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1  - 14 May 2014 16:39

Hi all,

I used to race at the NPS XC series way back in 2001 coming 2nd in the Juvenile Category. I've missed it so much that I want to start racing again (now 26) but what category do I/can I enter. I live quite near to Sherwood Pines so wanted to give this a go. The smaller races I've done seem less stricter on which categories I can enter so

Happy to get my arse kicked but at the same time want more of a challenge than the length of the fun races as am comfortable riding upto 2 hours at race pace. Any advice would be much appreciated!


2  - 15 May 2014 09:11

If you've got a British Cycling license and don't mind racing against some very fast guys, Sport would be the way to, it'd be a race of about 1:15-30 hrs/mins, on the Saturday. You will need a BC license  (silver or gold) to race in sport though, if not, your options are limited to open and fun.  If you don't want to do as long a race, or don't want to race against as serious folk, Open category would be the one for you, with a race of about an hour and a slower pace at the front (although some people do go looking for wins who really shouldn't be in open).

Paddy Atkinson
3  - 15 May 2014 10:36

Hi Paddy,

Many thanks for the reply. Sport it is then, rather the longer race too. Just out of curiosity which races are on the Saturday at NPS races now? They all used to be on Sunday apart from the DH events back in the day.

Also what does it take to be promoted into the Expert category, would you have to complete a full season in Sport and presumably be at the top somewhere, or if you did well in a few sport events move up mid season?

Thanks again!!


4  - 15 May 2014 11:13

From the BC site:

(Note: number of laps is provisional, and subject to prevailing conditions and the decision of the commissaire president)

Sign-on open                            12:00noon – 6:00pm

Course open for training             12:00noon
Course closed for training           2:30pm

Sport and support categories 3:00pm   
Category Laps Entry fee
Sport male 4 £25.00
Sport female 3 £25.00
Open male 18+ 3 £20.00
Open female 18+ 2 £20.00
Fun male 13+ 2 £15.00
Fun female 13+ 1 £15.00
Course open for training 4:30pm - 6:00pm   
Managers meeting 5:30pm   


Sign-on open                            7:45am – 2:15pm
Course open for training             8:00am
Course closed for training          8:45am

(Note: the course will be open for training between races at the discretion of the commissaires.)

Race 1 9am   
Category Prov. laps Entry fee
Youth male 3 £15.00
Juvenile male 2 £15.00
Youth female 3 £15.00
Juvenile female 2 £15.00
Presentations  10:20am   
Race 2 10.45am   
Category Prov. laps Entry fee
Elite female 5 £30.00
Expert female 4 £25.00
Junior female 3 £20.00
Master female 4 £25.00
Veteran female 3 £25.00
Grand Veteran female 3 £25.00
Presentations  12.30pm   
Race 3 1pm   
Category Prov. laps Entry fee
Elite male 6 £30.00
Expert male 5 £25.00
Junior male 3/4 £20.00
Presentations  3pm   
Race 4 3.15pm   
Category Prov. laps Entry fee
Masters Male 5 £25.00
Veteran male 5 £25.00
Grand Veteran male 4 £25.00
Super Veteran male 3 £25.00
Presentations  5pm   

Upgrading from sport to Expert.

Senior / Expert / Elite - When a rider reaches the year of his or her 19th birthday then the Senior or Sport category is the appropriate aged based category. See below for how riders can attain Expert or Elite status.

How do I qualify to a higher ABILITY category?
Qualification from Senior/Sport/Junior to Expert or Expert to Elite is gained through your "End of Year" ranking points.

Male Cross-Country

Top 50 Elite Ranked riders stay elite
Top 5 Experts are promoted to elite
Top 2 Juniors are promoted to elite, or top 5 dependent upon age & ability

Elite riders ranked below 50
Expert riders outside the top 5 remain expert.
Junior category riders ranked 3-5 are promoted, dependent upon age & ability
Sport category riders ranked in the top 15
Master category rider ranked in the top 3
BC will consider applications for upgrade from riders who fall just outside these thresholds.

So get a licence race sport get into the top 15 at the end of the year and up you go!

I'll be sticking around the back of the Vets thanks!

5  - 15 May 2014 11:43

Thanks guys, cleared it up nicely. Got a bit confused by the Senior category in other events but I'll give the Sport cat a crack then.

6  - 15 May 2014 11:46

One last thing, do they set the Sport, Open and Fun categories off at intervals? Would seem like a bit of a mad scramble if not.....

7  - 15 May 2014 21:03

Yes, separate starts.

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