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First Look - Mondraker Podium 2012 Carbon XC Race Bike

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Published: 27th July, 2011

Mondraker have a new carbon XC race bikes in the pipeline for 2012 called the Podium. We will have more details soon, but in the mean time here are some tasty pictures...

Press release: 

New Podium carbon offers the ultimate XC racing geometry. The integrated stem technology allowed us to lower the handlebar position to find the better pedaling efficiency position on a Cross Country  bicycle. 

We decided to copy and why not copying one of the greatest of all times Mr. Mies van der Rohe ("less is more"). We took off the stem and made it part of the frame. This allows us to shorten the steering tube and strengthen all the front area of the bicycle for a better force transmission from your upper body to the trail.

With a new proprietary fabrication process we reached an improved stiffness than our predecessor podium carbon with a lighter frame weight (L size under 1000g fully painted)

The new IST (patent pending) limits the steering angle to make sure your frame keeps shining from the first to the last day. 

Fine tuning stem with +/- 5mm in X and Y axis, with an eccentric aluminum insert for the most precise adjustments. 

-. Ultimate XC Racing geometry
-. Higher steering precision
-. Greater stiffness structure
-. Streamline integration looking
-. BB 30 Press Fit
-. Stealth Post Mount brake tabs
-. Internal cable routing

A new path has been set, who's in? 

New Podium Carbon coming this fall…"

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