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Muddy Mega Minehead Weekend!

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BY: Evie Lane

Published: 17th November, 2013

Friday night, Lucy and I piled all of our stuff in to Maddie and Jay's trailer and van, and then started our journey to the bunkhouse in Minehead. When we arrived, Patsy, Ruby, Fin and Kris had already explored the many rooms in the house and bagsied their beds. That evening lots of food was consumed and countless cycling videos were watched.
The next day started at 8'oclock as we all prepared for our morning run and Joe and Harry arrived. At 9'oclock we all headed off to the local park and began our first efforts of the day, with star jumps, burpees and piggy backs! We then headed back to the house and started to think about the second part of the day, riding! The crew then zoomed out and we made our way to the longest hill I have ever seen! We next started the pyramid sprinting up the hill,  followed by an individual time trial. It was then I released my cough and cold hadn't actually completely gone and I started to flag. After it was time for one more effects, followed by a gentle ride back up the hill whilst Lucy time trialed up after going the wrong way the previous time! Joe then showed us down some amazing down hill tracks and back to the bunkhouse, ready for fish and chips.. After the fish and chips, there were more cycling videos, vines, biscuits and even truth or dare!
The next day started with orienteering around Minehead! I was lucky and got put in a group with Joe and Ed Welsh, the local knowledge! Not surprisingly, we finished about 10 minutes before the others and got our prize of chocolate croissants! When everyone finished we all got ready for the rest of the day, riding! Ed then took us out on some of the many trails around the area, with some great downhills and long uphills! My new spiuk arm and leg warmers were great and didn't fall down, I would definitely recommend them! After a muddy ride we all headed back to the bunkhouse, washed our bikes, had a shower and then packed all up stuff up ready to go home. As we travell ed home Lucy quickly fell asleep in quite a strange position! 
Thank you Maddie and Jay for yet another great weekend! Also, thanks to Joe and Ed for showing us some amazing trails! And thanks to Base Lodge for putting up with us muddy loud mountain bikers!

At the weekend I had a go on Maddie's specialized fate and this week I have got my hands on the medium sized demo one. After a ride on it today it feels great and I can't wait to ride it more next week!

Arm and leg warmers - http://www.silverfish-uk.com/Brand/9549/Category/9564/Clothing 
Base lodge - http://www.independenthostelguide.co.uk/selected-accommodation.php?area=359 

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