MT ZOOM ULTRALIGHT 720/760mm FLAT BARS 9 deg £89.99

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MT ZOOM ULTRALIGHT FLAT BARS - 9 degree sweep/bend, ONLY 134 GRAMS for the 720mm & 139 grams for the 760mm!

Great looking super ultralight flat bar with a big 9 degree bend/back sweep.  Can be cut to size. 

Here in the middle contrasted with the 710mm 4 degree flat bar and 720mm 15mm riser we also sell:

2 lengths now

720mm - 134g
NEW 760mm - 139g

Made with a monocoque design & manufacturing process, this enables long smooth carbon fibres to be used eliminating joints & weak points. Ultimately this delivers an incredible strength to weight ratio.

- UD carbon construction/finish.
- No rider weight limit (thoroughly tested, 100k stress cycles & on the race circuit).
- Stealth black divider marks for easy set up on controls.
- Silver logos.
- 31.8mm 
- 9 degree bend (sweep)  / 0 degree rise.
- Bead blasted finish to stem/control area enables setting of stem & controls grips at lower torque. 

2 year warranty.

Maximum recommended torque for stem is 4 Nm & 3.5 Nm for controls. Not suitable for bar ends without supportive bar end plugs (e.g. the KCNC ones we sell). 

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