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Advertising with is a unique opportunity to specifically target All levels of Cross Mountain Bike Racers in the UK. At the time of writing we have over 24,000 registered users which are predominantly male, but with a growing ratio of women around 10.5% at present.

Our visitors are a loyal bunch, spending an average of 2:04 minutes cruising to an average depth of 3.31 pages. With the event and forum pages being the busiest, the news and blogs are close behind.

To the right are the different advertising options to suit all budgets and campaigns. We believe branding and exposure are as important as click through rates when you are advertising to a targeted audience, therefore our advertising price structure is based on exactly that, rather than 'pay per click' which in our opinion is more suited to less focused advertising space. However if you would prefer to pay by impressions or clicks then let us know.

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An Unlimited number of adverts for the price of one!

Adverts on are displayed in rotation. Every time a user visits a new page, the advert slots rotate

You pay for an ad slot, but you can show as many individual adverts within that slot - again each advert is shown in rotation within the advert slot.

MONTHLY traffic info:

Page Views: 43,417

Unique Visitors: 7,914

Average page views per visit: 3.31
Average time on site: 2:04 mins

83.6% of all visitors are new

src: Google Analytics - 2017-18 monthly average


Please supply artwork either as a .jpg, .gif or .swf format.

Email your artwork at the correct size (see right) We will also need the url you wish to link to if you are supplying us a .jpg or .gif

This is so we can track the click through statistics.
  You can download (right click) any of the below to use as a template. please contact us if you require any further information. If you would like us to create your artwork, (the cost is based on £40 per hour) get in touch to discuss your requirements.


Displayed across all pages - on rotation

LARGE 300px wide by 450px high

1 month £99 
3 months £275
6 months £500
12 months £950

MEDIUM 300px wide by 250px high

1 month £80 
3 months £185
6 months £350
12 months £600

SMALL 300px wide by 150px high

1 month £55
3 months £150