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GT Racing UK/ Scotland - 12th at Stage 3 ABR, 12th

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BY: Dave Henderson

Published: 1st March, 2012

GT Racing UK/ Scotland - 12th at Stage 3 ABR, 12th in GC


Half way after today and consistency is the key. Up early again and into the routine. The most dangerous part of the day (the "neutralised" zone) is only 4km today! A broken collar bone within 30 metres of the start was the result for one unlucky rider but it was behind us and out of mind straight away as we had a job to do. After a good couple of days we are in a good position but with 4 more stages to go, today was all about riding safe and maintain our position in the overall.


At the feeds zones we ensure we get all our bottles and try not to have any mechanical problems was the order of the day. Just coming up to the first feed we had our first mechanical! Battling along a brutal bumpy train track section (yes we were riding down the middle of the train tracks) my front mech twisted and the chain jamming up. We stopped and sorted it. Losing about 10 places in the process but we were away again and caught and past all the places we lost on the next decent. We are getting into a rhythm now and starting to learn the best way to ride the super loose and dusty trails. 


Through the first feed and we are around 16th and feeling quite good. We make sure we take on drinks; we are not just drinking for today but also for recovery for the days to come. Down the next big decent and the track was littered with people having punctures so precision and finesse were needed as we picked our way down the boulder strewn gully's. We rolled into feed 2 in 11th and held onto this until feed 3 where we were glad to get our second cold cokes of the day. Ten Kilometres to go and we were looking good but the brutal course had not finished with us just yet! A slow rear puncture for Gareth meant that we were forced to decide to try and ride it out or fix it. In the end we rode it down and just made it to the finish only losing a minute or so and getting caught by 1 team.


Another day accomplished and we move up 1 place on GC. We are half way now so it's all down hill to the finish! Apart from all the massive climbs that is !


For Full results see http://www.andaluciabikerace.com/


Dave and Gareth.


GT Racing UK www.gtbicycles.com

Scottish Cycling http://www.britishcycling.org.uk/scotland



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Dave Henderson

Elite riders Dave Henderson and Gareth Montgomerie race for Team GT and represent Scotland across the European race circuit.


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