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Desperate for an international race?

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BY: Anthony White

Published: 18th September, 2020

It's been grim for race addicts this year. Domestically things have been slowly creaking back into motion with different formats, most notably with the Gorrick & Southern area xc teams putting on a good show.  A few gravel style events have popped up & cyclo cross is coming, albeit with a generally later seasonal start and more tweaks to race lengths & rules. Things can change rapidly though with UK government's decision making.  Perhaps we should don some tweed and a gun ... 

There is racing abroad for those wanting to take a risk with cancellations & quantine.  Switzerland & Italy have & are holding races.  The Swiss Epic was a success as saw the usual big XC hitters at play.  The Swiss National Park Marathon & the Etna Marathon are running this weekend (19th & 20th Sept). 

For the adventurous there is the Rwanda Epic stage race in November which would make a great travel experience (https://www.rwandanepic.com/).  On this one if things are derailed because of covid you get your money back.

It's worth keeping an eye on the UCI calendar there's quite a lot at the end of the season still looking like it's on:

This is another to check out: https://www.radmarathon.at/termine/index.php

Fingers crossed, hopefully 2021 will be much much better  ... pretty, please.

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