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BY: martyn salt

Published: 28th January, 2013

We've just finished 10 years of Soggy Bottoms and it got me thinking. Although I was involved in the 98 and 99 World Cups in Plymouth, it wasn't until we began the Soggies that the deeper understanding of our sport grew. For me the Soggies were the catalyst for a 10 year journey that led me to the the ultimate culmination of being MTB manager for the Olympic Games. Withouth the Soggies I wouldn't have been asked to bid for the National Series in latr 2003, without the national series I wouldn't have the honour of being competition manager for the two Dalby World Cups and ultimately wouldn't have got anywhere near to Hadleigh Farm and a magical 2 years working on the Olympics. The Soggies in many ways were also the catalyst for this very site as I was pretty fed up with no websites talking about racing (although they do a little more now!) and there being no online entry system anywhere.

Racing feels like its on a bit of a cusp to me...hard to see where its future lies and what the way forward is. For sure the sport is a lot healthier than it was 10 years ago when pretty well all the regional series had disappeared and the national series was really struggling but the future is a little less clear, xce, enduro, xco, marathon, gravity....its all racing.

So thanks to all of you that have ever raced or helped on one of our events, I owe you alot....let's see what the future brings.

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