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1  - 12 July 2012 21:49

Last year could not have been that bad as just put entry in for this year. Lets hope it's a bit dryer eh!. Would be happy with 35th o/a again.  Whats peoples hopes and fears?????.

Get the brake pads in stock, oh and the imodium hmm

2  - 13 July 2012 10:40

Current plan is to finish this year, missed the last checkpoint by 15 minutes last time.

Just hope the track is a bit more rain friendly this year, I didn't like all that mud around Newcastleton.

Good luck.

3  - 13 July 2012 11:56

Going to try and fit one of those anti chain-suck devices people have been discussing.  Don't think my carbon frame can take another beating like that!

Have also bought some of the anti-fog spray sold on here - if I can see where I'm going, hopefully won't need to brake so much!  FYI, you can continue riding with shot pads, until the pistons push through the backing plate onto the rotor - its amazing what you learn at these events.  And I'm not stopping to wee this time either!

Trying for top 50 this year.  Was around that spot when hit with cramp just after Newcastleton and finished 70th.

Though that was nothing compared to the stomach cramps later.  Thinking about using a camelback and crudcatcher if its very wet again (which seems likely!).

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4  - 15 July 2012 17:41

Yes Boneyjoe, i was using metal on metal to stop on the front and pistons had popped on the rear so a bit of foot down was needed. I was ill for weeks after with squits and cramps etc, since been told that when you do any wet events to drink coke straight after as it nutralizes any bacteria in your stomach.

5  - 15 July 2012 19:31

This is my first attempt at the kielder and I'm bricking it! I really want to finish but am concerned I'm just to under prepared/under estimate the corse. I have a bad feeling the weather will make it close to impossible to complete the check points and hope to god my bike doesn't let me down. I've tried to read up on as many forum experiences as possible to gain vital info but would really appreciate if anyone can help me with any pointers. This is where I am at present-

My ride is an epic s works
I'm running nobly nic double defence for this race tubeless
I'm carrying 1 700ml water bottle
No camel back
Saddle bag
2 sets of pads
Not a fan of glasses so have no plans on wearing a pair
I wasn't going to use food bag drops but am on the fence
I was riding 3x2 hr off road until a week ago off road
I've since switched to road training 200miles a week
The odd 1 hr MTB race every 3 weeks
Afan weekend next week so hope to get 15hrs MTB training in
Will have a cheap stopwatch and memorise cut of times
I have concerns about sitting back at the start and getting caught in large queues at the first climbs?????

If anyone else can give me any pointers or tips please do so before I bottle it completely

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6  - 15 July 2012 21:34

Some pointers based on last years experience...

As lance said its not about the bike, your epic won't cause you any problems, make sure it works, has new pads etc
Double defence or snakeskin is a good idea but even in the wet I don't think you really need a nic, actually i think it would be more of a hindrance in the wet as the sandy/gritty surface is likely to make a nic quite slow, i used ralph snakeskins last year and they were fine, there is a fair amount of fire road.
Is there only one bottle cage on an epic? if so you're stuck with one in which case I'd be tempted to use a camelbak, i did last year...if memory serves its quite a way between some of the feeds and you might struggle to take on enough fluids with 1 700ml bottle.
If you're using bottles fit a crud catcher to keep the worst off  the bottle
2 sets of spare sintered pads = good plan, i didn't wear through mine last year but i did snap a carbon frame! ho ho.
its really important to eat loads in the kielder sounds obvious but its a real long way, start eating straight away and keep the food going in, get a feeding strategy planned and give it a go before the day - are you going to do gels or bars etc, how does your stomach feel about that!
re training where you can try and get in 1 or 2 long rides at the weekend, between now and then, if you can i'd say try and make one of them 5-6 hours.
Don't worry too much about the start, i think there's more of a risk of losing time by going off too hard than losing 5 minutes in a queue.
take a rain coat if it rains, no matter what everyone else tells you about it being too warm for a coat...
Hope that helps!

7  - 15 July 2012 21:49

Epic only has 1 bottle cage point, I read on other forums that a camel back isn't a great idea due to added weight on your body and that it's better to transfer any weight to your bike? To date I've not used gels only bars but it seems gel is the way to go.

I wouldn't normally start eating until I feel I'm running on empty but I can already guess the obvious advantages in eating early.

Did you use your own food drop bags or just take what's provided?

8  - 16 July 2012 02:31

As a finisher or two Kielder 100 events I think I can make a few points.
I use bottles too, one on my bike and one on my jersey pocket, I use one 750ml bottle an hour, but as I remember there was a couple feed stations that were over an hour apart, for me anyway (my fasted finish time was 9.45), so It's a good idea to have a small bottle in a rear jersey pocket too.

As far as drop bags go, the two times Ive done it, all the bags have been fairly chaotic, can take a while to find your bag, and some people never found them as far as I remember! So not good to rely on those. 

If its your first long event, then you won't want to start out too hard. Theres usually a bit of a pile-up somewhere into the first singletrack section, but as said before, not worth going out really hard and then blowing up about halfway through.

Also, one thing I'll point out, in the two times Ive done it, the last 5 miles or so were really tough. I thought they would just make it a casual cruise to the finish, but make sure you aren't totally drained with about 5 miles to go, or you'll have a total nightmare. Steep twisty singletrack switchbacks...

9  - 16 July 2012 10:12

thanks very much gents,

My mind is alittle more at ease! however im still very worried regards the weather but none of us can do anything about that

im also planning on just a single pair of cycle shorts with 1 layer of padding which im praying will keep my butt in some sort of comfort. I do have under layer shorts but at the moment im opting out on wearing these

also any advise on the best gels on the market?

10  - 16 July 2012 13:31

Some great advice there.  I'd definitely go for some cheap, clear glasses, as the grit up there is horrid, and you wouldn't want that in your eye with 90 miles to go (go cheap, as they'll get trashed in one day if its wet).

The distance is actually just over 100 miles (so you reach 100 and there are still 3 or 4 miles to go), and yes, they then save one of the biggest climbs right to the end...

Get yourself a good pair of lycra bib-shorts - the best option over that distance IMO.

1 large water bottle should be fine (unless its blisteringly hot), and the gels for sale on here are great, especially the odd caffeine one every couple of hours.

If you're quite new to racing, recommend doing a couple of "warm-up" events, to get the feel for riding at pace over long periods.  Keep stops to a minimum, and as short as possible - its a very very long way, so keep moving!

177 finishers last year (out of +-650 starters), so it is doable...

11  - 16 July 2012 17:17

i've done this 3 times, completed it twice but last year had to stop at 55 miles due to grit in my eye, for the first time i didnt wear glasses, (due to forgetting to take them) and i paid the price. clear glasses are what i'd go for as there's a few dark tech sections. def wouldn't do nics i use them on my full suss and they drag, i use racing ralphs on my hardtail which are tubeless and they are fine.
Good luck and try to endure it, i wont say enjoy it because it  wont happen unless your a sadist.
you never know about the weather it was bone dry 2 years ago but terribly wet/gritty last year, i'd go for 4 sets of pads, honestly lots of people went through a ridiculous amount last year.

12  - 16 July 2012 20:42

You will all think I'm crazy but I've just done one of the hardest, if not the hardest training session and for the first time I took my iPod. It seemed the music really helped to block out the pain from my mind.

Has anyone considered listening to music during the race?

13  - 17 July 2012 13:30

The lonesome piper pretty much does it for me TBH.

14  - 17 July 2012 15:31

Though if you're putting together a compilation, could I suggest Singing in the Rain; Here Comes the Rain Again; Purple Rain; Michael Row the Boat Ashore; Somewhere Over the Rainbow; and It Never Rains in Southern California. smile

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15  - 17 July 2012 19:49

Just had some bad news

During my regular group ride this evening the 2 remaining members of our so called group have backed out of this years race, there were 8 to start with 3 months ago.

Now it's just me left

At the feed stations are there marshals there to hand you bottles or do you have to dismount and help yourself?

Also when do you get your race number?

Are there showers on site?

Last edited by Darren240780 (17 July 2012 21:03)

16  - 18 July 2012 08:44

Sorry your training partners have bolted.  My brother-in-law has a nasty habit of entering events, turning up to register and get the T-shirt, and then can't be bothered on the day!

There are marshalls at the feedstations to help.  Food bags were neatly lined up in rows with the race numbers on last year.  There are large vats of energy drink and water, so you just hop off and refill your bottle in a few seconds.  Its all very well organised if you ask me.

You get your race number at registration on the Friday afternoon / evening.

There are showers at the campsite (plus one of the campsite staff doing a bikewash for £1).

17  - 20 July 2012 11:47

I'd agree that the marshalls were really helpful. I'm definately adding a small bottle of chain lube to my kit list this year, like everyone else, my bike suffered from chain suck like never before. I managed with one large bottle too. Take plenty of spare brake pads if it's wet and practise changing them in the rain when you're wet and cold. Rub grit into your eyes before hand for the full experience.
Don't worry too much about cut off times, I finised last year by just keeping a steady pace and not stopping too much. Ride smoothly as possible to save wear and tear on body and bike.

18  - 16 August 2012 09:40

Just wondering how people are doing with less than a month to go?

Training is going ok, but for some reason am really struggling to get down to race weight this year!  I blame the Olympics, for two weeks spent drinking beer and watching telly...

Bike feels good, and has some new lightweight bits, but decided for a couple of reasons not to fit the anti-chainsuck device, which I know I will regret!

Last edited by Boneyjoe (16 August 2012 09:42)

19  - 16 August 2012 14:15

ive managed a couple of 50 mile plus runs over the last 2 weeks. im riding the london to dover race this saturday on the road which is a decent 80 mile workout. im going to train hard for the next 3 weeks and ride once during the week before the race.

bike is running well but ive her booked in for a full gear change from sram xx to full xtr for the race. hoping to avoid any race stopping mechanicals. decided on double defence nobbynics to avoid to many puntures. managed to drop half a stone in the last 4 weeks but would like to shed a further 1/4 stone before the big day.

i seem to have my mind ready with my body trying to catch up. my concerns are now only really coming on what kit to wear and carry

20  - 16 August 2012 15:29

Sounds good Darren.  Last year, which was awful weather, I just wore a light but wind/waterproof jacket at the start, which I then shoved in a 2nd waterbottle at the first feedstop, bringing it out again later at the 3rd feedstop as it had got pretty cold by then.

Apart from food/drink, I only carried the items they specify on the website.  Think the space blanket went in a Jersey pocket, most of the rest (tubes, brake pads etc) in a small saddle bag, with a couple of items in the spare waterbottle mentioned.

Seemed to work pretty well, so planning to do the same this time.  Hope this helps!

21  - 17 August 2012 15:52

watch this for some serious inspiration!

22  - 20 August 2012 12:09

Wowsers Darren, that is a truly amazing story.  Puts our daily problems into perspective, and shows what people can achieve.  Some great further vids on youtube about these guys.  Most timely, with the paralympics on too.

23  - 30 August 2012 13:54

Brake pads options - just wondering what people think:

(a) stick with the set you've been running all year, on the basis that they're nice and hard, and well bedded-in;

(b) fit a new set asap, and get a few miles in to bed them in; or

(c) makes no difference whatsoever! smile

Last edited by Boneyjoe (30 August 2012 16:15)

24  - 30 August 2012 20:50

I think you'll find it will make no difference!

Last year my well bedded in pads lasted 30 miles, changed them at 50, then the new pads lasted 30 miles, and by 95 miles had gone through the backing plates and was using the pistons to brake (until one of those popped out and all the fluid fell out!)

Of course, if it's dry one set will last all day!

(I used organic pads last year, but I did hear that sintered lasted longer)

25  - 31 August 2012 11:51

I have actually got a wee bit paranoid about the whole brake pad thing...  Especially as I have Avid Juicy brakes!  Changing a pad half way round would require a bleed kit and at least half an hour (well, it did the last time I changed pads in the garage!)

Got so worried I actually just got some Elixir CR's 2nd hand.  So now changing pads is easy.

Oh and I have plenty of spares...

26  - 31 August 2012 12:25

Going to have a good look at mine tonight, and unless they're quite worn, are going to stick with them, on the "makes no difference" argument.  One less thing to faf about! smile

Same with tyres.  Unless I picked up some nast sidewall gashes at Torq, going to stick with the trusty Ron/Ralph combo that's been good to me all season.  Job done!

Anyone know if they've made any changes to the course over last year?

27  - 3 September 2012 14:37

Just spotted this route map and profile on the K100 facebook page.  Has got me nipping slightly.  Think I'd forgotten just how tough it is!

28  - 4 September 2012 14:12

I'm considering not bothering with a computer, I'm just going to ride as best I can and see where I end up!  Pretend it's not a really long way with a lot of climbing...

29  - 5 September 2012 08:55

Could be a good strategy James.  Its amazing what you can achieve with no info and a fear of failure!

Happened to me at the Big Dog this year, when all my readings were shot on lap 2 after the umpteenth crash.  Kept pushing the pace, and got a pretty good result.

For a race this long, it helps just to have some basics like time, distance and average speed - so you aren't riding in a total vacuum, which is a bit disheartening after a few hrs! - but can do without the rest.

30  - 10 September 2012 08:28

Weather forecast is looking good, all I need is a midge net hat and I'm all set!

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