Legs Of Mann 100

29th July 2012  |  

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For this event we have combined the “Manx end to end” and a trailquest. We have mixed them together, and added the three magic numbers one zero and zero. The Legs of Mann 100 is the result.

The event will be a point to point end to end where trailquest control points (which will not be “tucked away”) need to be picked up in sequential order. If you pick all of the trailquest control points up and follows the route the event will take you on a journey of 100 miles.

The route takes its cue from the history of the now iconic end to end –
- the start is a foot in the sea at the north of the island and then a run to your bike;
- the event finish is at the “sound”(the extreme south of the island); and
- you will be descending the “dowse” (deemed “to extreme” in the modern end to end)
- and more
but adds a significant Legs of Mann kick to both the distance and the ascent.

This is probably the second 100 miles event in the United Kingdom (the first being the Kielder 100), and is certainly the only UK point to point off road 100 mile event that can be found.

It will be a real personal challenge for those that enjoy riding and challenging their own physical ability, stamina and mental strength. There is no “trail centre” riding on the event. The event offers over 15,000 feet of ascent over the course of 100 miles.



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