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1  - 7 May 2014 20:06

Hi hopefully someone will be able to answer my question. I've recently switched from road racing to mtb xc and plan to ride one of the regional champs. In road racing you can only ride the champs for the division your licence is held in. My question is does this apply to mtb as I currently hold a central division licence. And does the division actually have a champs? Hope this makes sense.


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2  - 7 May 2014 21:13

Usually well for the Welsh and SW champs it's been if your unable to prove you live/born in that location you'll get the points and the honour of winning said race but won't walk away with the jersey/regional award type thing. I.e. Last year and this year I plan to race the welsh champs as my passport/birth certificate say Hometown Cardiff, however I live and have a SW license.

3  - 8 May 2014 08:56

BC's idea is that having all the Champs on the same weekend means you're encouraged to race in your region, but it's not enforced. And BC lump Central in with Southern.

4  - 8 May 2014 15:46

Yep, Central is in the Southern Champs. for info. 18th May at Porridgepot Hill Deepcut

5  - 8 May 2014 18:32

Thanks for the info guys.

1st 6hr Torq in your sleep 2013
6  - 12 May 2014 09:19

We have the rules for the Southern Champs here:

To be eligible to be crowned Southern Champion you need to hold a BC licence with Southern, Central or South East as the region on the card.  You don't need a licence to race for the series but you do if you want to be an area Champion. Anyone else from outside the region is welcome to ride our race and can still take the trophy for the on the day series result and cash prize for elite but will not be eligible for the Southern Champion title and medal even if they were born in area which doesn't count. Its all too hard to prove and check, easiest thing for us is to check the region on race licences.

SAMS started the regional Champs nearly 20 years ago and Southern Champs used to be from Bristol Channel up to the Wash and included South  West and Eastern regions but as they have started their own regional Champs we have dropped them areas.

See also : … -Postcodes

Posts [ 6 ]

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