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Published: 29th July, 2014

Comments from Team England cyclists Alice Barnes, Liam Killeen, Paul Oldham and Annie Last after the men's and women's cross country event at Cathkin Braes Mountain Bike Trails.

Annie Last beat off a recent bout of food poisoning to secure a fourth-placed finish in the women's mountain bike cross country event.

Last was just competing in her third race back from a serious back injury and despite falling ill over the weekend she managed to produce a solid ride, coming home in 1:42.34 hours.

Commonwealth Games debutant Alice Barnes didn't let the occassion get to her as she managed to come home in fifth place in a time of 1:43.27 hours.

Liam Killeen, another English athlete returning from an injury, finished sixth in the men's race, while teammate Paul Oldham recorded a top-ten finish by coming ninth.

Alice Barnes

On her race

"It feels great to finish. That was the biggest race of my life, I was so nervous going into it and that last lap was so hard but I had to grit my teeth.

It is a really good course and since I rode it last year at the national championships they have added loads of technical sections, so it is fun.

I didn't have any expectations, I was coming for the experience and so to ride well is a bonus for me."

On recovering from injury

"I think I am probably the youngest in the race and in February I broke my collarbone so it was a bit touch and go as to whether I was going to qualify.

But I had some good World Cup results I managed to secure my place and then to produce a good ride here, I am really happy."

Paul Oldham

On the race

"It was an awesome experience, the crowd were incredible shouting us round but to be honest I couldn't stay on my bike but other than that I had reasonable legs.

"I had a steady start loop and I had been tenth pretty much the whole way round so I came with the aim of a top ten and that is what I got."

"It was something else and definitely the biggest race that I have ever done."

On his fall

"I had a big get down on lap three on the Broken Biscuits section, I banged my head quite hard and then it took me a bit to get back going again.

"But once I got going again I moved up a few places so I am happy with the finish.

"It is a physical course and you don't get a minute to yourself. It's testing on your back and your arms and things like that and it is really slippery."

Liam Killeen

On his race

"I am pleased to finish, pleased to have a safe race. It was pretty fast from the gun, that was my third race back and I knew it would be tough to hang on."

"I just had to ride my own ride and it was pretty windy and perhaps I had to try a bit harder than I would have needed to if I was in that front group."

"I am still recovering from my ankle injury so don't have that peak power which is what you need off the start line but I did my best and I was pleased to hang in."

Annie Last

On her race

"I am quite pleased, I have had a back injury for the past 18 months and really this is my third race back from injury so for me to even have got here is great.

"I have spend the last 18 months watching cycling racing on my sofa and doing rehab so to actually be here is amazing."

On her preparations

"I was feeling pretty good on Thursday and Friday and I was feeling the best I had for a long time but unfortunately I go food poisoning at the weekend, which wasn't ideal preparation."

"I went from thinking maybe I could sit at the back of the front group and try and stay there to thinking actually I will need to look after myself a bit more and see how I feel."

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