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1  - 14 February 2017 16:32

Hi All,

I am looking at entering the Gorrick race on the 26th of Feb and this will be my first time racing, having recently picked up riding again. So few questions I am going to enter the Master Mens (30-39) category which I assume is the right one to go for? (i'm 33) is there any particular clothing or gear I should bring on the day? and any other pointers you may have for a newbie would be great! Thanks!

2  - 16 February 2017 12:25

If it's your first time racing you might be better of going in the Open or Fun, they tend to have a broad spread of racers so you're more likely to find yourself racing someone, rather than riding around on your own.

I recommend getting there early enough to do a practice lap.  Crowthorne is a good course and there's not usually anything technical there, but it's good to know what's around the next corner!

Most of all relax and enjoy it!

Posts [ 2 ]

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