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Published: 19th February, 2013

Stinger in Pictures.

Andrew Young was busy snapping away at the Stinger and has provided a great range of images.

Pete White, leads fellow Veterans Darren Goodman and Colin Wright in the end places were changed as they finished 15th,14th and 10th

Anthony Cowling (5th Vet) squeezes past Millie Wilson (6th Female)

Sean Connock (5th Male pair) and Paul Sole (5th Solo) making it look easy

Darren Handley (27th solo) about to get lapped by Rob Smith (4th Vet)

Wendon Sharman (15th solo) holds off Dean Vessey (7th Vet) and Shane William (3rd Vet)

Al evans on the Stinger Hill (it was nasty) ahead of Mark Chown who is beginning to feel the Sting.

Harry Forshaw pulls his way to 2nd Solo in his Stinger debut

Vet Mens Podium Liam Newton (2nd) Jay Horton (winner) and Shane Williams

Kim Long, Sarah Whelan and Fiona Murphy the top 3 Veteran women in a record entry.

Carla Haines, Maddie Horton and Natalie Newton

Thanks to Andrew Young for the pics, he has created a facebook page to view more Stinger Race Newnham Park...although we cant find it yet!

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