132 Competitors

Female (18+)
Helen Willis Fine Fettle Female (18+)
Debbie Heppell None Female (18+)
Eileen Keohan None Female (18+)
Claire Pinder None Female (18+)
Rae Prince None Female (18+)
Katie Reed None Female (18+)
Jo Walton None Female (18+)
Carol Burrage one Female (18+)
Martyn Bevan CATS MBC Male (18+)
Jonathan Richardson Epic fail Male (18+)
Stuart Clarke Hoof Hearted Male (18+)
Seamus Potterton KMBC/Webroot Male (18+)
Ben Fitzgerald MDCC Male (18+)
Mark Bryant MedwayTri Male (18+)
Mathew Allton None Male (18+)
Oliver Castle None Male (18+)
Paul Conacher None Male (18+)
Gary Evans None Male (18+)
Geraint Ford None Male (18+)
Mark Glover None Male (18+)
Ben Hadley None Male (18+)
Richard Hall None Male (18+)
Ray Hince None Male (18+)
Sean House None Male (18+)
Shaun Keen None Male (18+)
David Kift None Male (18+)
Greg Lam None Male (18+)
Tony Morgan None Male (18+)
Tim Poole None Male (18+)
Dennis Ribk None Male (18+)
Paul Sanders None Male (18+)
Jamie Smith None Male (18+)
Damon Stewart None Male (18+)
Richard Stones None Male (18+)
Simon Taylor None Male (18+)
robert twiner None Male (18+)
Mark Harvey SRAMcc Male (18+)
Anthony Everson Team Average Downhill Male (18+)
Jamie Woodcock Team EF Male (18+)
Mark Churchill Team-er Male (18+)
Steve Moore Team-Er Male (18+)
sam brown unobtainium Male (18+)
Claire Breslin Pairs (18+)
Philip McDonagh Pairs (18+)
Alex Foster Another Pie Hole Pairs (18+)
Colin Simpson Another Pie Hole Pairs (18+)
Peter Doy Behind Bars Pairs (18+)
Simon Taylor Behind Bars Pairs (18+)
Karin Burnette Bike Belles Pairs (18+)
Lynsey Welch Bike Belles Pairs (18+)
Chris Plant Crank bruva's Pairs (18+)
Richard Plant Crank bruva's Pairs (18+)
Matthew Clayton CSM Old Boys Pairs (18+)
David Taylor CSM Old Boys Pairs (18+)
Derick Coppola Facebook Winner Pairs (18+)
Ali Ford Facebook Winner Pairs (18+)
Phil Cheesebrough It'sAllDownhillFromHere Pairs (18+)
Josse Vander-Bilson It'sAllDownhillFromHere Pairs (18+)
Dennis Carey KMBC/Webroot Pairs (18+)
Joyce Carey KMBC/Webroot Pairs (18+)
Richard Powell MARVEL Pairs (18+)
Richard Powell MARVEL Pairs (18+)
Natalie Newton Newtron bombers Pairs (18+)
Liam Newton Newtron bombers Pairs (18+)
Ross Barden None Pairs (18+)
Anne Bateman None Pairs (18+)
Sheena Booker None Pairs (18+)
Gary Bowler None Pairs (18+)
Colin Dobson None Pairs (18+)
Trina Dobson None Pairs (18+)
Pete Evans None Pairs (18+)
Claire Frecknall None Pairs (18+)
Lizzy Gath None Pairs (18+)
Jamie Geekie None Pairs (18+)
Charlie Gilmore None Pairs (18+)
Caroline Goodman None Pairs (18+)
William Goodwin None Pairs (18+)
Mell Green None Pairs (18+)
Nata Hammerton None Pairs (18+)
Hele Hardware None Pairs (18+)
Steve Hay None Pairs (18+)
Carolin Herzwig None Pairs (18+)
Stephen Hodge None Pairs (18+)
Peter Hodge None Pairs (18+)
Sam Holman None Pairs (18+)
Nicola Holman None Pairs (18+)
Jane Hunt None Pairs (18+)
Ryan Jackson None Pairs (18+)
Stan Janas None Pairs (18+)
Nick Jane None Pairs (18+)
Paul Kelly None Pairs (18+)
Richard Langdon None Pairs (18+)
Mandy Langdon None Pairs (18+)
Siuling Leung None Pairs (18+)
Will Miller None Pairs (18+)
Ed Norton None Pairs (18+)
Colm O'Connor None Pairs (18+)
Matt Parkes None Pairs (18+)
Will Poole None Pairs (18+)
Emma Poole None Pairs (18+)
Andrew Powell None Pairs (18+)
Paul Rose None Pairs (18+)
Wayne Sanderson None Pairs (18+)
Tom Sexton None Pairs (18+)
Jannette Smith None Pairs (18+)
Rich Stafford None Pairs (18+)
Daniel Thomas None Pairs (18+)
Matt Walsh None Pairs (18+)
Mark Walshaw None Pairs (18+)
Ben Warrick None Pairs (18+)
Ian Welch None Pairs (18+)
James Wilkins None Pairs (18+)
Phil Mayne Shabis Pairs (18+)
Paul Southam Shabis Pairs (18+)
Elizabeth Tarr Spin & Grin Pairs (18+)
Richard Winter Spin & Grin Pairs (18+)
John Barry Team Centurion Pairs (18+)
Matthew Holley Team Centurion Pairs (18+)
Peter McGirr Team Pete Pairs (18+)
Peter Newman Team Pete Pairs (18+)
John Buck Team Pie hole Pairs (18+)
Ian Lawrence Team Pie hole Pairs (18+)
Andrew Timms Team-Er Pairs (18+)
Lee Timms Team-Er Pairs (18+)
Hayley Charlesworth The losers Pairs (18+)
James Quantock The losers Pairs (18+)
Paget Cohen Wandering Wombles Pairs (18+)
Pip Jones Wandering Wombles Pairs (18+)
Will Allan Wilma Pairs (18+)
Emma Allan Wilma Pairs (18+)

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