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1  - 14 May 2012 10:52

Been slowly building up a half decent (in my eyes) xc bike - At the moment I'm as far as a Solid Acer frame, Sun DS2-xc rims, Shimano Deore crankset, Shimano SLX trigger shift and 27 speed... So far to get it how I want I need a New stem, new bars and some decent XC brakes.

I'd like to spend £200 max, I'm not worried whether they're new or used - is it a bad idea to buy used brakes or?

So far the list I've got of possible brakes are -

- Magura Marta SL
- Avid Juicy 7
- Magura Louise
- Hayes Stroker Ryde
- Avid Elixr CR

any others I should be looking at?

Thanks, Laurence

2  - 14 May 2012 11:41

I'd go for Magura Marta's as they're brilliant giving you lots of modulation rather than on/off. You'll need second hand at that price though! Shimano/Hope shouldn't be forgotten, just need to look around and see what's in your price range.

Avoid Avid unless you like bleeding them a lot and want mid trail suprises when the lever goes to the bar.

3  - 14 May 2012 12:02

Formula Oro K18s well worth a look - good modulation + stopping power, reasonable weight, been a complete 'fit and forget' part (unlike every other set of brakes I've had...). 

Just had a quick look on ebay, there's a set going here (no, I'm not selling them!): … 4ab75ac7a9

Hope that helps a bit.

4  - 14 May 2012 12:48

Thanks for the replies, I've currently got Avid 3.5 rear and hayes So1e front, and don't really like either - I'm not too worried about having to bleed them etc, I'm watching quite a few different brakes on ebay at the moment and at the moment its the magura martas that are looking the best... Thanks for the suggestions I'll definately take a look at hope/shimano smile

5  - 14 May 2012 19:06

Personally I would go with Hope's, great brakes, easy to get spares (should you need them) and made in the UK (which in my eyes is very cool, in no way patriotic but like that we still make some things in the uk.)   have always used hope's since before disc brakes were the norm. Swapped to Shimano XTR, this year as I got lucky on ebay but kind of wish I was outbid. They are great brakes but prefer hopes. Shimano standard pads do not last that well (IMO)as I found out last week when I had to do 4 laps with pretty much no brakes!

But would look at shimano but for me it will be hopes next time.

Agree with you Avid's are not nice, again in my eyes, were on a test bike I tried, loved the bike but the brakes were horrible.

6  - 14 May 2012 19:09

I wouldn't look any further than shimano slx. Maybe not the lightest in the world, but they're just so darn good. When you've other slx/deore on your bike you probably aren't too weight concious. I've a set on my race bike and will be buying something very similar if they ever need replaced. One thing i would say is that you might need to replace the stock pads that come with them as mine wore out rather quickly, but i'd definitely recommend you look into them. I know at least 5 other riders that have them and have yet to hear of any problems.

7  - 15 May 2012 11:05

Further to previous post...  I've gone round the houses on brakes, old shimano, magura, avid, new xt.. but the new slx are fit and forget, work proper smooth, good power, minimum hassle and most importantly for xc, minimal pad drag - a prob which I've heard affects a lot of Formula brakes.  Save yourself the hassle - go straight to new slx.  My 2 cents.

8  - 15 May 2012 11:43

Keep away from Hayes IMO, Ive just taken some off mine and replaced with some Avid's.

I bought second hand Avid's off here and couldnt be happier.

9  - 15 May 2012 12:01

Personally, I would avoid Avid's like the plague, super high maintenance to keep them working well. Run Hope's and love them, strong/durable/reliable brakes. My friends also speak very highly of Shimano's as well.

10  - 27 April 2016 05:15

Agree with you Avid's are not nice, again in my eyes, were on a test bike I tried, loved the bike but the brakes were horrible???

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Posts [ 10 ]

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