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Soggy Bottom 2012-13 Round 1 - Video Report by Mark Minton

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Published: 27th November, 2012

There's not a lot that can be said that's already be said, great day, great racing and indeed the sun made a rare appearance for this the 10th Soggy Bottom Series.

I don't know why, maybe the film gods have been on my side this year as most races i've attended have been the same. Even managed to try my hand at sheep herding in the morning race (or should that be sheep rustling?)
I did plan on one short edit capturing the best of both races, easy on the eye, not too taxing and certainly more easy to edit - instead the stunning scenery was too good to miss and voila - two edits for the price of one, the a.m. edit followed by the p.m. edit.
In fact I can't remember in the last five years at least, a Soggy Bottom that has been completely trashed by the downpours and lousy weather we are currently experiencing.
Thanks as always to my co-conspirator Paul, for his time filming and supplying the tunes.
The racing as always for a Soggy, seemed good spirited but competitive, congratulations in most to Team Certini for ruling the roost this year and don't forget to enter the return bout on January the 20th 2013 and if the rumours are true maybe even March for round 3...?

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