!).  Aside from the mud/vision issues in the first half, worst bits were the back-breakingly rocky traverse to Newcastleton, the muddy/slippery/twisty climb soon after that feedstation (expect only a handful of riders could have riden it), and the absolutely neverending final climb.

Keep trying to think if there is anything I'd do differently, but the conditions were really so so harsh.  Feel I had a pretty solid strategy, which was slightly spoiled by the 65m cramp (but was prob expected this at some point in the conditions).  Guess the main thing is just to keep moving at all costs, and to keep stopping time to an absolute minimum (even pee in your pants if you have to!).

Hopefully next time will be a bit dryer, though I'm sure that will bring a whole new set of challenges...

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9  - 7 September 2011 13:15

Well done for your efforts BoneyJoe and I'm gutted for you not being able to finish Andy661! I was following all your posts leading up to the event. It sounds like this years one was tougher than the last two years with the terrible conditions.

With that effort under your belt though and a bit of training over the winter/spring, you should definitely have it by next year.

It is a fun thing to be a part of and even putting you foot on the start line is something to talk about.

10  - 7 September 2011 17:07

FYI, I understand they had just over 600 starters on the day, about 435 DNFs and 177 finishers.

11  - 7 September 2011 19:29

I have never taken part in a serious competitive event like this before but was talked into it by a friend . ( thanks Adam ) . I put in quite a bit of training and although apprehensive deep down thought it was do able . I can quite honestly say in 15 yrs of mtbing I've never ridden in conditions like it . Had a mental wobble at 50 mile and nearly jacked in but after new pads some food and fitting the sleeves to my gilet composed myself and pushed on . To be honest I rode the bloody bush trail in the summer and thought the northshore section was tough , this time after 55 mile of mud ,ruts and ft deep puddles it was a blessed relief .
I made Newcastleton by 2:30 pm with half an hour to spare and caught up with a couple of mates . At 2:45 we set off , "16 miles in 2 hrs" the Marshall said to the next check point , enthusiam soon deflated when faced with pushing up the first section of singletrack which was just 4" of slurry .
I arrived at the 78 mile checkpoint at 17:05 pm 20mins after the cutoff , to be honest it was a bit of a relief, I really don't think I had enough left in the tank for the last big climb .
After initial disappointment , I think after reading the accounts of other riders I did ok to be fare .
No matter how many times you describe the events of the day unless you were there you really cannot appreciate how dire the conditions were.
Will I have another go next year ? I think that's a yes , lets hope for dryer weather ;-)

12  - 7 September 2011 20:11

That's ok Paul. Road racing, tape du tour and the marmot were all easier than this event. Ten hours of grit blasted rain soaked torture was enough for my bike! I have never been so pleased to see my bike fall to bits. Could have kissed my snapped drop out! Would like to thank Duncan the quad bike medic for rescuing me and my bike, and delivering my cold, wet ass back to the start, foil wrapped and mud caked

13  - 8 September 2011 12:44

Definitely be back next year - it's unfinished business eh?! And despite the DNF, I've still managed to raise £880 for the Prostate Cancer charity. A Big Thank You to all those who donated - and I'm still trying to make it a round £1000 if anyone's feeling generous -
that's if you've not already blown your spare readies on new pads / chains / cables etc! LOL.

14  - 9 September 2011 08:53

Has anyone else had a bad case of the runs post event this week?  I felt great for about 2 days, but have now had an awful case for the past 3.  I've heard of two more who've also been suffering, and was wondering if there are others?  I expect the organisers will want to know if its a widespread problem.

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15  - 9 September 2011 19:58

Yeah I've had bad guts for about 3 days too feel absolutely fine no illness just runs putting it down to all the muddy rain water that you couldn't help but consume.

16  - 9 September 2011 19:59

Yes,me and at least two others I know in our group have had exactly the same just thought as our bodies had taken a battering we'd picked up a bug easily once back home but if there's loads of cases maybe there's something else to it....

17  - 10 September 2011 16:32

Sickness & the runs here earlier in the week too - cleared up now though. Not pleasant.....

18  - 10 September 2011 21:33

Thanks guys.  Suggest you each pop an e-mail to the organisers at:  If there are more than a couple of cases, I'm sure they will want to know, to see if they can isolate the problem and take preventive measures next time.

Reminds me of this case in Wales a few years ago: … ers-19514/

Makes me think that a crudcatcher and camelback are needed for these very wet races (though I'm not sure if they'd have made too much difference last week!).

Last edited by Boneyjoe (10 September 2011 21:35)

19  - 11 September 2011 08:36

Still find it amazing that racers don't fit a simple front crud guard in these conditions. seeing the state of people's eyes and faces at the end it's no wonder there were problems.

So many marshals kept asking me if I was going a different route I looked so clean compared to anyone else. Think this and the fact the route was a proper 100 miles helped me to a faster time than last year at 9:50, loved it......must be mad!

20  - 11 September 2011 11:26

No trots here.
I'm still fat... ;-)

Mountain Mayhem 2010 / 2011 (4's)
Dusk til Dawn 2010 / 2011 (pair)
Merida Brass Monkeys 2010
Kielder 100 2011 (Its official GULP!!)
21  - 11 September 2011 15:38

Have a read about my race here...

22  - 11 September 2011 20:07

Been on the Kielder slim fast since last Sunday evening, on the mend but still not quite right, trying to put off the stool sample the Doctor want's from me but think i may have to do the deed on Monday. Managed to nurse brakes untill final tech zone then put my new rear pads in and did remainder of race with just the rear brake then a double puncture with about 4 miles to go. Came in at 10hrs 25mins and finished 35th o/a, so pretty happy all things considered. Definitely be back nexy year.

23  - 12 September 2011 07:18

All fine here too, get well soon.

24  - 12 September 2011 12:36

Well done to all.

Andy661 Ive enjoyed your posts on here to the build up and gutted for you that you didnt make it.  Better luck next year.

25  - 13 September 2011 22:32

HI, (first post on here) Just to say myself and 4 others had the sickness and stomach cramp 'thing' from Monday to Friday or so last week. I lost 5kg.. Cheers.

26  - 14 September 2011 16:57

I was ill all last week with a dody stomach, thought it was something I had picked up at work but apparently not!

I went on in to the night as part of my Killer Kielder fundraising effort, the kayak (5 miles) and marathon (around the lakeside way) straight afterwards were a relative breeze compared to the pretty horrid k100!

My write up is on


27  - 18 September 2011 16:15

Anyone else still got dodgy stomach?, myself and a mate have come down with the squits again and generally feeling unwell. I've spoke to Nhs direct and they reckon it should clear itself and doesn't antibiotics, however people i know who have travelled and had this problem in places such as Asia and India etc say they put you straight on antibiotics and it clears up. Time for a stool sample me thinks sad

28  - 19 September 2011 08:59

Mine's gone, thanks goodness, although it did take a full week.  Nasty stuff!  Would suggest you get to the doctors if its still lurking.

Last edited by Boneyjoe (19 September 2011 09:00)

29  - 19 September 2011 13:05

I have been really ill as well, only returned to work today.  I am sure this needs reporting just in case they can isolate the area that caused so much sickness.


77th K100

30  - 19 September 2011 20:37

i also had a dodgy stomach for 5 days but its cleared up now and feel ok, disappointed i never finished, at 57 miles i got something in my eye and couldn't get it out, had to bail out. managed this the last 2 years and this year was something else, my bike is suffering badly for it.

Last edited by golfcurry (19 September 2011 20:37)

31  - 1 December 2011 12:21

Also had the bug - temperature of 42, lost a stone, hallucinations and internal bleeding. Nice.

Ignoring the aftermath, I absolutely loved the race and finished in 177th place.

Will be doing more XC specific training for next year's event. Too much time on long rides at the weekend left me feeling drained during the week and I overlooked the importance of speed work.

Signed up for next year, and can't wait.

32  - 12 December 2011 13:27

Hi.  Just an FYI that I swapped e-mails with the organisers, and they said their investigations found nothing wrong with the water stations, food on offer etc.  So it seems it must have been a case of some animal poop washing onto the course at some point, and then being plashed onto hands, faces, waterbottles etc.  Recommedation is to use a crud-guard when its so very wet, which I know I'll be doing!

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