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Piggy Pouch
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Piggy Pouch 

Designed specifically for THE PIGGY (bracket sold separately here) or can be used in a jersey pocket. Tough, water resistant protection for your essentials. Easy to remove for washing, security, and switching between other PIGGY equipped bikes.

Full set-up with bracket: 

Our comes with a black tab (not the pink shown in the picture)

Expands to fit up to a 29er tube, tyre levers, mid size multitool, and CO2 inflator.

Water resistant zip

extra long silicone tag when your hands are too cold and to tuck under the strap and stop any flapping.

UVPVC durable woven waterproof fabric

The pouch is approx 70 x155mm when flat and expands to approx 90x70x110mm which is approx 0.7litres.


2x standard road tubes, 1x medium multi tool 2x tyre levers (approx 100mm long), 1x gas canister inflator


1x 29er tube, 1x medium multi tool, 2x tyre levers (approx 100mm long), 1x gas canister inflator

These are not exact capacities as tubes and tools vary.

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