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1  - 26 April 2014 12:55

On attempting to enter my local round of the Nationals, I was disappointed to find that Silver membership and a race license are required unless I restrict myself to riding open or sport. This would mean a cost of £75 on top of the £25 race entry fee to take part in the only National race I am able to travel to. Unsurprisingly I am not prepared to spend £100 to enter 1 race and will not be going to Wheal Maid.
In the past it was possible to enter a single round of the Nationals without BC membership and in road racing I believe day licenses are available for occasional racers. Surely a compromise can be reached to allow a less expensive taste of BC's flagship MTB series rather than the apparent deliberate discouragement of wider involvement in these events. I'm sorry for the rant but I'm starting to wonder if BC's primary goal is cash generation rather than promoting cycling.

To those who are racing, enjoy the day, I've loved racing Wheal Maid in previous SW events.


2  - 26 April 2014 15:45

It's the time of year again!

You can race a cat 3/4 road race with a day license but you don't get any ranking points if you finish inside top 10. The same principle applies to MTB - you can race Open (non points anyway) or sport but you don't get series points.

They want your money!

I think there are people within BC and Cycling Wales / Scotland who put a great deal of effort into MTB and particularly XC but as a whole, BC don't really care. Look at the money thrown into track+road. Now look at what Europe do / incest with XC compared to us. In the 90's we had loads of guys+girls in the top 15 WC XC races, theres no money now because we haven't got any Olympic XC medals and thus the vicious circle continues.

3  - 26 April 2014 20:06

It sounds like you are quite upset and I cant stand forum wars...

I dont think BC are in it for the cash, they dont exactly mirror the business strategy of, say, Tescos. On the other hand BC and event organisers have to make profit if they're not, they're making a loss.

I cant see whats wrong with racing sport cat. The first BC race I ever did was a national sport cat race, and i can understand why event organisers want to discourage non regular racers from racing masters, vets, or expert. These races are often packed into a tight schedule with high level riders in each category who will lap other categories quite soon after races begin. Its not necessarily helpful to the organisers to have lots of inexperienced racers on the course at same time as these higher level riders.

Yes BC dont seem to care about MTB racing but I think the majority of competetive cyclists in the UK dont either, supply and demand. Road racing is much more heavily subscribed in the UK, just go through the Road and MTB events calendar or rider rankings to see this.

Also, BC membership comes with lots of benefits, as well as being able enter any BC event in the country (without paying a day licence) you also get 3rd party insurance, and legal aid.

4  - 27 April 2014 06:15

When Sport was on Sunday this was fine but now non licence holders gave no incentive to go on Sunday other than to spectate.

5  - 27 April 2014 19:57

I'm not sure what the issue with Open / sport is? Same course and those of guys at the pointy end are fast.

This is the "National Series"
You cannot just enter a National road race with no category points on a day license. A day license would be for lower ranked  events  and for what I assume is for insurance purposes, still no points can be gained.

Enter open/sport and support your local organisers, they will appreciate it.

6  - 27 April 2014 20:01

I had this issue at next weekends Wheal Maid, I fancied a nice weekend away with the family in cornwall, I'm not a a rider looking for points or prizes let alone being a national XC racer but thought there is nowhere in Cornwall on a Bank Holiday you can get a weekend camping for the cost of an entry!

Then I found out that to enter I had to join British Cycling, no worries I thought, bought myself a membership, all in weekend away still about 60 quid, then I get an email to race in the Saturday Sport category I had entered I now needed to upgrade my membership/licence to silver just an extra £35 or something so now the weekend is looking pretty expensive...which is a shame really because this is the only BC event/race I am likely to enter this year

Oh well I guess I'll just ride for giggles in the open category and enjoy the entertainment etc but I do wish they had day licences/upgrade for those that don't take racing too seriously/can't attend more races.

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7  - 27 April 2014 20:16

UK Athletics (and Scottish Athletics IIRC) membership is £10. Get it with my club membership which is £15. Big difference to BC's £75...
As an aside, why do they have UK Athletics and Scottish Athletics? Shouldn't it be English & Welsh and Scottish? Same with BC and Scottish Cycling, should be E&WC and Scottish Cycling. They aren't just pre-empting the vote in September, it's been like that for years.

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8  - 28 April 2014 07:25

You can only enter the Fun/Open categories without a enter Sport you still need the licence

9  - 28 April 2014 18:05

What is the issue with Open?? There will probably be fast lads entering.

Let me know your results next week please, see if you get your pants pulled down.

10  - 29 April 2014 09:33

I got shot down last year for making the same point as Giles.

I don't want to race in the fun category, I want to race against my peers - the same people I race against in the regionals without a licence.

£75 is rather a lot for the privilege. If the pricing was sensible, more people might come and XC might become popular again.

11  - 29 April 2014 10:19

The whole license/cost debate will never stop and it can be frustrating at times, but British Cycling membership is far from being the most expensive.
To hold an elite license in Australia costs 2-3 times more and entry fees are 4-5 times the price.

£75 to race a single race is expensive, but thats not really what it is designed for.
I think some flexibility should be allowed for the age group category races however.

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12  - 29 April 2014 12:24

Instead of complaining about the cost of a licence and having to race open cat, why not thank your lucky stars that you are actually able to rock up to a National XC and race. You would not be able to do this in road or DH, where you first have to qualify through gaining points at regional events. If you want to race seriously then shell out some cash for a licence and race. If you don't want to race seriously then race regional in whatever cat you fancy and maybe the odd National in Open. As people have said, having a licence isn't about a single race in the year. Would it really kill you to race open just once......and believe me they're no push over as you seem to imply?!
It just seems that people are expecting something for nothing.

Last edited by Em (29 April 2014 18:22)

13  - 29 April 2014 13:47

I agree with Chrispo, maybe there are lots of people who would race who can't because it is too expensive. I know (at least) one incredibly talented female athlete who told me she doesn't go to the NPS anymore because of the costs. Last time I did an Open Race there I was the only female and they made me do one less lap than everyone else, what was the point? BC just pretend they are helping women in cycling but just give them lots of voluntary work to do and take the credit (Breeze)!

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