WHO'S PRE-ENTERED IN THE Shred West Slam - SW Champs?

58 Competitors

Clive Wilson Big Peaks Grand Vet Male (50+)
Rob Ingram Grand Vet Male (50+)
Anthony Barley Grand Vet Male (50+)
David Hamilton Cycle Sport South Hams/LHRendle/the bike cellar Grand Vet Male (50+)
Steve Whitehouse None Grand Vet Male (50+)
Dave Poole SRC/Bicycle chain Grand Vet Male (50+)
Carla Haines Team Chance Junior Female (17-18)
Sam Barley Bikinmotion CC Junior Male (17-18)
Calum Chamberlain Mountain Trax RT Junior Male (17-18)
Jack Roberts None Juvenile Male (12-14)
Jodi Vickery Dirty Jo Bikes/Dont Push It CC Masters Female (30-39)
verity appleyard Race co Cycles Masters Female (30-39)
Emma Bradley Team Torq Masters Female (30-39)
Simon Young Altura Patterson Training Masters Male (30-39)
ALAN SANDERS cs south hams LH Rendle / The Bike Cellar Masters Male (30-39)
John Peters Cycle Sport South Hams/LHRendle/the bike cellar Masters Male (30-39)
Wayne Bennett Dirty Jo Bikes/Dont Push It CC Masters Male (30-39)
ROBERT ROWE FORZA Cycles/Styleline/Torq Masters Male (30-39)
Richard Fox Lords of the Chainrings Masters Male (30-39)
Ian Ferguson None Masters Male (30-39)
Steve Toze Masters Male (30-39)
Dan Maker Masters Male (30-39)
Andy Carnell Masters Male (30-39)
Myles Gerrard Masters Male (30-39)
Philip Mc Nevin None Open - Male (19+)
Toby Eichler None Open - Male (19+)
Jason Crossman None Open - Male (19+)
Jules Gilborson None Open - Male (19+)
Matt Jepson None Open - Male (19+)
Rich Toze Open - Male (19+)
sean connock southfork social Open - Male (19+)
Maddie Horton Certini/ Senior Female (19+)
Fi Spotswood IronHorse Extreme Senior Female (19+)
Vin Cox Senior Male (19+)
Ben Thomas Mountain Trax RT/ Superstar Components Senior Male (19+)
Scott Chappell Senior Male (19+)
Sam Whittlesea Senior Male (19+)
Ed Warren Senior Male (19+)
Jonny Yates Senior Male (19+)
Richie Rowland Senior Male (19+)
Pete Drew Senior Male (19+)
Pete Dawe Senior Male (19+)
Matt Loake Torq/Kona Senior Male (19+)
Phil Coad Torq/Kona Senior Male (19+)
Anthony Cowling AC Cowling Repairs Veteran Male (40-49)
Steve Jones Veteran Male (40-49)
keith sheridan corinium cc Veteran Male (40-49)
Bob Harvey Hardly Racing Veteran Male (40-49)
Chris Roberts None Veteran Male (40-49)
Daniel McHugo None Veteran Male (40-49)
Derek Comer Quantock Muesli Veteran Male (40-49)
carl ward southfouth Veteran Male (40-49)
Rob Barker Torq Kona Veteran Male (40-49)
mike garrett dirtyjo bikes/dont push it cc Youth Male (15-16)
Harry Row None Youth Male (15-16)
James Harman None Youth Male (15-16)
Jacob Tuff None Youth Male (15-16)
Peter Robinson Smart Coaching/Haribo Youth Male (15-16)

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