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1  - 30 January 2017 10:40

Hi iam looking for a 29 epic race bike in medium preferably

2  - 30 January 2017 19:55

I know it's not an epic but I have a Canyon cf lux carbon 29er in medium.
It's better than an epic, I had an sworks epic.
Mint condition.
Just a thought.

3  - 31 January 2017 21:37

Hi I got a notification from yourself about my bike for sale, though I think it has come through to me by mistake.
The Bike I am selling is an Specialized world cup epic elite 29er not the one I think you have replied to.
I am sorry if there has been some confusion. My bike is medium with all the original full spec  that I bought it with apart from a 36 chainring and Mavic crossmax pro limited edition xc 29 wheels. The bike has never been really raced done two mtb sportifs of 64 mile each and the bike did it at ease, beating some cycle cross bikers. :>)
I am looking to sell for £2500. You could get a new one with similar spec for about £3600 now, my original price was £4500.
If you would like photos let me know.
Sorry if there has been any confusion, the add you were replying to wasn't mine, though I did place one back in October November last year but it was for epic elite world cup not a epic expert.

4  - 22 July 2017 20:32

Have you sorted your Epic race bike?
I have an immaculate S-Works bike size large for sale.

Mob 07376426475
Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands.

Posts [ 4 ]

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