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1  - 7 September 2015 15:19

Looking for some information regarding shipping two bikes to America to ride an event then shipping them back.
I have the added bonus that i can use my works TNT account. I also have the option of using  DHL and UPS ( but i am convinced UPS does not ship bikes anymore)
Is there any other bike shipping company  that is  cheap and handles bikes abroad with very little hassle?
Is there a stringent cleaning routine that i must follow to keep the American customs happy?
What if any shipping forms i need to fill in and ship with the bikes?
Any tips on packing, posting and dealing with the  American Customs.
Shipping the bikes seems to be quite daunting and time consuming or am i being negative due to this being my first time shipping my bike abroad.

Thanks in advance,


2  - 8 September 2015 11:35

If you fly with Virgin you can take a piece of sports equipment in addition to your luggage.
23kg luggage + 23kg sports equipment. I upgraded both to 32kg which cost £180 to Sydney and back from Heathrow so I got two bikes out there that way, probably easier than shipping companies. Does rely on them flying to near where you want to go of course...

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3  - 9 September 2015 08:37

We are flying American Airlines and their tariff is $150 per bike one way which is $300 all in. We are flying from Edinburgh for a connecting flight at Heathrow and then we need to get a connecting flight from LA to Sacramento so i will have to look into them and their bike policies.
We have opted to ship them through my works TNT account. Door to door out and back for £180 each. With a express account it takes 3 days but i have been advised to send them out 2 weeks in advance.

Thanks for your advice,


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