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1  - 30 March 2012 11:05

Hi guys,
I ride about 10km daily and about 30-50km on the weekends. Just trying to be faster than myself and trying to enjoy myself. I have never really been into the scene at all but recently i'm loving it so much that i'm thinking of getting a new bike to make my experience even more enjoyable. Maybe even go and ride abroad for a few days. I think most of my riding is cross country. I found a local trek dealer and started liking the Trek Elite 9.6. I currently ride a giant yukon - 2004 model i believe. i havent found enough reviews online on this particular bike and since i never had experience with other bikes apart from my giant yukon i was wondering whether you'd be able to help put me on the right direction please. Should i buy this bike?

Any guidance will be really appreciated

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2  - 30 March 2012 12:20

Have a go on it and see if it suits you. I haven't seen that one. The old adage is get a good frame and a decent set of wheels and you can upgrade as you go. The current trend is to go carbon but that doesn't suit me since I'm fat and clumsy so I'm still on alloy! Don't get carried away with trends and fashions buy what suits you.

Matt Lewis

3  - 30 March 2012 12:23

I have a 2012 9.6 and have raced it at 3 events now and it rides great its a very fast and responsive hardtail, the rider basically lets it down in my case.

However I never rode it standard as I used for for an upgrade as the frame is basically the same as the 9.7 & 9.8 and probably older 9.9's without the semi integrated seat-post. So what you get for your money is an ideal chassis to upgrade, most of the standard kit will serve you well but the standard wheels are a bit on the heavy side and would benefit from an upgrade if you really want a light hardtail. If you are not planning on upgrading try stretching to a 9.7 which comes a bit better specced. The Rock Shox forks on the 9.6 might sell it for you though as they have a remote lock out which the Fox don't. The forks are the only standard kit left on my bike as they are fine, stiff, smooth and light enough plus I wanted the remote lockout. The Deorre brakes seemed ok too but I had aliegances to some sponsor supplied brakes so swapped them over too. Drivetrain and shifters are fine, XT rear mech is a good spec, chainset is the let down weight wise but if you can stretch to an upgrade for that too it would end up fairly light. It has potential as mine is down to about 20 lb.


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4  - 30 March 2012 13:29

Thanks smile. That's already very helpful. There is quite a price difference between the 9.6 and the 9.7 (300 euro) and i do like the rockshox more even though i dont really know why. Probably cause from some online research i got the idea that a lot of ppl seem to find them quite good. It might be ideal in my case (since i dont race ..yet) to go for a 9.6 and then upgrade the chainset and the wheels eventually. I guess the weight is one of the main things i should watch out for.

5  - 30 March 2012 19:25

I realise this may be a bit controversial on an mtb site but why not buy a (cheap) secondhand road bike first to get yourself fit and then splash out on a decent mtb bike in the future.
At your current usage (10km a day or 50km at weekends) the Trek (or any decent mtb) would be a waste of money.
Both Matt & Steve are top racers and I'm not.
Get fit first and then spend the money!
Spending loads on a top spec. bike won't make you (or me) a better biker.

6  - 30 March 2012 22:49

quicksilver has a point but if you have the cash to spare why not treat yourself to something you would enjoy riding? Whether you would use it to it's full potential or not I don't know, but if it's fun then it's money well spent in my opinion.
Back to the original question, does this dealer offer test-rides? I would never buy a bike, other than maybe a cheap comuter, without having riden it first. All kinds of things which look great on paper are terrible in real life, and a few things visa versa. If you are in no hurry maybe wait until one of these demo-days and try a few other bikes back to back with it.
I have ridden an older version of the 9.8 and can confirm that it was very nice, and Trek are lovely helpful people too.

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7  - 31 March 2012 07:21

Thanks guys. Yes i have been thinking that such a bike would be a waste of money since i dont race and since the bike i have is ok overall for the rides i do. It all started when i tried out my wife's 3700 disc. It was so much smoother. It doesnt make you feel as if you're riding with a flat tyre all the time. That's when i started thinking that maybe after 8 years i should think about getting something new. I was thinking maybe the geometry might have changed and technology on the frame and components has improved so much over the years that having a new bike would make it more enjoyable and motivate me to keep riding

Getting a road bike hadnt crossed my mind though. i prefer the countryside and tend to avoid the roads - no bicycle lanes.

I did consider upgrading my current bike but i see that as a waste of money if i then end up eventually getting the new bike

8  - 28 April 2016 07:59

Whether you would use it to it's full potential or not I don't know, but if it's fun then it's money well spent in my opinion.
Back to the original question, does this dealer offer test-rides???

== ==

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9  - 29 April 2016 07:39

In my experience there's nothing like a nice new bike to motivate you into getting out and riding and getting fitter!  You don't need to be a racing whippet to own and appreciate a nice bike smile

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