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The Ground Weaver Classic an MTB XC Stage Race for Youth & Juvenile Racers!

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Published: 2nd March, 2012

The Ground Weaver Classic - Calling all budding XC Racers from across the country... 

After the massive success of the UK School Games 3 day MTB event last year, The SW Youth Development Group have teamed up with the Regional Talent Development Coach; Ric Jamieson & Regional Events Officer; Andy Parker and are holding a 3-day XC Stage race for all youth & juvenile racers.

The event will not be just XC racing but will feature sprint eliminator heats / finals along with skills trials. If you read the latest articles on the British Cycling website, they all show that these type of skills, i.e. the Core Skills are what make great bike racers, couple this with speed and you're on the way to becoming the best you can be!

Stage details are as follows:

08 June: 
Sprint Eliminator heats & finals at the Mount-Batten Activity Centre opposite the glorious Plymouth Hoe, get to race in front of crowds of spectators as the sun sets over the water, they'll be a real party atmosphere to this!

09 June: 
MORNING -Time to put all those core skills sessions you've been working on into practice, Saturday will see skills time trials. Each skills station will be set out with 3 progressively harder skills to test your handling skills, balance & concentration. For your parents or coaches think Junior Kick Start from the 80's, for you racers, have a look at this link to get an idea of what to expect.....   

AFTERNOON - The Combine! - This will see an XC race with start positions based on your times and penalties from the AM session and included many skills already done so, if you finished first with no penalties, you'll start on the front row, be warned, you could end up with 5 minutes!

10 June: Time to RACE XC! There will be races for each category on a full on cross-country course at Saltram House, home to XC in the 90's! The course will be a maximum 3.5km but featuring all of climbs, technical sections and fast fire roads you'd expect to see in an XC race but condensed to give faster racing, just the way we like it!

Right, you've got the idea, let's get out there train and work on those skills!

For further info, please contact Ric Jamieson at OR FOLLOW @GroundWeaver3d on Twitter for up to the minute updates as and when they happen!

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