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1  - 23 December 2014 16:35

My name is Mark Turner-Smith and a ex-XC racer
From the late 90's and the days of the Dorset Rough Riders black kit and the highly fashionable (at the time LOL) green kit!
Anyway now ripe of age of 40 and heavy involved with kart racing (don't worry will get to the point) and carried on cycling for fittness all these years since turning the pedals in anger so have some fitness but far from race fittness/race fit.
I have keep up with bikes and lucky enough to work for the NHS so have a 2012 GT Zaskar Elite 29r brought through the "cyclescheme" and a GT Grade alloy Sora on the way soon along with a lightweight Haro wheelset for the Zaskar also when this years "cyclescheme" certificate arrives.
My point to this is thinking of trying the crow hill MTB race this year and maybe some more if nothing clashes with my kart race days.
After so long a little clueless as to which group to race with and need to find people to get back into training with or if this is a bad idea after so many years and might end up making a bit of fool of myself turning pedals in anger again!!
Was a top 10/20 club level sport rider in my day nothing great.

2  - 23 December 2014 20:21

I have been raceing in margam form 94 to 2014 come from the mountain bike club of wales from 93 to 94 on a marin and i have top 20 form 2004 to margam.

3  - 24 December 2014 17:46

Interesting - my biggest claim to fame I suppose (if you csn it that) was racing and finishing top 25 in the sport class at the UK world cup rounds at Plymouth 1994-1996 (when it was the title sponsored by Grundig)......time flys!
Did try some "Expert' races, could do the distance but was just not quite quick enough. Is there still a " expert" class?
As now 40 what do I run in? and what is the compition like? Not the sort of person who likes to mess around. Put it this way started in the "sport" category with a odd "expert" race, never did the odd "fun" class. Don't any that kind of ability now........?????

4  - 24 December 2014 19:44

You'd be racing in Vets now. Wide range of ability there. Very fast at the front with Lewis King able to hold his own with the Elites but loads of others to test yourself against. Normally the biggest field at SouthernXC races. Crow Hill is a good place to get back in. Try to hook up with the  guys for some training rides.  The full SouthernXC dates for 2015 are out now.

Welcome back!

5  - 26 December 2014 11:12

Thanks guy's, I have rather "hogged" the forum with my posts.
Don't think will be back to the extent I was before as my kart racing is still a important part of my life.
But looking forward to trying some XC races agsin...... Just hope I don't fall apart and have too many of old injuries come back!
Seeing as Crow Hill is April stand a chance of getting some race fittness back.

6  - 26 December 2014 15:24

Oh yes forgot to ask are the Vets 4 lap races? as liked racing that distance. 3 laps always felt too short before its all over (hence never liked the "fun" category). Had the ability to do the 5 lap expert races but not the speed really needed to be anywhere over that distance.

7  - 26 December 2014 21:25

Yep, vets is 4 laps. Same as Expert. Aim is for 1.5 hours for mid pack.

8  - 23 February 2015 10:49

Just hope I don't fall apart and have too many of old injuries come back!


9  - 22 April 2015 13:07

Hi Mark - a bit of a late response as Crow Hill is this weekend, but having read your 'career' profile I consider myself in a good position to offer a last minute contribution. I've just come back from racing 'Open' at the NPS at Newnham Park; 20 years since I last raced there in the Grundig World Cup support race. Having had a few results in top 20 or thereabouts racing 'Sport', I moved up to 'Expert' and hung on near the back. Sounding familiar? I then stepped away from the sport for about 10 years, and have been trying for the last few years to put together some sort of race season, but as a rugby player find that spreading my commitments doesn't help on the bike. Racers now are so focused, have training tools and information not available to the average rider in 'our' day (I was often the only person warming up on a turbo at many events, and HR training was still not well understood by the average rider - which was great for me!). I have found even the leaders in the 'Open' category are frighteningly quick, such is their approach to racing which inevitably involves a structured training program and possibly even a performance coach.
Nonetheless, it's still great fun and worth taking part, especially with courses as good as Newnham, Margam and the Midlands XC and Gorrick events.
Hope you have decided to give it another go. Good luck!

Posts [ 9 ]

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