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Fully Sussed Summer Series 2012 - Final Round Preview - Idless Woods

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Published: 31st July, 2012

Sunday 5th August Idless Woods, nr Truro - Two years ago, Fully Sussed first ambled off into the undergrowth of Idless Woods with a handful of tape, a staple gun and a determination to make mountain biking better. Since then they have been crowned patron saint of local bike shops and the arch enemy of Derriford's Accident and Emergency Department. 

For 2012 Idless Woods is back! We'd like to say bigger and better than ever, but the woods look suspiciously like the Forestry Commission have administered the mother of bad haircuts. However the Fully Sussed Grand Finale will be the emergency hat that will hide the butchery beneath. 

With the monsoon conditions that swept us away in the Forest of Dean, we can only assume that Ginster, God of the South West, was punishing us for deserting our roots, so all we need to do is head back home and ritually sacrifice a tourist and we are guaranteed blue skies, dry trails and a leisurely podium presentation that doesn't need to be done in the back of a luton van. 

Idless is big. Big and hilly. Big ups and big downs, on tracks created by local mountain bikers, moto-crossers and mountain goats. Several categories in the series are still up for grabs and there will be the usual complicated formulas applied before we declare ourselves the winners and waltz home with all the beer. An added bit of excitement is the fact that selection for the South West youth team that will be racing the Inter Regional Champs at Hadleigh this year, will probably be based on final series standings.  Extra effort therefore required from those who fancy a mystery tour of the M25 in September. The youth cup in Idless will be run by Will Newton, standing in for Uncle Ric Jamieson. 

Expect podium prizes from all this year's sponsors - VeloLoco, Skinners, Specialized, Fat Spanner, Shred, Fine Fettle, Juice Lubes, Accelerade and a hearty clear out of all those prizes that we've won and decide to re-gift.  It'll be all change for 2013 and we need the room in our garage for our Scalextric. 

All the usual Fully Sussed crew will be there - make sure you think up a particularly noddy question for Jane on registration, we've yet to find the limit of her patience. Snapper Chick will be hiding in a ditch in the wood somewhere and Mark Minton's Background Films have pledged to be on hand to preserve your downfall for posterity. Or is that preserve your posterior's downfall? 

The programme remains the same as previous rounds, the race HQ (oh the irony) is at the top of the woods. Parking is on the fire road. This isn't Tesco, if you see a space - park, don't crawl round trying to find somewhere 3 inches closer to the start, just park the damn car. 

Online entry and all race info can be found at  Online entry closes at midnight on 1st August.  On the day entry will also be available. 

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