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1  - 5 July 2015 20:48

Please help - this only takes a minute:

Many of you will have ridden the Strawberry Line from Yatton (mainline station) to Cheddar.  This  is a great traffic free route through the villages under the Mendips.  It is a good option for getting out to the Mendips well known trails from Bristol, or in to Ashton Court from the villages!  It is great for family riding, and has some lush "Strada Bianchi" to destroy your legs!

They have a campaign group that are on the cusp of getting it extended beyond Cheddar to Shepton Mallet (and beyond).  All the plans are in place and it just needs Council backing.  Please go to a sign the online petition, every signature counts to persaude the council of the public support.

If it gets completed it would be make a great route traffic free tour and link together some great mtb areas!

Thanks in advance (sign it even if you've never ridden it - well worth the visit).

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